Extractor de zumos Tribest Solostar 4

in our busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to get the nutrition we need from the food that we eat in fact about 90% of all people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables luckily cold-pressed juice from the solostar 4 provides a quick and easy way to get the nutrients that we need when we get the proper amount of nutrition we look better feel better and have healthier lives beautiful and powerful all in the same package the reinvented solostar 4 features an all-new breathtaking design coupled with intelligent engineering it’s gorgeous body is wrapped around an efficient drive system that produces more power while using less electricity the low-speed operation cold press squeezing action and increased juice yield help you maximize your daily intake of enzymes vitamins and nutrients it is simply the best horizontal single auger juicer in the world due to its smart design the solostar 4 crushes the competition by producing 26% more torque while using 10% less electricity it has a gear reduction equivalent to a 5.4 horse power mode more torque means less jamming and less electricity needs more savings on your electricity you even get additional savings by lowering your grocery bill because the solostar 4 produces up to 40% more juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables the sleek compact and modern design takes up less space while looking beautiful on your kitchen countertop and since all food contact parts are made from BPA and bps free materials you don’t have to worry about exposing your family to harmful chemicals each solostar 4 also comes with a standard 15 year warranty the longest warranty of its kind in the industry at only 57 RPM the solostar 4 is the slowest horizontal single auger juicer on the market the slow and gentle juicing process virtually eliminates all heat and oxidation preserving more essential nutrients and live enzymes the class-leading auger size and dual stage extraction process produce maximum juice yields the ultimate author is also 8 times stronger than other types of plastic which allows for an aggressive auger design that makes it easy to feed your produce into the juicer so you not only get better juice you get more of it all in an easy-to-use juicer true Beauty starts on the inside begin your journey towards a healthier more beautiful you with the tribest solostar 4 you

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