Hack Into Broad City – Smoothie – Uncensored

(upbeat music) – [Girls] Happy smoothie day! – Happy smoothie day! Have we ever had such a
healing tradition as this? – So healthy and so smart! – You go first baby! – Okay, here we go. Massaged kale! We got some bluebs, otherwise known as blueberries. – Bluebs, like blue boobs. – Like getting blue boobed. Banana! – Sweet. – Low fat yo-gert. Ice. And I’m going to tell you that you’re always late. (blender whirring) My time matters, eye shadow is very heavy. (blender whirring) Not doing it in
front of a mirror. – Good. – Great. – It looks yummy. I should get started on mine. Starting with yams, gonna do some blackberries. That makes the
smoothie expensive. Bee pollen. – Bee pollen? – So that I live forever. – Where ya goin’,
the farmer’s market? – Blend it up with some ice. – Witchy. – And coconut water, I’m Rihanna, bitch! – Electrolytes.
– Yes! – The most important thing, mah-cah. – What’s mah-cah? – Turn on the blender. (blender whirs) I’ve told you about
mah-cah so fucking much. (blender whirs) My jam right now. (blender whirs) But you don’t seem to hear. That’s a relief. – You know, looking at mine, it looks a little chunky. – You know what, mines not chunky enough. – I think I need
to add some ice. (girls yelling
over blender whir) You’re not showering every day. (girls yelling
over blender whir) You feel uncomfortable. – [Girl In Yellow] Good. – Looks great. – Drink up baby. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – We have a perfect friendship. – We really do. (upbeat music) – We could maybe do
this twice a year. A semi-annual smoothie day. – Yeah, couple times, maybe couple times a month. (upbeat music)

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