100 thoughts on “Guide to Blender 2.8 – Part 1: The Interface

  • Short question: Is this guide, which was made for the beta quite some months ago, still valid for the now released Blender 2.8?

  • keeps crashing and gave me a BSOD just now , just when i started to love it … ill stick to max i guess till it becomes stable enough

  • It's such shit. Everything is "slick" and "clean" but for what? Everything useful is hidden behind pop up and pie menus retardation. Where there was one click or one buttons press is now a pyramid of navigating multiple pop ups. I'm out. Fuck blender. I regret ever giving these guys money.

  • I've got Blender 2.8, yes a newbie, but there is no right or left options for mouse, unless I selected the wrong option after first start up

  • is there any new shortcut that i need to add on my note, or its still same as previous Blender keyboard shortcut?…
    im still learning, but getting lost because the new update 2.8… i mean the new interface

  • Pre 2.8 seems to be designed by a software engineer.
    2.8 seems to be designed by a software engineer with quite a lot of help by an UX expert, but the software engineer didn't listen to all things UX expert wanted to change.
    However, considering this is a free software we should be really happy it exists at all.

  • It feels a bit like Roblox Studio, which I appreciate since I use it a lot more than Blender. But thanks to 2.8, I might get back into Blender modeling. The controls were really weird, I found it to be pretty tedious to the point where I had to start forcing myself to work on stuff

  • the new ui makes me think of c4d, which was much easier to learn for me, and I believe for others as well. seems like it could be a game changer for blender.

  • im facing problem with new update.screen freezes after clicking properties and so much more due to my low end config.is it ok to use 2.79b at this moment or should i buy another rig?
    current one is i7 3rd gen,8gb ram,no gfx only intel hd4000

  • Is it possible to switch between versions of blender by a simple command / click of a button? Or was it made to look possible by video editing?
    I need to do so because 2.8 has been crashing a LOT. I need to have some stuff done and try to troubleshoot 2.8. The program has been crashing / closing when I switch between modes (sculpting, uv, etc) and in bone creation.

  • Hey! I have one question! I often used shortcut "shift + F" to move around with camera, is there some replacement for it? Thanks!
    (Sorry, if there's any mistake in my english 🙂 )

  • question for anyone that can help me. my user preferences looks nothing like his and Input setting has nothing in it to change from right to left mouse click selection. can anyone yell me where I might find it to make the changes I need?

  • Now as a beginner- Intermediate user, Idk should I keep learning on the old versions of blender or start again with this version which seems like a really brilliant new software!

  • 5:10 I had Blender and this video open on seperate monitors (I have 2 in my home set-up) and I actually figured that out just before you explained it lol

  • One of the dumbest things in Blender is the keyboard and mouse control. Maya has had the same interface controls since Maya 1.0. Always hated the 3d max interface due to how you orbit the scene. When you set blender to Maya UI it should just look like Maya with all the panel's in the right place. If you chose 3d max it should look like 3d max. MAYA to me has the most intuitive controls of any 3d software.

  • Can you make a tutorial about how to stop Blender from crashing with the '' failed to set 44100hz got 48000hz'' error every time I open it ?

  • It was freaking brave to change the UI to the 'industry standard'. Whether those conventions are right or wrong, they just are. I immediately took to the new Blender. It's really incredible

  • Hi Andrew, I don't suppose you could share that 2.8 blender beta render you have, with the sparkling 2 and 8 and fireworks? Thanks!

  • Just downloaded it today. I was in total panic, I couldn't go on with my work in progress! Thanks to you I've learned very quick how to handle this (gorgeous) new version! You are my hero! I nearly died laughing when you said "I'm not printing anything", I had the exact same thought. 😆

  • Oh man! I just made the switch to 2.8. Feels like I bought a new car and finally can test out what all the new buttons do! So exciting! I was so used the old versions, I'm still pressing A to deselect all. I Didn't like the clicking a way, what can i say, I'm a shortkey kinda man. Then you mentioned the alt A thing. This is gonna take some getting used to, but you helped me lots with the 'transition'. Thank you for that!

    It's good that they have changed a lot of the stuff. Keeps us sharp and keeps us consitantly motivated.

  • Question – Any help appreciated, as I haven't found an answer yet:

    Control + Alt + Space, and full screen mode in the menu, shows me a very close to full screen preview mode, but I still have a few icons such as the xyz gimble etc.

    Does anyone know how to actually have a clear full view in Blender 2.8?

    If so, I don't even have to render in Eevee, and just could screen record and add sound later 🙂
    I could do it anyway, but 100% clear of icons is much preferred, thanks.

  • Does UV Mapping work differently with the new update? Or is my object just too high poly? I applied Subdivision Surface permanently and it doesn't UV Map even when all faces are selected in edit mode.

  • They really shouldn't have reshuffled the UI.
    You know it's bad when an existing Blender user who's never used a tutorial has to look up a tutorial on the INTERFACE

  • My wife just mentioned that you look like Tom cruise. I cannot unsee it now. Great! Tom Cruise is teaching me blender 😀

  • Great interface updates. I've used blender a little bit but am only slightly more experienced than a NOOB and find the shift to a more conventional interface a great move!

  • on the right of the viewportgizmo there is this little arrow that lets you open a popup window. I only annot close it. How is this done?

  • Is there a tutorial he has where he doesn't compare the first version to the second version? I have a hard time keeping up with all the tangent talking about information about version 1 which I won't be needed as I don't plan to learn the older version

  • Im kind of frustrated that I have to relearn the interface, and the real time render is cruddy for me, but I really hope I can learn this.

  • I downloaded 2.8 onto Mac and I dont get all the icons on the collections part on the top right. Only the eye icon is showing. I want to lock some objects, but i cant see the other icons, the arrow, TV screen, camera etc. How can I enable them?

  • Now all they need to do is make it to where you can move with WASD like you can in Unreal instead of having to spin around with Shift and Middle Mouse Button… Then Blender will be godking

  • 3:00 I'm CRAZY. I switched to Space for tools as soon as I found out I could, partly because I started with modeling before animation so I don't press play often (read: at all).

  • Dear Blender Guru, I think I am slowly being hooked on Blender 2.8 as a means for making constructs I want to do, like ambulance wagons and Vintage Steam Trucks. I just have one teeny weeny favour to ask you (well 2 actually, hehehhe) 1, please can you show us how to (slowly cause some of us are Dense like me) import a reference image into blender from say Google image, and 2 please please do not do Time lapse videos. I find these frustrating bc you can't possibly learn anything from these, and also if the artist truly doesn't want to show us how to do something, than either show us or don't. Sorry but that is just one of my pet peeves, like people who insist on clearing their throats constantly or who say "far be it from me to…. GAGH!! You are great your videos are awesome, and once I figure out if I have enough memory in my computer (cause blender will be competing for space with daz) in my system, to incorporate blender I would like to try out your donut and coffee tutorial. Cheers for now and thank you for being such an amazing teacher. TTFN


  • I used 2.79 long time ago. And I just said lol blender I will try something. I opened it and I was like. What the fuck happened. Everything is different!

  • damn i hate it…i have used Blender 2.79 for so long…this feels just really weird and off..i can't find half of the stuff and alot of the really fast and useful workflows have been sacrificed in the sake of making it easier and more accessible for new users that didn't put in the work to learn the original… not sure if this is a good direction to go towards..

  • I updated blender and even tho its only been amonth a lot now works better but theres new stuff about camera focus that Im trying to figure out I hope they dont change it again , moving the camera away from the obj is difficult I cant get hold of it like in the last one and pointing the camera at the object is impossible , align does not do it .If you know of any up to date videos let me know

  • Hello Guru I apologize that this is off topic, but are you familiar with rigging at all?

    I have a problem with a character model I've been trying to rig. Basically when I set automatic weights to jump start the rigging process usually a model keeps its shape fairly decently when I move the bones. But when I did with this one, the whole mesh gets wobbly, and the tail shrinks in one place and bulges in the other. Some parts have control in places no where near them, and some bones don't have any control in spots where they should.

    Basically I was wondering if you know what kind of problem this, and I'm wondering if you can fix it. The only solution I've had so far is to maticulously pain everything to have a correct selection. If you know a better solution I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

  • hi andrew, thanks for this vid, i was wondering if you could send/post the fireworks and sparkler blend file that you used in your 2.8beta sign. Ive been dying to make it look as good as yours but failing. thank you!

  • Be careful with your old projects EVERYBODY, I opened my latest project in Blender 2.8 and switched back to 2.79b and when I try to open the project in 2.79b, blender crashes! I have to start over my latest project just because I opened it in 2.8…

  • I think you'd be pleased to know that my tech school added Blender to their 3D Animation course!I know they used to teach Maya, 3DS Max and maybe Z Brush? Not sure if anything is replaced or added on, chances are it's all still being taught!

  • finally, they made non rocket scientist user interface. i can not tell you how many times i learned to use blender then left it for a month and i totally forgot everything. i gave up many times, because it sucks having to learn a non intuitive user interface over and over and over.

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