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Cool somebody put Billy Joel in a Jukebox Billy Joel. This is daft punk depth punk. Hey, what is that? That’s not even words. What are you saying? This is Billy Joel It’s Anythony’s song parentheses moving out first of all it’s moving out parentheses Anthony’s song and second of all this is a hundred percent, not Billy Joel You know when they recorded moving out someone left the studio doors open, and that’s why at the end You hear that car sound That’s not true either! No, this is it He’s talking about going all around the world cuz this anthony fella, He’s moving out you know to live with Mr. Cacciatore down on Mulberry street, and that’s all I’m gonna say about those two Peter I’m gonna punch you with this beer mug till I’m holding just the handle guys calm down This one way to solve this. I’ll just use my phone It says around the world by daft punk. Thank you. God you idiots are exhausting hey, Cleveland How’d you that with your phone? I’m not an idiot I used to Shazam it recognizes songs and tells you their names yeah, hey What if I farted it into it? I don’t know be my guest It says Lana del rey wow, how do I get this on my phone? you just download it it’s an app. What’s an app? They’re little programs you use on your phone while driving. Oh man, apps sound awesome This is a real gamechanger like the guy who invented wearing a sport jacket with jeans So what can I do for you? Well I’ve got to go to church, but I don’t have time to change from the rodeo excuse me I thought you were helping me find a look that’ll let me cling to my youth in my 40s Yes, I’m interested in cheating on my wife in Las Vegas Gentlemen I think I can help all three of you Yeah Awesome! Peter will you keep it down? I’m trying to look at lamps I’ll never buy. Oh, yeah, sorry Sweet. What are you doing? Well I just found out about these things called apps So that’s kind of all I do now this one’s a cool bowling app I got Aw, yeah, strike. Peter your phone streaming to the TV you clearly watching porn. Well you turn it off. I’m already caught Lois I’m gonna finish. Peter, I’m gonna finish just go over there We’re gonna be fine Lois you and me There you are dad where have you been? I haven’t seen you in days Huh, I went out of town for a little while, but I made the mistake of using this app called Bear B&B We’re so happy you’re staying with us just a reminder We ask that you not use the DVD player But you can watch any of the vhs’s we have clear and present danger Son of the mask oh and here’s most of a puzzle, okay? Well, I don’t want any of that stuff fine Well if the phone rings and we’re not around just take a message. I’m kind of on vacation Oh, and just a heads-up. The dog doesn’t like men. now we serve breakfast from 6:00 a.m.. To 7:00 a.m. I’ll skip breakfast uh everyone eats breakfast I’m on vacation all the more reason to treat yourself the house specialty is a half-chewed trout We yanked out of the river with our teeth. Ah there’s the bear stuff Where are you going? Oh? I’m meeting up with someone from my grindr app isn’t that for anonymous gay hookups? no, no No, this one’s a way for guys who enjoy sandwiches to connect You meatball freak? uh-huh all right Let’s do this Are you also married? My phone’s broken I’m not surprised. It’s probably because of all those apps you’ve been downloading don’t say apps like you’re young no I took it in the shower cuz I didn’t know you could pause a game. Hey Chris your first cellphone Yay, something my dad held in the bathroom you know Chris He could probably salvage that phone if you put it in a bag of uncooked rice. It’ll dry out. Really? Yeah, and then you can use the rice to pretend someone wanted to marry you Ladies and gentlemen Mr.. And Mrs.. Dog and meg the Bounty Hunter!

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