Gehu Ke Aate Ke Namkeen Pare | Khasta Banane Ka Tarika | Aate Ka Khasta

Today we will make whole wheat namkeen Pare Which is healthy And also delicious WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR – 2 CUP GHEE- 6 TBSP CAROM SEEDS- 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE RED CHILLY POWDER- 1.5 TSP TURMERIC POWDER- 3/4 TSP Preparation for dough Add ghee into whole wheat flour Add red chilly powder Add salt to taste Add turmeric powder Add carom seeds Mix well Add little water and make dough Make stiff dough like puti You can also use oil instead of ghee Dough is ready for Pare Make two equal part of dough And make big peda Take peda put on chakla Make roti with rolling pin Keep thick roti Take knife or pizza cutter for make Pare Give long cut Give long cut of another side And make rectangle Pare Remove extra dough from edges Take out Pate into a plate Prepare left over Pare same way Put oil for heat on gas with high flame Make peda from left over dough And Pare from it Oil is heated now Add Pare one by one Keep the flame slow Check Pare Fry till they become golden brown and crisp Pare is ready Take out into a plate Fry left over Pare same way Pare is ready now Serve into a serving plate

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