hello my friend my name is Krista
Elisabeth and in this video I’m going to be sharing with you my detox beauty
secrets fresh green juice recipe now this juice is a skin superfood and it
contains many of the vitamins minerals antioxidants and health building
compounds that really support healthy skin and the skin needs lots of
minerals and so what’s happening with our liver is also very much associated
with how our skin looks so if how our livers are backed up and they’re not
detoxifying properly and there’s some stagnation in our liver because
we’re not getting the correct compounds required to detox optimally then this
can show up in our skin so the great thing about this juice is it has lots of
the different compounds that are really supportive to liver detoxification now
let’s get into the recipe so in our green juice recipe we’re going
to be using organic celery organic parsley organic dandelion greens a whole
organic lemon organic cucumber and also a little bit of organic ginger now some
of the specific compounds that are really healthy for our liver they’re
contained in these veggies are B vitamins lots of mineral based
antioxidants selenium which is a precursor for glutathione production
which is the master antioxidant in our body and also sulfur rich vegetables
right so this this one our dandelion greens are full of sulfur so super
healthy now all we’re gonna do is juice these guys in a juicer I love my
fountain juicer you can also get a slow juicer but I just find this fountain
juicer is easy to use because I don’t have to chop the veggies up into small
pieces and it’s just really quick so let’s get juicing all right so now I’m just gonna pour it
into a jar it is gonna be quite strong so I’m gonna add a little bit of extra
filtered water and then I’m also going to put some pink Himalayan sea salt on
top I like it a little bit salty tastes really good and it’s also gonna add some
extra healthy minerals and also the great thing about adding a whole lemon
is most of the vitamin C is actually in the peel and it’s really easy to just
drop it into the juicer and it gives the juice a really nice lemony flavor now
let’s give it a taste absolutely delicious I drink one of these every day
it’s a little bit spicy and but it’s delicious it’s really hydrating it’s
full of minerals it’s amazing for your skin amazing for your liver and it’s
delicious so cheers to healthy skin have an amazing day my name is crystal
Elizabeth and in this video I shared with you how to make my detox beauty
secrets green juice recipe thank you so much for watching have an amazing day
and I will see you on the next one bye

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