Healthy Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juices : Making a Healthy Raw Carrot Juice

Hello, my name is Matt Floyd and this is Denise
Bennet my partner. We are the owners of the Light and Love Cafe and we are here on behalf
of Expert Village. My next step is to just simply cut off the tops of these carrots because
in my opinion they do not taste good in the juice. So very simple, I just cut off the
tops. Some people would choose to actually take these tops and other scraps that they
have from their vegetables and fruits and actually include them into a compost because
many people would enjoy raw food in their garden as well. They actually create and grow
their own food as well as preparing it. It is just a wonderful addition. So let me go
ahead and set this over to the side and we have our juicer right here. While I am getting
ready to put these through the juicer, I am going to have Denise share with you some of
the benefits of raw food and why we choose to eat them much more than cooked food. Denise
actually is 100 percent raw for most of the time. I am actually in a transition right
now which is a wonderful place to start and I am having a wonderful experience and the
journey is phenomenal. Well raw foods are so different from cooked. Cooked you are killing
enzymes, vitamins, minerals; all the different temperatures but basically about 107 and everything
starts to die especially the enzymes. It is very exciting and detox is the most fun of
all. You just need to have a good attitude about it. What happens is toxins, things from
eating, all types of chemicals and things that are in our food especially animal food,
start to come to the surface and they include emotional chef’s and so it is really great.
We are going to start the juicing process. I am going to go ahead and turn on the juicer
and as you can see how quick that was. Granted there was not much juice here, there is a
little left over in the juicer. Tilt that to get it to come out and then that is. We
have a wonderful refreshing absolutely perfect beautiful food for the body. It is so refreshing
for the body and the taste buds.

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