Healthy BLENDER Muffins | 7 Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins + FREE eBook!

(energetic techno music) – Hey, Munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new, I’m Alyssia
and I am so glad you’re here. Today is all about muffins! What is it about muffins
that we love so much? I’ve got a healthy gluten-free and dairy-free base recipe for you that you can take and modify to suit your needs and flavor preferences. I then created seven different
options to inspire you. I’ve got four that I’m
sharing in this video and three more in the free
ebook with all of the recipes that you can download using the
link in the description box. So, what is the base of these muffins? It includes fruit puree. So, that could be bananas;
make sure they’re spotty. But if you aren’t a fan, it
could also be applesauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, et cetera. I’ll show you some examples. It also includes rolled oats, eggs, liquid sweetener like
maple syrup or honey, nut butter, vanilla extract is optional, baking powder, baking
soda, salt, milk of choice, and any mix-ins like nuts,
dried fruit, or berries. Did I mention that all of
these are blender muffins? So, they pretty much couldn’t be easier. How do we run with that? Let’s start with a basic blueberry. In a blender goes applesauce,
rolled oats, eggs, maple syrup, cashew
butter, vanilla extract, baking powder, baking soda,
salt, and cashew milk. Blend it up. Once integrated, you’ve
gotta mix in those mix-ins, which is just blueberries for this one. Then into the muffin tin it goes, and a ice cream scoop makes it super easy. And then bake them at
375 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 to 20 minutes. They’re gorgeous. I love all muffins, but I don’t know if anything
beats a basic blueberry. This recipe is so full and delicious, and it’s almost like breakfast
bread in muffin form. I love it. What else do we have? Chunky monkey, anyone? A classic combo of bananas,
peanut butter, and chocolate is sure to be a win. We’ve got mashed banana, oats, eggs, honey, which I think goes better with the bananas than peanut butter, vanilla extract, baking
powder and baking soda, salt, and almond milk; get blended. I add chocolate chips
and walnuts as mix-ins. I love adding mix-ins that
add texture, like nuts. Into the oven they go. You guys, they do taste
as good as they look. You can’t go wrong with peanut butter, chocolate, and banana. It’s like a banana
bread kicked up a notch. Next, let’s get a little crazy. Lemon, prune, and poppy seed? Bear with me. For the fruit mash, I’m
making a prune puree. You guys know Sunsweet Amaz!n
Prunes are my favorite, and I’m blending them up with water to make a fruit puree that
can act as our fat substitute. So, if you’re not a fan of
bananas or applesauce, try this. It’s naturally sweet and so tasty, not to mention prunes are super nutritious and great for bone health. That goes into my blender
with oats, eggs, honey, and you can use a bit less sweetener here since those prunes add a nice sweetness, almond butter, vanilla extract,
baking powder, baking soda, salt, almond milk, and fresh lemon juice. So, funny story, I totally forgot lemons when we were filming this and almost made lemon-less
poppy seed muffins. But don’t worry, I remembered last-minute. I add in fresh lemon zest and poppy seeds as my mix-ins, of course. Into a pan they go to bake. Okay, the sweet and tart prunes pair perfectly with that bite of lemon. These are great on their own, but I love adding a lemon glaze on top. You can get the
two-ingredient glaze recipe in the ebook with the rest of the recipes. Okay, last one for today is a pumpkin pie. Anyone else think it’s
pumpkin season year-round? This one is canned pumpkin
for half of the fruit puree and applesauce for the rest, since pumpkin isn’t sweet on its own, followed by the rest of the base: oats, eggs, maple syrup, peanut butter, vanilla extract, baking
powder, baking soda, I add salt, cinnamon, and almond milk, with some chopped pecans as mix-ins. This is another classic that
you just can’t go wrong with. It’s comforting but substantial, so I love to have these around for a quick and easy breakfast or snack. I’m telling you, this
base recipe is so fun. You can go crazy with it! Those are all tasty; but to be honest, you don’t wanna miss
the others in the ebook, including my basic banana nut, my favorite, apple cinnamon and date, and what could this
mystery blue muffin be? You’ll have to get the ebook to find out, and it’s free to download using the link in the description box. I hope you guys enjoy these recipes. Let me know which is your favorite. And if you enjoyed it, I hope you’ll share this
video with a friend. Thanks for being here. I’ll be back next week with a new video. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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  • Which muffin are you most excited to try!? They’re too easy to not give a whirl!! I hope you enjoy the free eBook!

  • What beautiful muffins, Alyssia. I love seeing you smile every single time you make your recipes. Have you considered making a no bake tropical fruit cheesecake for summer? Just curious. Take care of yourself, cutie pie. <3

  • Love it! ❤️ Another video to share with my mom since she has a gluten allergy. It’s been a big adjustment for her since it’s a recent allergy. She’s still getting into the swing of things. Thank you so much for considering the diets of others! YOU ARE AMAZING! 😘

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    It's been myth busted and tested time and time again.
    Some federal agencies have changed the level of positive tests to compensate for these positive tests.
    The drug test doesn't show if you are a druggie, it is just assumed that if you have any opiates in the drug test that you are automatically a druggie.
    You can fight this, but it's a hassle.
    It's best just not to eat food with poppy seeds if you are drug testing.
    Furthermore, eating hot/spicy sauce or sugar alcohols can also make test positive for alcohol on a breathalyzer test as well.

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  • Hands Down pumpkin is my absolute fav and yes to pumpkin year-round!!! To my pumpkin muffin recipe I add dried cherries and pistachios. So yummy!

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  • Blender muffins are great, and we make blender pancakes too (this morning, in fact). Investing in a good blender is worth it!

  • Hi, we love your channel. Can you tell me of a replacement for the nut butter? My daughter cannot have soy, peanuts, tree nuts or coconuts. Thanks!

  • Chunky Monkey muffins were a HUGE hit with my kiddos. My daughter requested that I add more PB next time. As my son is allergic to most tree nuts and I'm lactose-intolerant, we use coconut milk for baking and it rocks without altering the flavor of baked goods like almond milk does. I want to try the blueberry muffin recipe next, and am leaning toward using almond butter. Thank you for your fun, easy recipes!

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