Gmod Permanent Headhack Tutorial [Blender]

hey everyone so I’ve gotten a lot of
questions on how to do a permanent head hack for Garry’s Mod and this is a super
quick tutorial right here but I’m gonna go over the whole process in this video
what you’re gonna need first is the model to head hack I’m using Mark Jefferson but
you can use whatever you want and I’m putting him on a body that I
made in Daz Studio you can use whatever you want but I decided to make
a custom one just because I guess>.>So what I did to get this shape is I imported Jefferson and made the shape off of that I was
basically lining up making sure the proportions were the same for lining up
the elbows the knees crotch and the shoulders to make sure that he was about
the same size. so we don’t really know how we don’t really know what his body
looks like under his clothes from the game but we can kind of make a rough
guess I just kind of tried to fit his body in there I figure he’s kind of thin
and maybe he’s a little bit fit so that’s just how I made the body
something else I noticed is that the fingers were kind of long so I made him
on mine as well and I also matched
I also match the texture from his face to the body as close as I could and I
think that’ll do so I’m using this as a base and I’m going to export it and I’ve
already done that but if you explore this for blender then you can use an FBX
format it works pretty well and you’ll want to collect the textures to the
folder that way you have and I don’t have any morphs on him but
yours might if they had different flexes you can just leave it off since we’re
just using it as a base anyway so once you have it exported you can import it
into blender so we’re back in blender and I have my models imported I have the
base here and then Jefferson next to him I also have two other models
I have Max that someone else ported and then just a standard citizen
model I always import him just for a scale reference I know how big or small
to make the models and as tall as Jefferson is it seems like a max comes
up to about his chin I think he’s a little bit short here so I made the base
a little bit taller had something to consider when making these is how tall
they are in the actual game and how it all will be in Garry’s Mod compared to
each other and since he’s the right scale I’m going to go ahead and delete
these we don’t need them anymore now they’re both in here I’m gonna delete
the body off of him and the head from him and a quick way I can do that is if
I just select the texture that’s used for his body and delete it. I’ll do the
same thing for this but I’ll select textures that are used on the face okay now this body is completely nude
but I have this block here so it doesn’t so hopefully this video doesn’t get
taken down for nudity so since he doesn’t have a face
I can probably delete all of these face bones
I’ll leave his head then on Jefferson we can delete his body bones we want to
keep the neck and the head on both of them so on one I have just head neck and
on the other I have a missing head so i’m just gonna move this into place.. if my computer would quit being slow obviously his neck isn’t that long so
a good place to cut this off I would say it’s somewhere around here
mostly because I want his beard texture still in there so I’m gonna get rid of
it a little bit more of his neck I’m just kind of putting it in place
definitely zoom out to see how it looks from farther away to make sure it’s necks
not awkwardly long you may need to scale yours up or down to scale them down a
little bit I think that’s about good now they’re
both in the right place you can unparent them hit alt P to clear the
transformation do the same thing on this mesh that way when you move the bones
and the mesh with them they won’t.. that way when you move the bones around they won’t move with it just for a second just long enough to put both of these
together now on the daz base body the name for the neck is neck lower neck
upper and head and I’m just going to change jefferson’s to match that that
way when we delete one of them it’s already set up and weight painted
decently you might want to copy and paste them because capital letters do make a difference so Jefferson only has one neck bone and
one head bone whereas the daz model has two neck bones and a head bone so I’m
actually going to just name this one down here neck lower then the one up
here neck upper instead of head. Okay now on Jefferson I’m going to
go ahead and delete those two bones that we just renamed. we renamed them so that
the the weight painting would match it. so select the bones from
Jefferson’s face and hold shift and right click to select the bones on our
base model and hit ctrl J so it joins them together. now this is one skeleton now what we can do is try and line up
these necks I’m gonna get rid of more from the base it’s probably good; you should probably
try and get as straight a line as possible but this one’s kind of jagged
but this will still work okay so what you basically want to do is get these vertices to all line up so actually I’m gonna get rid of a little
bit more from Jefferson much better..
what I’m trying to do is basically try and make this kind of straight or at
least a little bit straighter because it’ll be easier to attach that way all right so his necks a little bit
straighter I’m gonna do the same thing on this one I’m gonna leave a small gap in between
here just so its easier to tell them apart one that i missed.. so this texture is gonna look a little
bit stretched right here but that’s alright all right so I have them lined up
decently well I can bring this one in a little bit more yeah that’s good enough
so before you attach both of these together because they’re separated right
now you’ll want to… make a copy of the UV map if it’s
not if there’s not already one I’m just gonna make another one and that’s just
in case when we’re attaching these together the UV set gets messed
up and that’s just how the vertices are laid out on the texture sometimes when
you attach two meshes together it’ll completely destroy how you have it set
up and before I do it I’m going to save i’m going to name it’s MJ (mark jefferson) Headhack. okay so something I also have is some flexes on the body so I’m going to
attach the head to the body I’m gonna hold I’m gonna right click on the head
then hold shift and right click on the body it then hold press and hold ctrl
and press J click. ctrl J to join. you can see that it did mess up its head
texture that he lost. it doesn’t always do that sometimes does I’m gonna go into my
UV image editor and it looks like I just have to reassign it okay and as you can
see it destroyed the UVs that we had good thing we saved, right?
let’s go back down here and select one these are the UV maps and it’ll put
it back to how we had it now that this texture is fixed you can re-save it.
you’ll want to save periodically because things can get messed up very quickly
and easily and I probably should have checked if these flexes were messed up
first. okay so I tested the flexes they seem to be working which is good so what we can do now is start attaching the mesh together and i’m just gonna hide some of
these these bones so that they’re not in the way I’m doing that lasso just by holding ctrl and pressing and holding left click so this is now one mesh but there is
still a big split down it down the middle so we’ll have to attach it. I
recommend going into texture mode while you do this that we can immediately tell
if it gets messed up. so right click shift right click on the other vertices
and hold alt and hit M to merge the vertices and you can just go
at the center. and something that you notice is that the daz body has more
vertices than Jefferson’s head but that can be adjusted and fixed I’m actually gonna get rid of these two
yeah I’m just gonna delete this one here you’ll notice when you delete it.. you’re missing the faces over there but you can bring them
back by selecting the one down here and the one up here, I’m pressing F, and it’ll
draw a line between them then right click down here too. press F and It’ll fill
it in. do the same thing over here you see how it filled in. do the same
thing between these two. make that line between them by pressing F and go down here and press F and now you have a face joining these two at the center. do the
same thing over here delete this verticy you don’t want to just fill in this
whole thing with one face it’ll look ridiculous
you really want to keep the triangles or quad shapes okay actually i’m gonna delete this one too, both
sides. make sure to keep it even too if you delete one from this side
delete one from the other side just to make sure it ends up looking even you want to do one of these at a time if you
try and do a whole bunch of time it’ll just make one ugly face. make sure you’re selecting just three vertices at a time and
pressing f to fill it in you can even go in and edit this a
little bit I did it kind of sloppily might end of just skipping some of this if it
takes a long time. (or not) I’m going to bring the neck in a
little bit that’s a little bit
better you might want to save after going so far like if you get a little
bit done make sure you’re always going back and checking your flexes to make
sure they still work and checking your texture to make sure it’s still lined up
correctly and it is.. because things can get messed up when you’re especially with
the flexes when you’re joining meshes together this has a random verticy
in the middle of it… oops okay I’m just pressing F to make that
line between them and selecting all the corners of the triangle I’m hitting F
again to fill it and holding alt and pressing M to merge two vertices
together another stray verticy- vertex i mean there it is on this side too i’m gonna pull these back a little bit I have another extra verticy right here remove it real quick… okay so some of these parts are sticking
out really far go ahead and edit them back in again delete this verticy since.. just gonna delete this verticy since there’d be a big gap there all right almost done I’m going to go
ahead and check my flexes again my texture is still working okay these are still working make sure
you’re also on the basis frame when you’re doing this i’ll start working my way back from the middle you can get rid of these two vertices since this is
a lot closer some of these are starting to get a little
messed up from deleting them and filling them back in but I’ll fix them in a
minute move this where it’s supposed
to be you can see there’s a few stretched out vertices those are
probably these ones okay that was a bit of a hassle but you
can just kind of drag select on the faces and drag them back where they’re
supposed to be, my computers being very slow doing this okay this is probably supposed to be
about here and this is probably supposed to be about there I got a little bit
messed up because we were splitting and merging some of these over here but it
looks like it’s fixed and if we select the torso and there’s not that one that
shoots across the whole texture okay since i fixed something I’m
going to check my flexes and if it’s good then I’ll save.. good enough both of these are kind of close to this
one here I’m just gonna merge both of these together to that one kind of a big
ugly shape but its on the back of his head anyway that’s not bad all right again make sure
your flexes work one last time and if they do, if you have any,.. my textures look correct I’m going to save it now he has the head on
there, it’s stitched on decently now I’ve got to weight paint this. how about we parent this to the skeleton first that way it actually moves. if you want you can check
and make sure these all still work, and they do okay I’m going to hide the arm bones so they aren’t in my way collar looks alright see how the neck
lower looks oh that should be moving his whole head. i’m moving the bones but
his head’s not. okay, i’ll go into weight paint Oh, it’s still named the valve biped head
even though we’ve changed the name of it so this is in weight paint. and you can
actually hold shift and press+hold left click to get the options that are
near it which is pretty convenient and this should actually be head but it said that
there’s two of them yeah this one’s not even doesn’t even have any weight to it
okay so valve biped neck should probably be… let’s change this one to the neck upper bone it’s already got a parent to it but
we’ll just get rid of that one and this one has more on it I think this was
Jefferson’s original weight paint for his neck all right let’s see how it looks
now just from renaming a couple bones okay why is the jaw not parented okay so the head looks a little sharp at some points that’s alright we can
fix it in a minute okay turning the neck upper definitely looks very sharp.
the neck lower looks good for the most part but it looks like it’s a
little too heavy over here so let’s go into weight paint mode.. hide some of
these bones okay so one thing we can do is we can select the neck I’m hitting A
to select all of the vertices make sure that’s down here this vertex selection
is selected so they all pop up and something you can do is hit smooth
and it’ll kind of blend the neck out that’s spine2.. oh he don’t even have
one anymore yeah it doesn’t matter um neck lower we already did
there it is neck upper I kind of cut off right there cuz that’s where the other
this is where Jefferson’s neck ended and this right here is where the base body
began so that’s why it’s so sharp right there if you want you can hold ctrl +
left click one of these blue areas You can see the weight of i is 0.2. and
go right over it but I’m still going to blend it a bit
more if you want to avoid blending up here because you don’t want to mess up
the jaw you can just unselect it.. and hit smooth few times, like three times.
okay now we have a head I think yes this is probably fine but I’ll smooth it down
here okay let’s see how it looks now i’ll make these into sticks. i’ve got
chest upper.. and some of this isn’t attached to the head for some reason, I’ll
fix that these aren’t parented to the head like they’re supposed to be but oh well. I’ll correct those later I’m just looking at the neck right now… looks a lot better still looks bad right there I’ll go to the
neck upper really the bone for the neck upper is way up here
so I really don’t need to have it all the way down here what I’m gonna do is
just remove of it. go to the weight paint and bring it all the way
down to zero and I’m gonna hold alt and left click and I’ll drag this line and
it’s making a gradient. so if you want to do different weights with this
you can. it’s very nice to use. okay so i’m gonna put more weight paint on neck lower, thats what uses this area more make this a bit.. put a little bit more weight on it you wanna make sure you’re doing both sides like how I just wasn’t. this right here will allow you to do both sides at once it looks a lot better already I’m going to smooth it for example the eyelashes that were
originally on the base models head and you can see that if I’m pressing select
nothing is being selected to get rid of that one
I think the cornea the pupil I think all of these were attached to him. he
shouldn’t have any face textures. Mark doesn’t have any body textures so we can delete that I will be keeping his head and hair and his eyeballs for sure, but we
can get rid of the eyeballs on the base texture because it doesn’t have eyeballs okay gotta make sure you have your
texture set up to how you want them remember that these are going to
look for the .VMT that is named that and I’m actually gonna rename his hands to
work with the finger poser we have all our bones set up, our textures
set up, headhacks done, the only thing this guy really needs is since I’m putting
him in Garry’s Mod if you notice up here that he has 139 bones but as
you know Gary’s Mod has a limit of 128 so I still need to do his face posing
before I remove those I already made a tutorial on face
posing so I’m probably not gonna show it here but before I finish him up the
only thing that’s needed to do is to get his bones under 128 so I’m gonna
show you how to do that even though I didn’t already even though I didn’t do
the facial flexes I’ll just save this as a different file obviously this has less
bones and show you how to do it so the way I rid of bones for the
gmod limit is I’ll give him a full face posing and so he doesn’t really need eyebrows because he already has flexes to move them he doesn’t need eyelids, you do need to keep the eyeball
themselves I recommend keeping at least those and then the jaw and tongue if you
have it so he doesn’t need cheek textures- or cheek bones I mean and these.. I’ll just get rid of those actually I don’t even get rid of
them because the bones are at 125 right now so we can actually keep all of
our tongue bones we keep our mouth bones we only had to get rid of the I think
something from the note and then the eyebrows and that brought it down to 125
but the thing about removing bones is is that a lot of the time they can mess up
your weighting so let’s see I removed.. let’s say i removed all of this.
let’s say i removed his lips and then tried to pose him because this part of the mesh
was attached to that bone and it’s gone it doesn’t have anywhere to go. so what
you can do is go into weight paint mode go over to the head if you’re getting
rid of the lips and you can now just parent the lips to the head I would
still recommend parenting the upper lips to the head in the lower lips to the jaw
I’m gonna show you how to do it real quick is I just select them like that make sure I’m getting both sides of it
by having this on. you really don’t need very much weight for it to attach to
the bone I’m just gonna set it to 0.01 and as you select it it’ll go back
over there so I’m gonna go to the jaw now, click on those, and then it was
weighted very quickly so he doesn’t have any he doesn’t have any lip bones but
their bottom ones are weighted to the jaw and the top ones are weighted to the
head that’s basically how I get rid of bones for the 128 bone limit Now that everything’s basically done for the tutorial the only thing you would have to do is you’d have to make a collision
model which I’ve already done in my other tutorials I won’t go over it now then just set up your QC for compiling
and that would be it — and i compiled him. okay so as you can see I just set up um I just set up the textures for the face and torso just so
you could see them in half life model viewer you can tell there’s a very big
noticeable seam right there so what I’m gonna do is kind of blend these two textures
together so its a lot less noticeable what I’m actually gonna do is
go into to blender, to the UV editor i’m gonna select the head and this is
showing us where on the texture that these fall exactly.
you can unselect things and select things to see where it is, but I’m just
gonna leave like that and something you can do is export this, put on the desktop.
mark face UV. okay and then I’m gonna go find the
torso texture this one and you can see where on the texture that the vertices
are going to be so I want to export this one I’ll just name it torso UV. and then we’re
going to stop.. so what I want to do is get that face texture and the torso texture
and open them up in along with these UV textures and what I’m gonna do is copy and paste this in a new layer so we can see it better and see how it
lines up and I’ll do the same thing for the face zoomed in way too far.. so right
along this line is where the texture of the face ends we want to try and blend
the material from kind of up here and downward and then on this one where our
neck is I want to blend it from here and upwards actually I don’t know if that’s
part of the neck or not I can check and a way I can do that
is select them in here and then hide them so there’s a very outer edge of both of
these is where the back of the neck is I’m looking at this just to get a reference
of where to put my textures. i’ll put this on multiply so its not in the
way. so this kind of has a base texture up here so i’m just going to take that using my using my eyedropper tool, and i’ll just go in the very middle of the neck, actually I
go right where it leads off, right where I left off right there and I’ll just
make a new box that’s the base texture for the body and for the head it leaves off right here so I’ll just
take it from right there so i’m gonna blend these two colors
together if you really wanted you could get the numbers for this one
then get the numbers for this one and then get directly in between them I’m
just gonna take the quick way and blur it around there is about the color you wanna make the base in between them so on this one and I’ll do this in a new
layer so it doesn’t mess anything up i have to have it blend into this texture
and then on this one I have to blend into that texture put this on multiply so we can see it and I’m just gonna get a brush with this color on it and I’m gonna take
the hardness down so it’s kind of blurry I’m just going to go over one block for
him and in fact we can blur it a bit
so it blends more evenly. i’ll blend it by 30 you got to make sure that by the end of
this, the end of where the vertices touch, that it’s this color. I’m going back and
making sure that at least the edge of this has that color on it. okay so that’s
how his head texture now looks. thats how it originally looked; kind of dirty and
gross down there. that’s a bit cleaner we can save this. if you’re afraid to overwrite
your original texture you can just put a 2 after it (or name it anything else) do the same thing for this, blend the
edges of these into that color make sure this is somewhat down here a bit
I want to go two or even three blocks so I’ll actually go three blocks and for this I think it’s also three
blocks but I’ll check it in blender just to be sure three blocks as well so I’m not doing it
from this way actually doing it that way this in this way, inwards okay so over here his head is over here
or actually this is at the back of the neck and then his head is up here so I’m
going to go three blocks down or three spaces and just blend that texture up. do
the same on this side go three and then we can blur it I think It was set to 30. yup, so let’s blend it 30 again. okay that’s the new texture, we can save that one again I’m gonna name it a new texture so it
doesn’t overwrite the original okay the way that we’ve done this, if my computer
would quit freezing I can show you what we basically have is that. that’s how its going to look on the model.. his neck will blend into that and it’s kind of I’m kind of
bad down here so I’m actually going to lighten some of it down here, or make the
transition a bit better okay so to make this transition a little bit nicer I’m
just gonna get the Gaussian blur again so I’ll see what that looks like I’ll blend it really far that way that
color spreads out even farther across this okay so I want to make sure I still
have a texture touching the end of this i’ll go back over it again.. I think that
blended a lot nicer that second time around I’m going to drag this across the very
edge and the same for the sides which is this line here okay that’s blended a little
bit nicer I’m gonna resave this Now that its saved I’m gonna re convert this real quick and then test it out and see what it looks like. okay so I have
the new textures converted and they’re in their correct folder I replaced the old
ones so let’s see what it looks like. I think that looks perfect! if you zoom in
you can see there’s a just a little bit of a blur but its a lot less noticeable than that
seam I tell you what! the last thing would be to uh if you’re having issues
with it looking very bumpy like it still looks like a giant seem what you can do is do
that same method I showed you but blend the bump map/normal map
whichever one. because that tends to look a little funny. so just blend that same
area right there on the bump map and a spec map if it’s there and it’ll look
perfect the reason it’s not showing up here because I don’t have his bump map
on just you’re just seeing the flat texture but if you had a bump map you
might see a little more of a seam there but that’s pretty much it [Blooper] down here for skin number two he would
have wet.. he’d have wet skin and a blue shirt- oops, that says shit. *lol* you’d have a blue shirt, not blue shit.

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  • Excelent tutorial my man! Only critique on it would be that you should of turned on your screen cast keys.

  • Im running into a problem, I managed to head hack the model successfully in Blender but the problem is when I compiled the model and loaded her up in model viewer the mesh is all messed up. Everything looks normal in Blender. I need help.

  • Great tutorial, however I am having problem with getting my modified textures out of DAZ, when exporting them with FBX the folder with textures is created, but inside it are only base textures, not the ones I prepared in DAZ so skin tone is not matching, is there a way to export textures with my applied diffuse color ?

  • So, if I'm wanting to attach say a tactical vest and a helmet to a character, it's the same basic principle, right?

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