GABRIEL’S VINES~ Interview with Bevdaa/Drunk

You want a drink? I don’t drink. Thanks Ok So, when did you start drinking? One day I got so annoyed with my drinking problem, That day, for the first time I took an alcohol bottle Then I took my life’s first Sip. But, How come thats for the first time? Yes it is! I was there. Were you there? No! Then how do you know.. Ok. Leave it. How much do you drink in a day? I don’t drink! You don’t drink alcohol? When did I say I don’t drink Alcohol? I don’t drink water! You didn’t ask specifically. I am drunk but still paying attention. Just like I do while driving. Do you drink and drive? No no!! Yogesh drives. When I am drunk, He doesn’t let me drive. Who is Yogesh? I don’t know… I meet him only when I am totally drunk. Your wife said you’re Yogesh You call yourself Yogesh when you’re totally drunk… My wife lied you. Why? See… A good wife never tells personal problem to a strange looking people Now You tell me. Is she a good wife or she is lying? So your are only Yogesh!! Why dont you check your mental health? If i am yogesh, Who is that guy standing beside you? Hi Yogesh…You also say Hi to Yogesh. Idiot!!! Ok leave it. Which alcohol do you like? How many wife do you have? How is it related to my Question? It is related! My Lord.Its related! Why are you hiding it? One. So will you praise your second wife infront of your first wife? No I Guess… Just like that, If I praise whisky, brandy gets angry, if I say brandy beer gets angry So I love all kind of Alcohol. Why do you wish, that there should be no tax in alcohol? I tell you to increase the tax in Water/Electricity/Gas. People are wasting those things. Have you ever seen people wasting alcohol? No I guess! Thats why!! In this price raising situation.. How do you afford to buy an Alcohol? I am a Shaayar/Poet and I do Shaayari/Poetry.. My friends like it and buy me a drink Wow!! You are a poet. Ok recite me a poem.. Will you buy me a drink? Sure. I will. People like you are the ones, who encourage us.. And later asks. Why do you drink? Bro is you wanna recite, just recite it. Ok Ok!!! (A Poem/Shaayri in HIndi, I dont wish to translate it) Wow, thats a geart Shaayri/poem!! You’re a very good Shaayar/poet. Ok.. Its a pleasure meeting you.

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