Fluid Simulations Blender Tutorial!

hello everyone and welcome back to
another blender tutorial today and going to be showing you how to work with Some fluid simulations and just make a
pretty cool image from that so let’s get started first thing bring this tab out like we
usually do okay so this cube is going to be the fluid to if you press one on the number pad then five then you’re going to the front view and
lets scale this up just a little bit so you press s then x you can scale it up to about
there may be scared on busy that person pass
the in just bring it down just a little bit
then going to the side view by pressing 3 on the number pad and scale it up on
the wider pressing s then why and bring it should we read
about there looks pretty good and also you can
move the window if you on Gmail not done then
move the mouse you can movie like that okay next thing you’re
gonna do is at a domain so precious d well that cuba selected and then scale it up
just a little bit and press one and then the going to wireframe view and scale it
up along the c-axis are pressing ass see in scale it up and about their then if you grab this a
row dragged up it goes like that let’s go a
little bit on the Y a little bit more as a press pass why and bring it out then discovered the
holding on to Step okay so now this is going to be our
domain to come over here to the basics to click fluid change the type to dome mean right there man right click Honda other Cuban side in quick fluid type let’s go with just regular fluid just like that now one more thing actually knew we had to do a few more
things press one on the number pad been shipped a mash you’d be spear click that been bringing down person G see bringing down right up
there scale it up looks pretty good actually I
kinda want this to be skilled just a little bit more suppress S Y and scale Right about there that looks good and press
one again maybe bring the cube down to edit their
scaled up and discreet peaking at yet this that’s
fine right there okay so bring this down little bit more
cheesy and then bring it down then click II
location rotation then we have to change
the frame number two 30 now not 303 just 30 then press RR you can rotate it however you want
I’m scared randomly do stuff Whatever then G Z bring it up through it and then pressed by location rotation so now if we skip back to the frame number one then hit the play button it
should go up like that pretty cool a little too big scale down alright that is good then click the
fluid for this guy said type to obstacle so once we bake it this thing is going
to shoot through this cube down here and then make it like exploding stuff
and it’s going to look pretty cool but first we have to do some settings
for the fluidd so right click on this and that set the final two I let’s go with 150 you can set the preview to use 100 and I’m going to set a cash folder because I already have one let’s
go where where’s it at baking caches I’m going to do it tutorial 3 There we go let’s see here is there anything else we need to do subdivisions
maybe bring that up just one particles I right click under on this guide so I can also right click on this to select that I
don’t know if I said that or not and let’s change the slip bringing down almost zero let’s go at
like a point .05 looks pretty good I’m think we’re ready to bake actually
change this to you that’s I almost forgot to do that
and also the frame number me and frame let’s go with 25 is we don’t want bake to go through
every single one its range just just this right so now but save it by pressing Control s I’m going to save it to my desktop call its when I get caught tutorial ok fluid there go save it so want to saved it then you’ve done
everything hit bake okay this might take a little bit I’m
depending on how fast your computer is so I’m going to pause the render had not
turned the video I mean about the video an come back with you once it’s done
okay it is finished the baking is done let’s play it and see what it looks like
so huh that’s pretty cool that is pretty cool
home we’re not gonna need this cube right here so if you press the day going
to wireframe just delete this guy at don’t need him
anymore so yeah I kinda like it the best one on the notepad and you can
zoom in the skill like right here then press Control alt 0 to snap camera to where you’re looking then right click on the camera disliked
it G middle mouse button and you can bring
them back bring it to the side skill right here maybe just and you can veggie to move the
camera like this I think this is a nice spot so yeah I like it her to right-click on the fluid to select it then clicks
mood and right click on the cylinder are not
so I know that you be share and then click Schmidt ok then right
click on the blue disliked again and let’s add a
subdivision surface so it’s just a little bit more snow so click Add modifier and you have to
click the wrench and not a fair subdivision surface and
chains that too to and it might be a little bit laggy so I mean it is turned off right now but
in the render it will show up like pretty pretty nice so let’s do some lighting and some stuff so going decidedly but present
three membership today Nash plane and skill that mean a really big that
S&S then G Z in bringing down to write about there thank you zoom out with this girl
will haha actually I think this is too big so scale it down do then then go to Edit node pressing TAB and see then a be selected within and press be and draw a box around he’s back once then extruded up that Brittany ago let’s go into the camera to see if we
can see it yep we can see it just like that then pest
control 3 and I will add a subdivision that’s
the Circa control three or control to or whatever
then let’s bring this up to six same thing for this guy then click the
smooth but there we go so let’s do some materials
now so click the material one click the New
Bern in now to change this to Cycles render
soco appear and click cycles click use notes and that set this to make shaker they’re
gonna do diffuse and trance there but views and
classy there you go and then lassie and bring
the factor down to like me to you somewhere in there okay let’s do the material for the water
right click on the water click use nodes and I sent it to you a collapse shade here you might have to
scroll up a little bit class data right there then set the on I A E 00 are to 1.33 there we go and that it just makes it
like more blurry sort of whitewater will look like
and you can set the car do whatever you want I’m gonna go with a slight bluish color just a slight bluish had a
lot just a little bit and then it was didn’t you up for the UB
Spears right click on it click the New button
and let’s go with a glossy share after the color much should I use I think I’m gonna go with a green-line upward teller actually no I want to do a
blue-collar so click on this said it too nice lay loose somewhere in there but check
the preview to see how it looks like yeah i like it let’s keep it so one more thing before render we have to
set up a little bit a play suppressed 3 on the number pad and zoom
in in right click on this guy dislike them
it’s the lamp dragon over here click use nodes and and accepting any to some lamp so quit
the Sun then rotate it by pressing are in and DragonWave back over here her in the street this way too high so
let’s just go at like a point 7 in that color it’s good the light blue just a little bit like blue I have a
zero to go back actually it’s off to the side suppress 7
and rotate on search right in the center just like
that and pressed era there we go okay the still render so pest control s and say in quick render and they should go pretty fast hopefully although and I have to cut so I think I’ll be
right back okay it is done and it looks okay it’s not the best so let’s go here include 3d view then click the glitzy let’s change the color the flu or
just a little bit so government year but unless it’s changed
to a white color I think it’s like too much ever bluish
color and also it’s pretty dark cyclic the
world but in and bring it up to like almost let’s go with logo wait nine for that I think they’ll be pretty good
also a thing that I did is a change this to 3 are 22 instead at
three cuz it was at three in and %uh slow down the render so i
think im change it to three now since you’re going to do a final render
actually let’s do one more quick wonder to see how this looks then order final render so say that one
more time by pressing Control s and quick render and all be right back
again okay it is done and iraq’s pretty good it’s really no easy right
now it like if you can see over here sis really really noisy will fix that once
we do have high res render the first let’s do a little bit
more with third world background on a chain
tool little bit a bit darker color letting assisted just a tad too bright
alright let’s do a high res rep render so come
down here to the rent a panel that this sampling
in change this choose to 300 okay and James a client at three just gives
it a little bit better results like there’s no fireflies
or anything like that beginning Chernoff reflected an reef
tract she did whatever that word is and I can and try to pronounce it and once you’ve done that you can click
render actually save it then click render hurt it’s gonna take a
really long time so I’m gonna cut one more time and we’ll
see what it looks like okay the renders finished net look like
26 seconds but it looks really cool I really like
this lower right here and all just how this
just flies up there and this looks really nice so I like it %uh so let’s save it I i’ve said so so many
times today so so does that okay that’s a by pressing at three wire
hovering over the image and its gonna save it to my desktop and
I’m gonna call it water tutorial and say so that concludes this tutorial
and I just said so again I thank you for watching if you learn
something new or if you made something cool with this leave it in the comments
and all checking out and stuff so yeah
thanks for watching back

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