Groundnut Milk (Peanut Milk) | All Nigerian Recipes

Hey guys, in this video I’ll show how to make
Peanut Milk that is Groundnut Milk. Peanuts are rich in protein and should be
a great feature in our daily diet. This milk is very easy to make. You’ll need raw groundnuts. That’s peanuts. You will also need some water. Soak the peanuts in cool water for 3 hours. I have more information about the peanuts in the description box and on my website. After 3 hours, blend the peanuts with as little
water as possible till smooth. Sieve with a cheese cloth or any chiffon cloth
that does not allow the particles to pass through. And that’s it. Even though raw peanuts may contain aflatoxins which are said to be produced if the peanuts
are contaminated with a certain kind of mould, it’s quite safe to drink it now in its raw
state. But if you want to completely eliminate the
risks of these aflatoxins, then pour the peanut
milk in a pot and cook till it boils. You need to stir it often so that lumps do
not form. It is ready when it boils. You will also see the milk skin beginning
to form. Set it aside to cool down completely and enjoy! You can add vanilla extract and sugar to it. I prefer the unadultrated natural delicious
taste of Peanut milk. See you soon!

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