Fumari | How to Pack Fumari Hookah Tobacco | Official Video

Hey Fumari Fam! We’re gonna show you how the team here packs
Fumari. We’ll be using a customer favorite: Ambrosia. Since Fumari is on the juicer side, we’ll
be using a phunnel-style bowl which we believe gives the best results. But no matter how unique & customized your
setup at home may be, if you pack Fumari like we’re about to show you, you should have a
great session. Before we start packing, we are going to start
lighting our coals on our coal burner. Let those heat up while you pack your bowl
so you can be ready to smoke as soon as they’re fully lit. So let’s start by massaging the pouch a little,
just to get the juices mixed in with the tobacco evenly. Then open the pouch & give it a good stir
with your fork. Now scoop out some tobacco into your clean
& completely dry bowl. We like to use a fork because this really
helps prevent waste by not getting tobacco all over your hands. Pick out little scoops at a time, & try to
break it up as you’re scooping so the tobacco doesn’t come out in dense clumps. Evenly distribute the tobacco around the bowl. If some of the tobacco start to fall into
the black hole that is your spire, don’t freak out. We’ll get to that later. Let’s just make sure this bowl is perfect
first. Once you’ve evenly sprinkled the tobacco in
the bowl, move it around a bit to make sure to fill in any gaps near the walls & spire. Then very lightly tap the tobacco down with
your fork just to level it out. You want your tobacco to be about 2 mms below
the rim. Just be sure the tobacco isn’t all smashed
together; you should still see little gaps throughout the bowl. This way, everything has room to breathe,
which really helps the bowl heat the tobacco evenly. If you do notice any big clumps of tobacco
in your bowl, use your Fumari Poker to separate the clumps & make sure everything is nice
& even. So this looks perfect. But this is not enough tobacco. You can see the bottom of the bowl through
the tobacco, & it’s not very evenly distributed. If you try to smoke a bowl packed like this
you won’t get very good clouds, if any at all. You won’t be able to taste it really. Just don’t do it. WHOA BUDDY. This is WAY too much tobacco. It’s all smashed together, not enough breathing
room. If you tried to smoke this, it would just
burn. It would be harsh & hard to pull & you would
end up wasting a lot of tobacco. All right, remember our fallen tobacco leaves
that tried to escape through the spire? All you’ve got to do is lightly tap your bowl
against a hard surface. If that doesn’t work, you can use your Fumari
poker to get the stray pieces out. Crisis averted. Now using a paper towel, make sure there’s
no excess juice or tobacco on the lip of your bowl before you apply foil or a heat management
device. Once your coals are fully lit, you can place
your happy little friends right on top here. Give your bowl a couple minutes to warm up
first. All right, now all that’s left is to smoke! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and for
more information check out Fumari.com. Thanks for watching!

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