♫ When he was my age ♫ ♫ Sirens and blue flashing lights ♫ ♫ In a 30 zone I’m pushing 95 ♫ We workout to eat ♫ Just tryna get to you in time ♫ ♫ Where you’re supposed to be right here with me ♫ (Plays with dog) ♫ Life goes by fast, will it slow down ♫ ♫ We got older, where did it go now ♫ Morning guys welcome back to my channel I’m super super excited about today’s video Because first reason this is one of the most highly requested video ever after you guys watched my ‘What I eat in a day to lose weight’ video and also seeing all my meals on my Instagram you guys really want me to film the cooking and the recipes behind all the home-cooked food that I eat every single day So we’ll be doing that today and second reason is that today is finally the last day of our 100 Project comeback Which I’ll talk more about that later because now I’ll first bring you guys with me to the kitchen Where I’ll show you how me and my family cook and prepare some of my favorite healthy and yummy meals throughout the day so breakfast, lunch, dinner will cover everything so So, here is a kitchen but before we start remember to first click subscribe and also the bell button next to it To turn on post notifications, so you won’t miss my new videos alright if you guys are ready, let’s start with breakfast first so this is what I’m having today; pan fried eggs, purple sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and Cucumbers. here are all the ingredients you can see we have protein, fiber, carbs and plenty of nutrients so I always make sure all kinds of nutrition in my diet And as mentioned in the previous videos before I don’t count any calories among out any mackerels Because I know that restrictions and extreme diets. Just don’t work for me it Led me to having bulimia eating disorder before and since I recovered my model is worked out to eat I work out five days a week I do healthy intuitive eating so I eat healthy and responsibly in moderate amount where I include protein fiber and carbs in all meals, and on the weekend or vacation I also let myself enjoy cheat meals that I love and for me That’s a healthy and sustainable way to live and just enjoy my life So this is my breakfast for today, and as you can see I also made extra that I’m leaving for tomorrow’s breakfast Breakfast is ready, and as you saw just now of the only seasoning. I use normally for breakfast It’s just a bit of salt and pepper It’s just sprinkling on top and that’s pretty much it So yesterday is the last day of my one month project comeback, which if you’re new here, and you don’t know what it is I’ll link the video right up here, but long story short I gained 10 pounds Throughout the holiday period I was eating just crazy like cheap mutes every single day and to one point, I just didn’t feel healthy So far I am super happy with my own progress, and it’s really not just a number on the weight I’m proud of myself for being able to stick with it and to get back on track with working out and healthy eating and that I don’t have to starve myself or restrict myself like how I used to doing my Bulimia eating disorder phase and I was able to still eat plenty of yummy and healthy food plus cheat meals on the weekends I really want to thank you all of you for being part of this journey with me especially in the past one month you keep me going you keep me accountable and together we prove that it is possible to get fit and healthy and at the same time enjoy food and enjoy life because We work out to eat So I just finished filming an intro for another workout video and now it is almost lunchtime. and I am going to film my cooking lunch for us. So for lunch we’ll be having broccoli Veggies, and chicken dumplings and also sea wheat noodles. There’s a vinegar for the dumplings I’m actually super super super lucky because it’s most of the time my dad cooks all the healthy yummy meals for us and sometimes my mom also cooks like that actually never really cooked much though his whole life because he was So busy working But since he retired he lunch from scratch had it cook and now he is making all these super yummy and healthy meals for us Every single day and you guys have asked me to fill my hairs cooking for quite some time So now let’s go into the kitchen and see how my desk looks so here are the dumplings that we got from the market And these are called sea wheat noodles that we also got from the market So lunch is ready the dumplings, noodles, and broccoli So there’s my plate for lunch you guys know that i always, always use the same plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that eat relatively the same amount. For the dumplings will also get a bit of vinegar (Talking to dog) so right now is around 4:30 And normally, I don’t really have like afternoon snacks but if I do You guys would always see that I drink the soup that my mom makes so sometimes She makes like Chinese style. Sometimes she makes like western style and today she’s actually making one of our favorite Western style lentil soup which is super healthy has a lot of different nutrients fiber Vitamins which I’ll talk about it more later and now let’s go into the kitchen and see how she makes it so these are all the ingredients Bay leaves That we got from Canada. Lentils we have orange and green Corn, lemon, potato, carrots, tomato, yellow bell peppers, you can also add other vegetables like celery if you want My mom just said that how long you’re supposed to cook the lentils it depends on how much ingredients you have and how Big of like a pot you’re using since today, we’re making quite a big of a pot So we’re gonna have it cook for 30 minutes It smells so good guys cannot wait (Talking to dog) Soup is ready~ For me, I just love to have soup as my afternoon snack Or morning snack or just add it as part of my meals because it’s so filling and it’s such an easy and yummy way to take in all the vegetables and all the Nutrients instead of having to eat it. You know like vegetables piece by piece And it’s time to make dinner with Dad So for dinner tonight, we’re having Rice’s quinoa Fish veggies with egg white. This is tofu, tempe, red and yellow bell peppers This is tempe. We got it from Indonesian shops in Hong Kong It’s a kind of soy products super super healthy tofu or soy product bell peppers Alright guys, so I’m done with dinner, packed my lunch and now I’m just going to clean up and wash the dishes so special Thanks to my parents for being part of this video and also making such amazing meals every single day I’m truly so lucky and let me know if you guys like this video And if you want to see even more cooking videos with my parents I just pulled some behind-the-scenes photos of what we’re filming today on Instagram story And I already got some messages from you guys saying you want to also see my mom’s Chinese style soup recipe and also my dad’s homemade bread recipe so just comment down below What recipes you want to see and I’ll talk to them maybe we’ll film another one Very soon. So this also marks the end of my 1 month project comeback and tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Sri Lanka for my 10-day speech holiday actually only the first few days would be on the beach. The rest of it It just will be hopping around like different cities in the country, and I’m so excited. I’ve never been in Sri. Lanka I should be uploading the books in the next few weeks And show you guys what I’ll be eating and doing in Sri Lanka so stay tuned and I’ll see you guys very soon Because we workout to eat


  • Hello I'm Mexican but I love the Asian food, and I found you , I think now I can cook some recipe, I made my soup of lentils but definitely I try ur recipe ty sweet girl. I just love to cook 😍🤗

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  • Im indonesian, and the indonesian sauce u mentioned is actually soy sauce but sweet! Using black bean soy. Your father's way of cooking is amazing, definitely gonna try it for my familyy 😍😍

  • It's so hard to eat healthy when you still live with your parents!! You're so lucky that your parents eat healthy while my family always has like pizza for dinner and if i don't want to eat they'll just go like 'awww my little daughter is on a diet, isn't she??? ayyy' it's really annoying but i'm still going 🙌

  • OMG your dad should be a good chef! I'm impressed. Anyway, I love tempe too. I can't eat without at least a slice of tempe. And fyi you can make a steak from a tempe too!! Hihi 😍 love your video ♥️♥️

  • You are such a real girl 🙂 I feel so motivated to be fit. Im skinny but theres a difference from being just skinny and fit 🙂 I do your plank exercises and they really work. I never do anything more than just 2 days haha. I couldnt do 45 secs in the beginning and I had to do them at my own pace initially but Im there now 😀 I am also a firm believer of eating whole foods and not in supplememnts or packaged food or protein shakes etc. If you eat right you don't need all those

  • This video was great. I actually ended up writing everything down during the video. I didn't grow up in a family that cooked together and missed out on being able to confidently create meals without spending a bunch of time looking up recipes. Leading me to eat poorly most days. I never realized you could make such healthy food recipes so easily. I hope you will make more videos like this, either with your parents or Chad. Very fun to watch and very tasty looking!

  • Tempe is best served fried. Marinate then with turmeric (fresh or powder) and crushed coriander seeds (or powder) and salt. Then dip then with some frying batter. Then fry them!

  • Hashtag #ChangeWithEmi to update your progress and see how everyone is doing on Instagram! Let's motivate and support each other in this fitness family (:

  • I always thought that the entire “eating too little will make you gain weight” thing was fake news to try to get people fat, which I know sounds terrible; it’s like I’m afraid of being fat.
    So I ate about 1000-900 calories a day, and lost 4 pounds in 5 days. Cool, I thought, I’ll kick it up a notch. I ate 500-600 calories a day, and when I was sitting down, I noticed my stomach wasn’t as flat. I weighed myself today, and just 4 days after I weighed myself at 104 pounds, I am currently 108 pounds.
    I’m still not fully convinced it’s the few calories that I ate that caused this. But right now, I’ll eat 900-800 calories a day, maybe a little over 900 at max, but never over 1000.
    I know I shouldn’t be counting calories, and should just eat balanced meals, but I can’t help it. I’ve dealt multiple times with eating disorders, but it’s honestly just getting worse. If I don’t start loosing weight now, I’d probably just go and straight up starve myself, to be real here. I know I’ll rebound back one day, but I want to be able to lose weight and look good by the middle of February (going on a trip to Asia) and I’m going to be out at beaches a lot. My stomach is huge right now and it’s making me stress. I keep scratching my hairline because I’m anxious (not just about weight) so I have a Jojo Siwa hairline right now and a bald spot or 2, lol.
    Basically, I gained this weight during puberty, and it’s super hard to get rid of now. Don’t be like me and eat unhealthy, thinking it’s been okay, and that there really are no dangers. There are more dangers than weight when eating unhealthy; i was so caught up on weight that the first time my heart cramped up caught me off guard. I’ve been having chest pain for a while now and I play it off as a small thing to my family, but even as I’m writing this, it hurts. I hope I will be able to recover, from both these thoughts and physically, and that by the time I get a blood test, I’m not a pre diabetic, or even worse, a diabetic; it runs in my family, too, which I learned recently.

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  • This is just a little shopping list for me Xd
    Bay leaves
    Yellow bell pepper

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    One question: do you and your hubby live with your parents? I Don't know if my timing is off and you aren't married yet in this video, but if you were and yall lived with your parents, I think that is the most wholsome, symbolic family lifestyle!

  • Emi, thank you for your videos! I'm really impressed of your progress, physical and psychological. But please stop putting clothes to your dog. He has fur, a very good one, and you can cause him serious mental, and not only, problems. I will appreciate it 🙂 Thank you!

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    I can't diet bc of my parents they will say "eat more to be smarter and get good grades!"
    It's so annoying can't wait to get my own house 😂

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