Hello beautiful Souls welcome to my
tribe in today’s video I will be sharing my cleansing green juice for weight loss
recipe fruits and veggies offer an amazing phytonutrients and juice cleans
can help you reach your health goals whether you want to lose weight detoxify
and reduces your disease risk I already chopped and washed the fruits
and vegetables and I will put these everything in the juicer so the
ingredients are first ginger ginger is an ancient spice with powerful
anti-inflammatory properties it helps with arthritis and relieve nausea and
pain prevent cancer improve respiratory conditions and it also helps both bone
health straighten the immune system and increase appetite second lemon lemon are
high in vitamin C in several beneficial compounds that may lower cholesterol the
third one is pineapple pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit and has a lot’s
of benefits such as boosting immunity improving bone in eye health and aiding
in digestion forth the celery celery health benefits includes fighting
inflammation supporting good digestion flushing out toxins speeding up weight
loss reducing cholesterol guarding the liver in boosting the body immune system
regulating blood pressure levels curing insomnia fighting cancer enhancing the
skin reducing a try wrist pain in supporting the heart health fifth is
lettuce lettuce is particularly rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C in other
nutrients like vitamins A in K and potassium this leafy greens veggie helps
fight inflammation and other related diseases like diabetes in cancer six is
the cucumber is rich in vitamin A in vitamin C folic acid while the hard
outer skin is rich in fiber and a lot of mineral
including magnesium and potassium last but not least kale kale health benefits
includes promoting eye health,detoxifying the body promoting well-being of the
skin helps with the blood clotting powerful antioxidant support helps
reducing cholesterol in helping managing diabetes supporting bone health
promoting weight loss help prevent stomach ulcers help treat anemia can
help prevent cancer and helps promote healthy pregnancy. All the ingredients
and instructions of this green juice will be in the description box if
you’re interested so let’s start juicing this juice is not a miracle potion but
fruits and vegetables are great to help us to lose some weight although we need
to live a healthy lifestyle as well the ingredients I use are full of vitamins
minerals and amazing nutrients that will help us to get our goal and it
tastes really awesome cheers to our health


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