Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Using a Food Processor for Raw Yogurt Breakfast Recipe

DENISE BENNET: Hello, my name is Denise Bennet,
and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to be using the food processor
today. I absolutely love this little guy, I can make juices, my pie crust, the pie fillings,
everything. And we’re going to make our little sweet cream yogurt in here today. So, what
I’m going to start with are the almonds, and a little bit of water. And we’re going to
make, kind of, an almond paste, and it will be an almond cream as well. Both will come
from this process here. The reason I use the water is to make sure that the almonds don’t
get stuck on this machine. This is not a food processor with the cylinder, this is a different
kind. As you can see, the almonds are coming out in a paste right here. Our pate, I’m not
sure what the term is, it’s nice. A lot of different uses, you can make a pate from it.
You can make little almond burgers, as well. Okay, I think we’ve got enough. Okay, want
to show you what we’ve got here. This right here, is what it made, it made a kind of an
almond, I guess it’s a pate, I’m not sure what the term is, almond paste, and we can
use that for several things, and sometimes, I go and used it for a recipe, and then hold
on to it, and try something else, as well with it. Like I used it in the chocolate balls,
that I’ll probably be going to show you later. So, we’re going to start with this, and I’ve
got something great to show you. This right behind this beautiful cap here, is the almond
cream. Doesn’t that look absolutely wonderful? This is the creamy stuff. And this is just
simply from the almonds and water, that’s all this is. Has a wonderful texture, nice
flavor, and of course, once we’re done, it will be a creamy texture we need, as well.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Using a Food Processor for Raw Yogurt Breakfast Recipe

  • …pretty frustrating watching little segments of one dish with no trace. It would be nice to have them named with indications like part 1, or segment 1, etc to have them easily found. Or, putting them in one video would be even better. There are 10 free minutes, which allows to put at least 3 segments together. Ooooh, well :((((

  • @17allina17 ..Yes, I know. 🙁 I have no idea what expertvillage is thinking when creating their videos with such poor instruction titles. It would help so many of us out, who are watching, if only they made a simple 1 or 2, as needed.

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