Healthy Raw Food Recipes : Raw Food Products for a Healthy Living

Hi! I’m standing here with Janabai and Matt
at the Revolution Cafe and this is the most incredible raw food store that I have ever
seen. I didn’t even think there was a raw food store. Right. Not so much around here.
We are in Santa Monica and what do you have to show me. I’ve got some raw chocolate. It’s
called Cacao. It’s the original chocolate and there are actually seeds in the chocolate.
This is the most natural, completely healthy way you could possibly eat chocolate. It is
healthy to eat chocolate. Yeah, sure. It’s a good anti-oxidant. Has magnesium, protein
as you know very good essential fatty acids, all kinds of stuff, iron. It’s not processed.
How do you prepare it? Do you put this in a coffee grinder. Exactly. You are totally
right. You can use a coffee grinder and grind it right up and it becomes a fine powder like
cocoa powder. You can put it in your smoothies, you can have tea, you can put over your granola.
Sweeten it with agave. Yeah, honey are anything. We also got it pre-ground if you don’t want
to do it yourself. That’s great. What else? We got goji berries here. They are called
goji berries. They are from the Himalayas. Exactly. I think Harvard University said they
are the number one anti-aging food on the planet. Wow! We got to eat some of these.
What else are they good for? They are a complete source of protein. Like meat, they have all
11 amino acids which is pretty unusual for a fruit no less. One of the highest concentrations
of amino acids. They also got those things you hear about like zeaxanthin and luetin
that are good for the eyes especially. They are mood balancing and are known as the happy
berry. They love me. I tried these and what I did was soaked them and then put them in
a smoothie. You probably don’t even have to. You could do that; that does release it or
I throw a bunch in the bottom of my water bottle and just let the water drink off and
you can chew them up afterwards. They are a great tea.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Raw Food Recipes : Raw Food Products for a Healthy Living

  • Getting used to raw food takes a little time at first. I found that once I got past the conditioning of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) of cooked and processed foods, and I became accustommed to the high nutrition of raw food, my body no longer craved food. And I feel satisfied all of the time. Raw food is the very best diet for anyone with blood sugar issues s well.

  • I love Goji berries. I eat a handful everyday. It gives you energy too. I ordered 3 pds of it online for $10 per pd. It cost about $20 in stores.I dont like the 100% juice though.

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