Hello! Today, I’m gonna be making prison wine or pruno, as the fancy people say. It’s strain through a sock, so ‘fancy’ is really not an option at this point, but PRUNO. Really interesting story actually. One night I was googling how to make prison wine And now I’m doing it. You want me to tell it again? Cuz I can tell the story again I know when a good story is being told, you know I don’t really have the credentials to be making this, but my mind is a prison! so I’m making prison wine Alright? You could say I’m a wine connoisseur Oh, yeah I don’t really like wine, not much but I love trying new foods. And I don’t like doing that either actually UHH. I don’t know why I am doing this. I guess I just hate myself. I found a few recipes online One of them was called the ‘craft’ version Which I thought was going to be themed around the 1996 classic film ‘The craft’. UMM but it wasn’t. It also required yeast packets and what are those? So I chose a different recipe and here we are. You didn’t need to know any of that I’m just talking to talk. Hehhe. In my defense. I didn’t talk yesterday. I didn’t speak, not for any reason in particular. I just had no one talk to me. We’re moving on. Umm prison wine? Let’s do it! Fun fact I’ve already made this before, um but then I got busy So I just threw it away. Another compelling story from Ally Hills. *claps* Everybody she did ???? am I right SOOO I’m pretty much a pro at this point umm We got fruit cocktail. The can opener doesn’t work. An accurate representation of my life. Just going nowhere. *hehhe* I’m telling you. My mind, it’s a prison! *heehahe* Oh, shit. Okay, I mean they don’t have can openers in prison. So Or maybe they do. I don’t know. I’ve never been I did it, kind of, I think. A little bit, maybe, kind of AW did it! Four years later. I got it open guys. So you just I don’t wanna peel six oranges, but that’s what’s happening. Next is six oranges peeled so one moment as I peel six oranges. I’ve got my Oranges! We’re just gonna, toss them in the bag Kobe! LeBron! Kyrie! Somebody’s gotta be named John am I right? Let’s do it! All the basketball players! *much applause* So we put in sixty sugar cubes. I’m gonna eyeball it because I can’t count that high It is a lot of sugar! but you do you pruno. Okay, not judging. I don’t know they just told me to put ketchup in here and finally the yeast! You’re just gonna want to put a piece of bread up in there. Let’s do the end piece too because no one likes you I’m so sorry. That’s not true. Oh my god. She’s tilting it. Yes, bitch Now we have this and we need to mash it. Am I forgetting something? Oh God. Is it leaking? I only have one bag. HELP. Oh, it’s not leaking. I just never cleaned the counter HAHHAHE Okay, so that’s happening! So now that that’s done I store it in a warm dark place for days on end So I will meet up with you in like a week. So it’s been about a week My mind is still a prison, ready to drink. Before I strain this, I brought an appetizer. While looking for recipes, I stumbled upon an article about a certain brand of chips that was only available in prison. Its these. *UHEH* you can buy them online now But you originally couldn’t. Did I wait so long to film this video that these are now expired? Yes Yes, these are like prison exclusive. This is really insensitive I feel like. I don’t know. Okay wait WOO these are supposedly like the best chip ever Supposa-bly cuz that’s a word. The thing that makes these chips unique is that they’re apparently like every flavor They’re apparently so good. I don’t know. I just wanna try these You know, I’m just like a picky eater. I’m just picky. I don’t like them. No, I was really looking forward to these chips. It’s just too much flavor I don’t like flavor and I think that’s the problem. They’re fine. They taste like beef jerky flavored chips with a hint of lemon. Now it’s time to drink the PRUNO! I read online that in prison they strain this through a sock and I believe everything I read online So we gonna drain it in huh *singsong* American Idol, hit me up. I am available. Ooh, wait, no, the Voice. Uh, you know what? F**k. So. Let’s drain this What the f**k. HEH we’re definitely making moves. WoO get a good look folks! Freaking gross. It’s like a DIY Brita filter No, it’s not. Bon appetit! Who’s phone. WHO Good, I’m gonna die UMHUH. There’s an intruder and their phone is ringing. Intruder your phone is ringing? Just letting you know! I don’t know why I’m not nervous or fearful of this PUH it kind of smells like you’re at a soccer game and someone threw up at it. And you’re standing right next to that person. I just don’t think it’s gonna be that bad. Cheers to… Cheers! MUAH I love it. I freaking love it. What. I forget it’s warm every time. Why is it so warm? HEH. Yeah, it’s fine. *chokes* This somehow did not go as terribly as I thought it was going to. All right. So what did we learn? UM one, I ruined this sock! Two! Just easier to buy alcohol! Unless you live in prison! In which case this is fine three… is a little too many things. I think we learned two things and that’s cool. Cool! Oh my God! Third thing! Chips don’t actually have an expiration date! Expiration dates are a lie. Just saying! They are. Look it up. Okay, we’re done here. My mind is now… freakin’ prison, still. It’s still a freaking prison. If you liked the video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe! It means a lot


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