Feed him to the grinder | JuJu plays Give Up

Welcome back to JRTNgaming. Today I’m gonna be playing a game called to give up I uh… don’t know if I should now I um I’ve tried this once before First few levels were easy. I didn’t go any further So I don’t really know what the rage starts but we’re gonna find out. Let’s try this (speed run) Level 10. This is where I think this starts to get fun And down- No not that far down. There we go um… Alright we’re gonna fly for the door yeahhh What is this? Oh, no, it’s a laser No! No! Oww… Well, that didn’t work wall spikes floor spikes splattered splattered splattered It’s my new art Okay, that’s enough art. It’s enough art! Yes. fly… or get shot. …kill yourself. [sighs] I hate the laser, uh! The second one’s the worst Okay. This is what the inside of a chili grinder does! Oh! Yes, yes, yes! Don’t shoot me! I made it [sigh of relief] Oh, right, that’s fair 52 53 54 55 56. I hate this level so much! Stop feeding me into the grinder! Anytime.. Okay. Didn’t get shot. back to that resting spot [laughter] I’m gonna make it that’s good. That’s good right there I made it… through the first jump [laughs] Yes! no. ..yes! NNNNOOOOOOOOOO yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ahahahaha This is uncalled for! All right- oohh! There’s a smaller area of landing You know that’s already been difficult enough, I’m terrible at that part why you do this? Haha, that’s right. I made it that time. Okay. We’ll fly all the way [commence frustration] Oh, yeah no yes I can’t believe I lived through that! Ahhhhhhh! Okay, I think I’ve had enough torture for right now I’m gonna call it a night Thank you so much for watching If you liked what you saw, give my video a like if you want to see more subscribe If you have any suggestions for games to play in the future comment below

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