Failing to finish a 2×72 belt grinder table

Hi, I’m James. This is Malt and Make and today
we’re not going to finish making a table. I think it’s really easy to get stuck not
making something because you don’t know how to make it perfectly. So what I’m going to
do with this project is not finish making a table so that at least I’ve started and
then in the future I can add to it, I can improve it but in the meantime I can use it! Hey, wait a minute! I think I just saw that metal move! Let’s rewind. You see, as the
metal cools – it shrinks pulling the weld out of square. So make sure you check afterwards Here it is and it’ll do for now. In fact I think it will do for quite a while but I’d love to hear what comments you have about it and how you think I can improve it. Maybe
some belt storage, maybe some place to store the tools underneath. Let me know in the comments
down below and I’ll see you on the next one.

15 thoughts on “Failing to finish a 2×72 belt grinder table

  • Nice work James!
    If you're going to be grinding, how about a bucket or some sort of spark catching scoop?
    Also, does it count as not finishing if I haven't started? (So many project ideas in my head!) 😊👍

  • Well done! The only thing I'd like to mention is that you probably want the belt with the tool rest to hang over the edge of the table. It's a bit hard to judge in the video how you placed the belt grinder, but if you got some overhang it'll be easier to grind the middle of longer pieces, and you can place a bucket of water underneath to catch all the sparks.

  • Well, I've seen finished tables that were way worse than your unfinished one. So, great job! 👍
    And the laptop-screen-transition was nicely done!

  • Too jealous to comment 😂
    Just kidding mate it looks great.
    Here are a few thoughts, think about some storage for belts as well as attachments. Also a quench/dust/water bucket is nice to have below the grinder or close by. Not sure about those threaded inserts though, I would probably go for through bolts for fastening.

  • Great little not yet done build James! 🙂 and I really love the idea about building something usable before making it perfect! In software development we call this iterate on the MVP (minimum viable product) 🤓

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