Falsa Sharbat Recipe- Phalse ka Sharbat

Welcome to Nishamadhulika.com Today we will make Sharbat of Falsa, or False ka sharbat. Falsa are small berries that arrive in the summers. Earlier, it was very popular and was found easily in the markets. This is a very cool and refreshing fruit. But these days it’s much rarer to find. So when we see Falsa, we buy them and make Falsa ka sharbat at home. Falsa ka sharbat is also a very refreshing and energizing drink. The ingredients are: 250 gms Falsa. It’s a small pea sized berry. 3 cups of water 1 cup ice-cubes Less than 1/2 cup sugar. 1 tsp black salt. First put the sugar into the mixer and add 1/2 cup of water. Now run the mixer. When sugar dissolves completely, add the Falsa. Add around a cup of water. Mix it very briefly so that the Falsa seeds separate from the covering. Now let’s add the rest of the water. Let’s mix it a little more. Now we will drain out the water using a sieve. Press the mixture with a spoon to squeeze out all the water. You can throw the ground seeds left in the sieve. Now let’s add the black salt. Falsa are sweet and sour in taste. Let’s serve this sweet-sour sharbat. We used cold water to make the Falsa ka sharbat. You can add some ice-cubes to the sharbat you prepared to make it ice-cool. The cool Falsa ka sharbat is very tasty. Do make Falsa ka sharbat at home at share your experience on nishamadhulika.com See you later on nishamadhulika.com

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