Fortnite! Grinding XP MAX OMEGA! (300 Sub Goal)

56 thdfgat’s why I need to level up like 24
more times I could get Maxum mega I love are you hello are you dang that’s a lot
of levels I don’t bind nope you’re mine
I know I’m not I’m not stupid a team how many skills you have huh seventeen you think that was so fun birthday 38 stop 17:38 3837 egg no I’m bout to you it’s level 65 right
I’m nine levels away I think if it’s sixty five nine levels aware you say 92 why I have a thousand six hundred fifty you nothing by the rest of my tears so I
so I can David up I’m a what oh no no no I bought the
crying email and then I deleted it I I returned it because I didn’t want it how
do you say what do you say yeah Oh kind of like the opposite of you nothing
you said looks so good yeah nap to me if you joiners you join Aleve
oh you just nothing you’re tripping out don’t you mean Katie saundra talk to me know which kind of
sucks I was gonna buy it cuz you know did you be bucking stuff for like at the
same time I’m not gonna buy it cuz like dumb there’s no point buying it if I’m
not gonna actually cuz like next season they’re not gonna exactly give you hula
ebooks now people are saying it’s not gonna we’re saying it was are you here I yesterday three ear oh hey actually I was five
looks five in a row it was like last week or two weeks ago yeah I had
literally five wins in a row and say oh well it was three were duo and then two
were squads first they’re doing there we go got team yeah a primitive timeout oh so this kid
from my school he was typing a bunch of random she had a chat and I put him in a
timeout go sit in the corner on its a leave in 30 minutes on I knew your boat of mine there’s guy on
me I’m hyper like played she’s gonna be a man he’s gonna be I’m get him get him
get him get it all up to it somehow it’s nice to out fine dude it’s one of those
Alpine you know yeah I didn’t realize how far away you landed from me I
thought you were landing at the house next to me next what you landed it like
a mile away what did I miss okay I want you’re gonna at gamer now Mexican I kill myself on them so the
time I know I’m like if you this game is is
one of those games where um for me at least where if I stop playing it for
like just an hour my like I instantly become bad but if I if I go back and
start if I restart like playing if I play for a long time and I go take like
a five-minute break I’ll still be fine but I go and stop playing for like three
hours now it’s over behind oh this is like the only game you can
play I kind of wanna I don’t have time I’ll
do it next game I was gonna go get it follow my streaming for all right oh one not really tired because I’ve been
swimming I’ve been in the pool it’s like eight well I was in the pool earlier and
then I got I don’t play and then I got back in like eight and then until like
I’ll let it yeah and I was into like 11 and then I got out not 11:30 then I got
out and then I was YouTube because I don’t
like ice trip I would see your on twitch but like I feel like it’s a lot that’s a
lot easier stream on YouTube YouTube just or like I I feel like I’m more
successful streaming on YouTube than I am twitch I don’t have your voice audio
in my stream though because it’ll make the sound quality for when I’m playing
like really weird oh no no I’m not streaming with Playstation things and
screaming with something else yeah call me le a actually I know you don’t get again we get again I’m
gonna get them for you right next we know you’re not what look for you why
are you always like a mile away from me yeah no he’s so far away from me getting
double-teamed help me I’m dead oh I didn’t know okay I thought there
were two different people I know I’m so bad with the minigun I never use it I
don’t the only time I’ve ever used it was for like that challenge oh this is
it they’re surrounded I only use it like one time for the challenge I was in like
week one or two or three where you had to use it yes I did you not hear them
walking above you I only use it like that’s why I want to listen music when
I’m playing for an I feel like I don’t do it cuz it I just I can’t hear
anything but yeah that’s why I suck with it cuz I only just like one time when I
used to the challenge yeah I I got one kill and then and then the
some random guy bm2 the guy was trying to kill and I almost killed him but then
I died okay that’s it not go till to disco Oh meet you in okay that’s a listen you no oh I’m pretty close to that over when
up do you think I’m honestly gonna get a win I win percentage I looked at
fortnight tracker no just kids one of my friends of the Chancellor I looked up
for night for an eye tracker today nose 3.6% win percentage uh hey Blake Jimmy
his win percentage is like a 1.6 in part a one point three in mind sell one point
three point six I’m honestly God wrote three point six
percent no no we’re not going to stop we never even land near each other I land
right there and you always land Reich right there fine I guess that would
she’s a missile goes off today how many ways I have to have twenty-seven that’s
all I have I don’t I don’t weigh that much
I started playing a lot I have 14 no 17 wins this season alone okay I go like
this yeah this used it alone I have like 17 or 18 and last season I had last
season I had like three no no four or five and then season before that I had I
had my first one in season one and I got absolutely like Ares 104 win so don’t worry a purple star
yeah I I I haven’t put oh there’s a guy on top of the house here we don’t stand
on a cliff I can hit you off of it like an impulse you are so low no I have a blue bolt though oh I
figured out fry that guy who I killed IBM to see me
what’s he yeah first yeah though I think I know he’s I think he’s hurt there in
those bushes right there there he is oh god that was not this his teammate that
was arson team wait can I oh I can yeah what was I saying again
oh yeah um I never I haven’t really started playing this game a lot are my
shot by the way I think I never really took played this game a lot during
basketball season in school and as soon as the school got out my basketball
season like was completely over I didn’t have basketball anymore I played
basketball June 8th yeah um yeah I’ve played like a ton up
for that that’s how I got all my wins like right near the end of the school
year it could have been earlier I think but we had construction and then we had
snow you just got out of school Kelvin oh my god so here’s so unlucky where do you live it for God that you
live in like I’m just living Alaska living live in
the North yeah 17 how many buns you got 17 bro why are
you trying are you trying to like make an accident cuz you don’t set any
different somebody I make like an accident that sounds like so dumb
I’m purpose cuz it like I’m trying to make it like my dad like I’m trying to
make one of my dad when I do that and then he’s like you’re like bro you’re
like you’re not even changing your voice like what you doing you just sound
exactly the same way Blake don’t you play an xbox what here cookie bomb you see guys why oh my god looks like
three guys in this house talk about a Miss this is that like a
good like glitches you out you even after the person’s dead feel like you’ll
keep locking on to them throw this guy’s a bomb like 56 a spork hey try it better than me let’s
support a spork is better than me right chase if I time you out and then you
should swear in the comment it’s still good it doesn’t matter you’re not it’s
not gonna show up hide no this kid he keeps like he’s always Oh oh yeah well yeah yeah I have my latency
like really weird because I don’t want to like my cap here oh I don’t know wise on my screen oh ha ha ha ha ha ha I
can’t hear it so annoying I don’t need two of these I don’t know what we’re
just leaving how many people are even watching we go okay there we go
I love being a book I can make everybody a moderator and then they can just keep
standing timeout okay he’s venting here Blake I just keep
giving him timeouts yeah he was in here earlier and he keeps and he keeps saying
like screw you in your timeouts like that I just keep putting him in more
timeouts in deleting his comments I kind of feel bad though cuz like on
the bus on the way to our basketball games I’d never let chase fly on my
phone I kind of felt bad like I wouldn’t let him because I didn’t mainly cuz I
just wanted to play but like yeah I’ll do it what no no no no like he never he
always sat like really far ahead of me and I like I don’t know why I just don’t
try like I don’t want my phone being like a million yards away from me it
just makes me bad yeah I know it’s very unhealthy for me right now yeah you’re mr. cupcake that subscribe yeah one person actually I made it in
like 2009 when I was like five years old when I play black ops of one I played
black ops one I made this account and that was black ops 1 I think it’s like
chibi I people playing Max and I don’t
understand how they do it you play on max you plan max are you talking about what oh shoot me
gee remember what it look like I don’t have vampire teeth I check your blood real good
I actually streamed more on Twitch but I’ve decided I want to stream or on
YouTube as twitch is just like you I feel like I’m I haven’t I already have a
bigger audience on YouTube and twitch but probably once I get more people on
Twitch then I’ll try structuring on there but I want to stream a lot more
often like never see you anymore oh poor Matt has joined see Jimmy
Jimmy’s the only person I like I should make it give me a mod in my chat at the
same time I don’t know you know he’s the only oh it’s yeah I know it’s Jimmy kind
of wish I bought the dab we’re having chance you know what the Miley scary
emotes early hey this just in new reports say that they’re coming off and
your email called the infinite dab where it’s just a eternal dab
no no I already have shield no or stink bomb if I’m right it’s good for luring
people out dad you read cool they’re good if you’re
they’re good a few I like have to lure somebody out of a building
stop with the time Mouse girl for one sec okay go ahead it’s gonna say
something like really bad not really bad say something and I’m a permanent
timeout again I feel like he’s gonna say something I put this kid in my school maybe it’s knife you’re sitting here wouldn’t surprise me if I’d I know make
it a good time huh oh shit I mentioned you uh I have 300 oh no Holmes the guy just doesn’t jump down on me I
can’t fuck where where’d it go down here oh yes yes I had desert that was not
double heavy it was what’s it called I know I saw this car where to go though
they didn’t go back in the storm extreme is just AIDS okay sorry yeah I know
oh he did did he actually he did there is no menu okay yes sure I’ll get on for Anna in
Austria uh yeah sure I have another person under my ramp yeah yeah yeah yeah
you can come join me in kind of thing if my friend joins I think he’s good to
join him to quorum at yeah why am i doing that
yeah he’s gonna if he joins so I’m a superhero with shotguns oh yeah good
idea um he’s gonna join so we have to go back
in game chat Haight impulses earlier actually now
that was last game where’d he go all right are you sure
naughty wit straight three that’s a different guy oh it’s not bad good
player I’m gonna get sniped by a different player by his teammate hi they’re already jump to the well oh my
God my Amos thank God I gotta go grab something I’ll be back guys but I have one okay okay I’m back
click like he knows did you meet no stuff Oh how’s the chin are you gonna go
back to the lobby counter do me are you gonna join her No it’s you get hit but wait is this
something that having a baseball or something crack an Oprah coal with the
boys we’re gonna discuss Oh Colin Levy ran him over okay let’s go to game chat now cuz my
friends gonna be here and say okay then go ahead yeah okay I guess where did you
do with me oh okay thank you
I’m mad man right Oh ah look who’s on line boys ah this
notorious online oh my god your mic fix please it sounds like what’s wrong with
my mic that’s what it sounds like sounds really loud
oh actually just go to this score okay oh my god no it’s not better here
oh my gosh okay what happened there Mike’s fine now
I made it fun oh my god no slide you guys here Jimmy okay yeah cuz I just I just made it tell me if you can’t hear yourself to me
in this room now you can’t hear him at all might be
because okay knocking here you might be able to now we’re talking to me or I think I have an idea this guy kicks it oh my lease Harriet my
least every email on the play Willie’s favorite email on the planet is the heck is by far that’s the Eagle 1 okay I’ll fix it after this game then
retail yeah I think I have this game guys yeah he’s crazy you mean your mic sounds like Dougie’s
mic right now no like really bad it’s not fine with me sounds terrible what
you know I just realize that the entire day that I play with you Jimmy you’ve
always suggested retail are we gonna like black ops just have to wait up
I was Douglas oh my dad he has a swollen hand right now is he got bit by a fly it’s pretty fly oh no he was like trying
to break the ceiling oh this chest in this room I monster fly
yeah bro you gotta fuck it was like fucking him up at you it dance yeah I
did that um with the same chest amount right now I broke the chest yeah I
continuously kept breaking the chest and it’s really annoying me every time I go
through that same I go through that same door and there to always be like I’d
always break the chest was annoying you know how there’s like a downscale
option Jimmy that’s a voice right there you know it was a downscale option on
OBS so like oh oh one person on me Oh behind I was hit
from every direction oh you got you dad that’s right yeah the guy hit me too I
got hit from behind in in front oh yeah hit hit me from behind property now tried talking to a big
gamers in security whoa oh yeah it’s working now there we go I think yeah I
figure the one time the one time they say something like really cringey has to
like work you said the worst thing I talked epic is Jimmy’s mic too loud now
there’s my mic like really long it might sound really bad because I
don’t know why his like that mic saying wait is it good right now is it good
it’s better yeah I have idea Jimmy and discord go to live stream chat we go to
discord just go to roblox chat I’m moving a lecture in roblox it why do I
even have a roblox check oh it’s cuz somebody they were like they
were like they were like oh I put roblox chat or it’s not good good discord knows
like okay fine okay is it good right now no sounds like he smokes like ten packs
exactly it’s it’s not it looks it’s not doing the yeah 10
packs a day I know it was just not like like it like fading out like it was last
time I don’t know why I was doing that it was like okay all the 10 year olds
gonna be there 10 year old default skin’s gonna be like oh missile yay I
had to do it for the for the means yeah I was checking Twitter and I
dropped pretty late look at this look at this really great this game motor
skewers I know I love Battle Royale so much I have a big bloody bomb ya know
cuz they’re safe the world I’ve saved the road to I don’t have to see the
world Michael wants a friend guys like that kid house playing with before this
guy was like almost 200 he said that say the world you’re still gonna get the hug
they’re gonna get me bucks oh look you bomb he goes Mookie mom I
have boogie mom two guys outside oh my god we’re surrounded I’m taking
this no stop it please I beg you I know I know I can’t oh no other guy
kill me dragon man kill me oh he’s Japanese he good again South Koreans are
good Oh open up peace and like let’s see if I
can turn down the trouble like it’s euro base in all trouble
that’s what it sounds like those Japanese gamers I know right right
you can’t even play clash Royale without getting matched up against something
like North or South Korean guy who like takes out your your mid castle within
like one blow oh my gosh sounds like you’re in like a bottle like a
McDonald’s Cup sounds like you’re talking into like a Red Solo Cup right
now uh yeah hold on let me turn up your mic
now is your mic volume was at 2% for me you like that hold on again
yeah that’s normal now yes wait don’t do check this stream no let me check it
that actually sounds like your mic normally supposed to sound Red Solo Cup
perfect analogy I know there we go I can make a sound like I’m in a literal like
tunnel yeah I don’t want Keitha I know the settings to do it I have the
settings defaulted just so I can like join my like a preset dr. pan see I know
when you heard the Ouray from you my stomach’s killing me right now I remember that one cheese like you got
him to say that say the end the word on stream he’s like I don’t know what it means okay so there is a skin there is a skin
on this live stream i donated him like 20 bits which is like 20 cents and i
said check out this cute puppy was an image and he pulled it up on stream yet
and he’s pulled it up on stream the next day he got banned he was like I’d literally what he said he was Hubert
Hurley like held it on tree he held the photo onto him like even scroll down for
the longest time he goes and then when you scroll down it’s just a bunch of
others in a green tag I have purple Dooley’s I like only pistols right now
oh really yeah I do
no way exclamation point you guys will not believe when I just
got in fortnight bla bla bla bla me I’m right next oh
yeah others alright I’m coming towards you right now
mr. defaults in man save him save a default savings that you that shot me thanks thanks for the scar by the way I
appreciate it I don’t care you caught me got me can I have this med
kit this area yeah I commented on this motion here I draw you already have okay
do you have med kit for me uh no did you guys see his new YouTube video was like
an e3 thing how the I need med kit yeah I need make it I don’t have any permit I
use all those blue mushrooms over there so I hopes it’ll like reverse my health
my shields oh I find that’s not bandage there a guy on me I don’t I pull out the
wrong gun I meant to pull out the SMG I guess minigun does the job yeah many
guns pretty good enough like Merck 50 people with the thing whoa RPG overwatch
youtuber gone portly yeah I used to watch him like I subscribed to him for
the oh that’s their the Theron videos are actually on my youtube channel but
they’re private in so nobody could see him like imagine imagine if you like you
may you and this situm unlisted them yeah premium unlisted
imagine if you like listed them back up again and he like copyright strike you
into Theron copyright show you can take down your hold check I got a copy I can
a copy straight my we’ll see both both you start like and not like I I post the thing and he’s
like yeah wait what was I gonna say oh yeah yeah um what did I say well I got
coffee shirts like my fur from Phineas and Ferb it’s a picture of like I put
bourbon the thumbnail population that video I made my keybinds difference I’m
like yeah I was gonna say I watched a video of this guy and it was like my
switch from console to PC he was like over seven days his seven day
transformation or whatever the first day he was like really bad and then by like
the third or fourth day I think it was the third day his building was
absolutely insane that’s right shake now it’s really like here’s a really good
question work yeah not like he was really like the thing he said now I was
seven days in but like thing you said was a the thing that threw him off the
most was the FPS change from like for like a hunt like from like 16 yeah like
60 to like 200 yeah right now I’m getting a solid 120 and that’s because I
have mine captain that’s give me watch out for tonight you’re bringing a dog
wall yeah we’re running away from this dad oh hey watch this watch my damn damn
watch my dance ready at the same time now they don’t stipe
defaults for default dancers if you don’t have default dance equip you
instantly die no stopping dead dance voila I destroy guess what time it is
dance dance a boogie time oh shit what time it is porta 4 time yeah you
know Vaughn you know he said he goes maybe cool looks like they made it so
like like the like you like get like a psychedelic effect after you take all
people no skins southwest oh I guess my favorite they might actually be good
they’re fake no skins by the way one of them’s on oh no oh yes I fell game hurt on this kid
I got his epic builder yeah well he has crystal I’m so long oh this guy’s not I got oh
no that’s a different guy oh yeah dad go ahead and kill that guy while I do none
of the work you just jumped and killed himself
boys great did I get the killer I don’t think I did let me take those she’ll
potions because I can everything okay that’s over ten I think I got kill for
it I take some of these Christian take some of these oh sure I took some damage
from more than yeah we find out medica it’s mine I’m gonna find a new Chris oh
that’s like all the way I say be good of that we build a massive base in here you
agree is their base right where yeah yeah we have to build oh yeah I know I
know you guys won’t believe what I just did in fortnight I went all the way back
to spawn ice gets cut off by his own intro I have sniper man of people at me
single person not a team I know scoping I can primer cim yux kill him
thank you miss him I hit him with three times with my arms late Wednesday I was
he at was yeah no shoot role yeah where’s misdirection oh I see him I’m
this too you know he’s fake he is he a no skin fake no skin he almost jumped
off come over here another person just yeah yeah yeah this guy come on I keep
getting super close to them then I got hit marker but no damage a big hold on
shoot at him and make him they can stop building I almost hit him again we’re
leaving now I can’t even kill him yeah we’re gonna kill my circle like said go
for a win this is our chance to me I have minigun I have toxic I tossed a
grenade shut it down and I’m gonna Merkel first yeah now I must little
smoke grenade and they can build you down there yeah okay yeah you’re welcome by the way
Oh both okay wait got a teammate yeah I hear a guy walking
grab those bandages down there if you can and we’re getting out of here oh no Holmes yeah there’s like I heard a
guy walking but it might have been him no I I heard a guy walking afterwards
like after he killed them yeah I know but like that’s how I’m
saying like the when you’re dead and you’re down it doesn’t make that sound
when you’re walking I’m like really oh you know I hope you can find apples
somewhere around here I have five bandages and I might know you let me ask
you I’m gonna get over there yeah but not like in the Sun actually you might
cuz now it’s a to take we’re getting super low right here I’m gonna make it I’m there’s a loo over here right up the
trap don’t do it no part of it to go now not that far
no plus we’re pipe we’re like slightly faster than oh my god I just realized
but it accidentally took my shotgun I took the bandages for my shotgun I
thought I took him for the stink bomb don’t worry dory going PUMS over here
two pumps we got that extra range hey good gamer you see those epic builds
those are should I give you blue should I give you snapper yeah I have a hunting
rifle I’ll give you a blue bolt for right burr so I could take I just wanna
be able to get minis why do you want to pick a mission so I can have minis wait
what what’s what’s in your inventory right now uh cube blue pumps green burst
blue bowl and then gold minigun I get rid of that one blue pomp and take yes
well this means over there Northwest Oh oh yes I don’t think anybody’s on my
stream at this point hey why are no baby talking well they’re
just not talking just people build fighting up there
I have minigun oh no oh yeah they’re shooting at you you can peek out they
can peek out you go oh there’s a guy below oh I missed him I almost hit him I
don’t where here McGee stopping by oh yeah I don’t have bounce pads or launch
pads that’s really nice you get killed I think that guy below got killed and this
I missed him I miss here both of them are in deep trouble right now because
they’re both in a fight while there’s people that low ground they’re very
vulnerable oh you did take damage you fell off I’m
gonna start building I’m gonna start breaking some of the base of this
I can do minigun oh there’s I saw somebody drop down not
like fully drop down but oh yeah yeah good idea
oh now they’re up there in house and up there oh that was a good one hey I can’t push okay we’re going you have any rockets by
the way that I can use Travis you got below me oh he’s running and your
knowledge they were both they were both by themselves these guys down here
I’ll take these minis oh my god why yeah the guy down there I got him that’s
here anyway he was super low all he had was shield ah okay can I take nevermind
oh man it’s cool if there’s any fucking bug in my room you’re not talking okay I
feel like you’re oh hey gold scar thanks you can um I need a I need armor
actually should I take a green tak over a new pump I need tell us a green tag
over blue pump you should take the heavy this is not a heavy there’s heavy up
there if you want to get that never mind 13 seconds left
um I’d recommend I take the attack I feel like you’re you’re like way behind
you’re way behind right now in the stream like YouTube right press the live
button or it’s just like their launch pattern where we should get that supply
where is that any towards us are they walking towards us I know they’re
launched petting two fifty and if cmcm same gym I was going for I’m gonna get
this okay I just thought you were cuz like earlier I was talking about bourbon
like 45 seconds earlier or later they schools right there’s also bandages
you might need them um yeah yeah I was talking about Furman like um how much
raucous you have currently eight and we’re awesome yeah sure I don’t have any that’s the wrong link thank you
oh crap I drop it again I got the last one you drop the last I can’t hold any
more are you actually limited maybe they
nerfed it since yesterday bill to be to be teased or maybe it’s like TV will be
one great oh they’re fighting over there I didn’t see the building here that was
nice yeah I’m shaking but it’s not because they
came I’m like oh I hit him I hit him he’s yielding up right now come on Jimmy
help me like I was feeling up right now I hit
him and then he started building and I said I hit him as mini-games
you guys are coming towards us right now I can’t tell I don’t know either way I
have everything loaded up and ready a jump pattern now No let’s go into this
blacktop break here I’m gonna take this marksman because I’m good with marksmen
and I like it oh that’s not us oh you’re good I hit him I hit him I hit him he’s
down there yep shielding up yielding up in like some basement area
don’t have anything age oh it’s I think it’s a new you one movie – where’s the
last guy at though it’s probably they’re probably all in there and we can’t see
him though Oh actually I think one of them got
killed he might have fallen for called English not happy really never mind let’s get honey what’s good huh oops iam Jim Jim Jim they were on the
side Oh mister Oh I can’t ever edit stairs men okay that’s
good I’ll take it oh my gosh did it to both of us
you’re good that’s again wherever am I gonna have to push for it a bit um
they’re gonna have to push towards us Hey look at that so do they and 436 he has no shield oh yeah I love
me some before and 417 oh there’s not even here there’s one right next to the
X where shall we knock me he’s above he’s up he’s above above me
he just launched he’s gonna try to he just wanted to be in
oh thank you oh my god how did you have ed for nice a a got a job we had so much advantage right there
yeah the guy just wanted to be a me cuz that’s all he wanted to kill kind of
made him kind of screw himself up though you should’ve just he should have just
like let me die out I tried killing you he probably had a
better better chance killing you better chance at winning if he went for you and
said or you was going for you and he hit me and said about to level up I got like
five thousand XP from that one game I hit that guy two times in a row for six
and a seven you know what’s up to your channel okay
okay it’s your time now do you say that you can’t come in a stream no matter
who’s streaming is a small stream you can’t come in and just say you can’t
just come into anyone’s stream and say sub to my channel it’s not how that
works because as some person that you can’t come into a stream no matter if
it’s even it’s somebody who has like no subs at all or someone who has no people
watching you can’t come into a stream and say sub to my channel you’re
basically just yes you’re just itself remotely yeah I see all the time out to
subdue your channel yeah hide that remove
you can’t come into it no matter whose shoes you can’t like um any big streamer
okay by that I don’t fuckin care you’re coming in self-promoting we have more
subs than you yeah it’s stupid you come in and then you come in to self-promote
it’s super that’s like this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard I have a 16 squad 11 duo one so I got 28
wins now I don’t know why people do that people do that on like big shimmers like
that one kid that one like 13 year old from who was on Ninja I’m a ninja stream
he donated like a bunch of my people always do that yeah they donated like a
ton of money like $100 maybe he wasn’t 13 but he was like senior something like
that getting a like $100 just to get himself a shout or just a self-promoter
and he didn’t yeah and then he got dissed by ninja yeah there was this one
guy your channel thanks for 10 bucks oh yeah yeah your best people it’s
hilarious I love people just like get shot down hilarious he’s standup
I smell attack I was like the best part about it he goes yours I smell a timeout yo Jimmy you
I’m gonna say link I’m back okay hmm retail again where did we drop last time
dusty right dusty you want to land yeah I think the crack and the thing is
supposed to mean a new map I hope watch some would just wash them Blaine they
like ripoff Pub G and put a desert map in here sure they know that channel is
so bad 38-7 he’s an Indian singer I thought it was a girl cuz it was like
hey a riot Rena or some like that it was like a female for the like you know a
little art well dude are you dropping Jimmy yeah yeah definitely oh my god I want to
kill the stupid fly a little like mosquito and I am three times with a
pistol now he’s dancing on me he’s gonna kill
this guy oh yeah I danced on his teammate and
then IBM Tim gave the guy a killed me because he one shot me because I was one
shot and and because I hit him three times with a pistol if I had a shotgun I
would easy don’t like I don’t run it if that’s that’s the guy that killed him up
right up there that’s a guy that killed the other guy
that killed me when I Oh solo hey can i play with you on my
mobile and can’t talk this trance or sleeping are you wait I’m assuming this
is is this Trenton I’m assuming because the trick is there’s nothing listen and yeah I know I’m just gonna
yeah you can play what’s your name honor and what’s a cob on Epic Games from Epic Games sorry mr.
Knotts big let’s let’s invite no big shots I am the gamer epic gamer lay the
dragon 44 Sherman top ten top ten for night youtubers who
have sworn he actually did say the n-word on stream because he was he was
rapping a logic song forty four more he was sitting there is there happen any in
here’s playing with a nadeshot and he said the n-word yeah he was like whoa
didn’t say anything but you know that his face made that sound you know donate yeah donate to me really help me
out a big donate so I can buy some me 45s me
for it don’t eat so I can get lawn mowing
service by some e45 it’s me 45 f8 gamer I invited you sleep except it’s it’s weird hope really oh my god I
have to put you in a timeout on your skin I’ll just remove the comment I
don’t know why I liked yours was a joke what Stover that one guy what’s my epic
name I added you already literally on the screen yet well just just do a PS
chamber and it should work oh my god I have so many friends thought Slayer 22
is his how much friends do I musta not a did you just do PS chamber it so you
it’s my YouTube room I have 43 I have 92 what do you mean 94 I’m not
very into the epic games you just playing CJ CJ oh there we go
I’ll let you so is yes sir should we invite someone I can invite no
for bank shots he’s in a game though let’s fill this free-to-play game I’m
gonna meet you in game I don’t pay for this only for battle pens I don’t pay
$20 first yeah I I had the I’ve only bought the battle past and I bought Wis
like by battle pass D bucks I bought yeah yeah I bought I bought the crying
emo and I refunded it because I just – refunds left and then I still have all
my visa yeah this new mousepad is helping me out a lot
should I try to play with nah see nah I do I have to play with my crap do you um do you remember that one
YouTube video that tight deterring guy singing for my groceries huh yeah I
think that the guy with the deep voice he liked that guy okay
one year ago he sounded like Mason dewolff no joke really yeah
hey Mason do or maybe is missing the wolf yesterday because they just made a
new I watch the video where they actually like discovered not swagger
souls not bits and all them not drawn on the radio and the John on the radio one
is by far the best most it’s the most accurate one john-boy’s friends with anybody friends with MCAT yeah that’s
not police so I just made friends with everything’s an alley a intro and then
you realize these things if my gross there it is then you remember he’s a longsword in 11240 no me stop right here Oh
full squad I knocked one knocked another Merc Merc the whole entire team PC
master-race oh my gosh battlefield 5 harmony makes
me know so watch again yeah yeah I just absolutely destroy two people
with a suppressed some machine gun okay it looks so good on PC like even on the
lowest settings like Oh what’s his name um I was gonna say scares I meant to say
shroud you just playing on the lowest settings that’s how he usually plays he
plays the battlefield games which I don’t know why he would ever do that
yeah that’s cuz he wants more FPS oh my god what he’s paying the lowest oh yeah
he’s putting the lowest uh Gois yak Louis Louis Louis graphical site other
than his textures and they sit still looked exactly the same he was like
produce which is out for the same I belong West Virginia Mountain you know how I have a medkit for you
tied you up on the ground behind me Vsauce father Michael from
Vsauce pops up Big Bird knocks down the door I’ll give this a you hear that no checking your chocolate
was it like in the distance there’s a closi I take triple attack was it like
nearby or was it like all right oh it was it sounded like you shot it was you
know nice right I swear to God I would go back in this
trailer in rewind everyone good you do I don’t want to do it I don’t have time
for that how can you prove my point exactly a big gamer a big gamer core
Matt you big everything everybody I get those big tubs every day you see dubs
you have like 23 oh you have 24 now yeah No 23 no I just don’t grind the game I
walk to my brother’s room but I tell him his top five oh no I tell him oh wait –
better how many suspect Jenny me it’s probably
one of those guys that our work slay the dragon oh I got to oh yeah I walk in my
brother’s room to you killer chase uh yeah I walk in my brother’s room I’m on
I see I I looked at my brother’s top five operators on the scene John on stat
record for oh boy that wasn’t me and now I know I knew is gonna happen bro I net
I never Dover those chest oh yeah so I walk in his room and I tell them is top
I offer so your huh do you know that shucks there’s a big fight going on up top of
him you get hit earlier know uh yeah didn’t I have medium Shoukri sniper
twice yeah like how far are they probably sexy direction where they do
you see that building over there how many where they just I was pricey La
Crosse squads how do you like squads knocking oh I see
a bush I see Bush you see the voice shit
sliding down the hill him they’re terrible they’re just like me because I
was standing so hid his teammate teammate still standing still and marked
he moved last second men absolutely then and his teammates building up she’s not gonna catch me slippin are you
shooting at him right now no it’s random guys so I’m like on top
of the hill or treating in not at me but like they’re shooting in around me the
general direction I’ll play on top of that hill I can’t we’ll just go up there
he’s pushin but also not ring that’s 123 metres away not 90 nigga would that’s
your teammate and I’m not tall palpable push fissures she’s gonna knock he’s
gonna be on me hi she’s gonna try to snipe me but he can’t because he then he’s bad he’s super low Civ no no no II
mean what kind of mean to me earlier you say you call me bad days yeah see easy
even easy humans you actually gonna kill I can pray pray good for the squad game
308 him – he has no shield probably I hit him – I look up I just got him hi
it’s that way wait to go back in that direction at One Bowl coffee let me go go where do
you go oh there is these guys all full squad oh I forgot their ones forgot
we’re in squaw that’s I swear I got the hate marker but he didn’t kill him
it’s that guy right there that’s the same guy what a noscope and get a kill
ready three behind us hey what my mom’s trying to
make me man I scream on accident did you know what to get me or to get advantage back
went to level up faster why ohtori he invited me are you ready
she’s in game right now yesterday honey with her cousin who was carrying her and
they didn’t even they didn’t even win was good for night session that I
deleted her I have someone better than you xbox works what it’s a Tory you should have DM her on
snapchat telling her to leave I told her on snapchat I added her just to annoy
her I joined her game and then I added her just to antagonize her and then left get this I left
I’m not believe what I just did for tonight I left again big man going into grade behind us
Batman at baseball man do big baseball so I show this I show dumb Tori’s
profile – um – and they said they were literally about the throw up
wait wait what tourism I don’t think I have run-ins would you
like to see some you know some midis real name is Gerren Smith yes son Jared
Chu I’ve heard this lot people named Karen
be surprised I know now I know why it’s now I know why it’s Smitty instead of aliases me 7y some smiley face 7 y y7
IIM s diamond minders that diamond miner 74 and baffle subscribers 1.2 million
video hoes hundred 411 videos 180 mm Agron polarity this montage video that is incorrect I’m doing EQ it’s April 2011 I’m lockup Jaron Smith Aaron miss time
to zero intent to zero skill of pain severity zero no pain I have no pain one
minimal pain being shot to mild pain labor three uncomfortable Your Meme gets
to uploads for moderate pain over a reposts of your meme gets more upvotes
in the original five distracting watching someone dab six distressing
existence seven magnificent seeing a Normie mean in our slash dankmemes eight
intense hearing do you know D way nine severe getting
killed by your own squad in fortnight ten unable to move getting a capri-sun
without strong ten oh hello Victini oh hello Viki what you do you by any
chance have you by any chance hello oh hey okay
yes we can I mean anything with you talking and it sounds like that you hear
ten-year-old doing background I hear ten-year-old in background who is that
is that Haydn is it Minnie mop oh my gosh
Oh Minnie month the king always hitting on the younger children it’s so stupid I’m up eating yeah what Cory would look sorry Vicki Victoria Vicki you mean
that Vicki you mean that one girl from Fairly OddParents ah nah her name
what’s wrong has no character got him like playing
fortnightly can I join her fortnight game too i annoy her and then she’s like
uh epic and then Jana screenshotted it and she was like uh why are you buying
corn a Natori Amaya is just annoying her and I had her on a snapchat to annoy her
Oh Ripper own I had her so I got to enjoy her and then I deleted here she
goes I have better player than you it’s Xbox player how good could it be this is
the dollar store players how good could it be exactly location better all right Xbox player pc master race pc
master race a get away from me both of you peasants xbox player bad Xbox player
Green Green Green is for sure is that mini mop
wait Tori Tori are you hitting on us 20 year-old mini muffler grown my mom works no no no I I work in Ovid Oh what the choice now this makes me very angry lazy lazy
dragon he added me just to play for a night didn’t even sub to me maybe join
me oh my gosh oh I don’t want to play for a night with
her oh my god those love she’s already in
the server I know she I invited her she just enjoyed I invited she’s like I send
me invite code I invite her she don’t join everyone’s a nun except except
what’s his name everyone’s a nun except my except Vaughn
and then you play with bad gamer friend play on xbox EU green Jimmy oh my god okay join now join I want to level up so
I could play gamer hey join now surprise don’t know how to make her party private
unfortunate unfortunate she has no friend Oh what’s wrong oh crap I didn’t mean to do
that I kinda want to just do duo’s fuck you
owes your squads no Phil or just 50/50 so I can level up Tory’s in the industry
she is good actually she changed her name on Epic I think or
it was just always like that always Lane she’s like changing her genders every 30
seconds I have basic fortnight thumbnail right
now because I was too lazy to make actual thumb now I make her prisoner we’re God I dress I forgot that we were
on stream I think I’m saying mini mop the black she said he said he said
smelly black earlier yeah Toria honestly thought I wasn’t
achievement that she screenshot in the picture she posted or he was like it
bagging this I gotta play story for you for a tour it was like okay this
happened I’m sitting here right she asked me on snapchat and I like no this
is like add me on snapchat sure like I am a game like okay fine and I add her
she’s like she like I like you I’m like ah no
and then I delete I did the big block oh no oh no
origami man get big origami mid that’s that’s another word for Oh Bigelow what actually came up with out in the spot
origami min I’m probably dead currently hey some random guy Oh fake no skin
getting and I get BM by a different note soon
he’s not on something that’s want you to win this game what happened last time we
had no teammate you choke bad King there’s a 1v1 no you knock his teammate
and then you die super Oh mr. Hornet finish
what a beautiful comment sir actually I physically assault you with portal in IO
Lucas this is Jimmy remember Pokemon hero 66 this is him that’s her I died they’re still in the
same spot they’re not even to spit up though those are different guys those
are different no skins they came up after I um after I died and got my loot
after I died watch out we’re going to die hey where’s this Michael should have
put a wall down sifting through like five weapons what
is that do that that’s like where knowledge exponent seriously oh you
tagged I take this to for kind of a or do you have ornate finish your name has
been claimed by another coordinate fetish man he has 1000 subscriber my name is claimed by hairy father man
shit well not anymore I think my name is the first thing that pops up what like
you used to look half like when you type in a Harry Potter or not here we have
MPs chamber chamber it show up some Harry Potter and like destiny stuff like
like destiny like quotation exclusive well it was like chamber secrets I say
you build big primp and kill yourself you hear that crash bandicoot insane
trilogy came out on PC frantic a trilogy panic you insane trilogy I could get it
how much is $40 it’s all I don’t know what I should take I really like this but then how many meetings you three okay you know I’m trying to carry this
all the way connection yeah let me go back in oh ma tree breakers do
big jump to your left let’s not play oh you get shot at from
other direction too I didn’t hear it for some reason it was
weird he’s invisible
obviously chief if you default dance on you as a p45 send leave mesh on physical values twat girl
why’d you go fifty-fifty why do you leave me I’m not sure in jewelry I’ll
play I’m just gonna play 50 ppm my party I know hello core madman oh no
oh no oh yes but pickaxe ball glider just straight up
I am deep this your main dance like Howard Jamison like uploads an ironic
meme to his account what night colors like an ironic meme
yeah it’s like all distorted myself and it says it shown it shows that one
spongebob I mean this I was a point year on the last episode of stranger things
and your Wi-Fi dies and on the bottom is just a giant like watermark through a
meme generator added and people and people in like his description or like
his watch his comment for it was was this is so epic
can we hit this where’s the circle spawns in 20 seconds um yeah he said he said something like
that and people actually like people to see and like like my me are good oh
right in circle man where they call out man I’m gonna pretend to be a default bandage er mini-map the CPE is belied um playground was coming out late next week I’m super happy that’s definitely gonna
be a new kind of tournaments yeah playground mode only a few people got to
play it like do big folks you got to play one match of it you get to think
you get math so so quickly I know you break a wall you like one hit on a wall
and you get like don’t you get like yeah you think you’re gonna 360 no-scope on
remember you 16 oh this guy’s trying to shoot down my
thing cuz he’s mean yo I’ve actually had people teammates on
the 50 they always purposely like do anything they can to kill you so they
could just see like if they see you have a scar I had a cell I got a scar one
time in Iraq on Turk and I still walk through somebody with a gold stone on a
gold walking laughter I stole it who’s some kid from some like was it called a
one skin the valor sin I stole it from her and then they
followed me around the entire game and I built a staircase up like really high
and they shot me and kidding yeah you shot my staircase down yes did you
see that the people keep shooting my sting though they keep trying to sue
myself how do you got what I want do you fall skin Jesus got probably four skins
you’re literally default skin I’m getting I know but like these are real
defaults against these guys that are just like sitting in place like shooting
a moose up Oh getting shot at you’re making us I
can’t edit troll live tart you’re the dirty D fall up there that
wasn’t me – you dirty people I was gonna do that
just on purpose – like do this I’m purposely like mix of things I’m gonna
make this guy fall I want to make this guy fall I don’t have my ID my wish
actually is better than or injustice if it shows that you’re watching everybody else allow sure you have the
space so there’s nobody even inning sound corny man look at me come here
over her at me look at me Oh Oh guys fighting right here I was gonna try to
killing him you have for me that I can have oh no I have an LMG actually would
you actually yeah cuz I don’t want this scope there
can I go right now can I by any chance have a new rocket Emma okay let’s carry 100 I don’t do that
right there can I can I have I don’t really have five extra I’ll give you
Matt’s you tried to build around me it don’t work for you shots got ammo oh
except fly drop be open your even make me fall like they were supposed to make
you all crepes I think it up there’s everybody yeah oh so their fight for
Supply Drop Wow yeah I’ll get me talking over here I’m gonna steal this guy’s
like register up shocking wait he put you out a Victrola world honeybee eccrine need launcher oh no too
bad I’ll have no Rocky I get that rocket I do have rocket 96 and it’s for my
grenade launcher where are these guys from bro I see him I drop my awesome
muhaha yeah I see we push them come towards us now what um how much do you have how much
yeah I drop you some but you ran away so I give you enough cuz you know where I’d
run away from you now bye bye guys gonna shoot down his base mind you I’m right
behind you please let me give I’m trying to protect this man Julie I’m already
away up here I’ll give you a big em oh man oh man
fuckin emo how many kills you have I’m gonna jump off no no I post on set her
fake default skin dub he got him I can swim you
you okay this hurts my soul to use this in watching my epic gamer backpack we’re level up man miss payment or his phone with
notifications me oh my god yeah seven peers left and I
wish I could just fly the rest of them for a thousand fifty bucks I don’t know porky for Killa time in a while you know
so bad I kept accidentally dropping my stuff and I kept I kept placing random
crap everywhere and I kept accidentally opening like making a third person I was
trying to sprint and I forgot how sprint okay well I see you later
yeah not a good note

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