Ginger Kale Smoothie Recipe

Hi, it’s Gary again from Stonyfield. So,
hands down the absolutely easiest thing you can possibly do with yogurt is make
smoothies. One of my favorite go-to smoothies is a detox ginger kale
smoothie. It’s incredibly easy to whip up in a blender. I use whole milk probiotic
yogurt for that extra boost. It’s super easy. Most of these ingredients you can prep in advance, but it’s super simple.
All you need is a blender and the the stuff right here. One ripe banana,
freeze it beforehand, that’s always wonderful. Literally pop it right in. I
have two cups of kale leaves, we went ahead and just chopped those up already.
Two teaspoons of ginger. Now we keep our ginger in the freezer in our house, and
just a little trick if you don’t know is you do want to peel it, so you can just
use a spoon and take the peel right off, but this is about two teaspoons of
ginger, so that, about that much is sticking out there is just fine.
And again the blenders going to take care of the bulk of it, so you don’t
really have to worry about grating it. So again, this is not you’re not worrying
about precise measurements. The key ingredient, of course, is a cup of
Stonyfield whole milk probiotic yogurt, but you can use whatever yogurt you want.
I’ll put a little bit of orange juice in, this is about a third of a cup, and then
chia seeds. Now look, some people don’t like the little num-num-num choo-choo choo.
I happen to like it, but I’ll put some chia seeds in, we say about a tablespoon, a little
bit of cinnamon, I call it a dash but I like cinnamon so you’ll see me do two
dashes, and then two tablespoons of raw honey, but any kind of honey will do.
It is always a discretionary question as to how much sweetener you want to put in,
but… and then last but not least some blueberries. again frozen, get them
year-round frozen. Of course fresh is always wonderful, but that will do it. So
that is about it, again you can adjust for taste. You decide the viscosity that’s best for
you. That was about it. Ah. It’s awesome. The combination of the honey and the
blueberries is just really good. Cheers.

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