Healthy never tasted so good / Qilive – Slow juicer Q.5134

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10 thoughts on “Healthy never tasted so good / Qilive – Slow juicer Q.5134

  • I also think that this data is missing. One of the feature of juice extractor is the slow speed (under than 80 rpm). So we canot compare the qilive extractor with others…

  • Yesss! I bought it yesterday and it's simply great! First recipe invented 2 apples 2 carrots and 2 oranges, result: 5glasses and half of lovely juice. Theh i tried orange and radicchio (red lettuce)!!!! Wonderful! Is very easy to use and to clean (5 minutes). The only lack is that there should be a recipe book or something to start, to have ideas. For example: could i make almonds milk. 8 hours deep in water and then 3 cuos of water and one of almonds!? Thank you!

  • Os sumos ficam deliciosos, no entanto a montagem e desmontagem da máquina é simplesmente uma tortura … Difícil de abrir e com o uso está cada vez pior 🙁 Deveriam rever está situação ….

  • hace unos dos meses mas o menos me compre una aquí en Tenerife Alcampo me encanta pero podrían mirar el tema en que los alimentos con algo mas de fibra pues se "atraganta"la maquina pero por lo demás es estupenda, ya baje 10 quilos usando la casi a diario, aumente el consumo de frutas e verduras me encanta.

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