Exquisite drunken crabs: freshness known only when drunk玲珑熟醉蟹:醉过才知熟蟹鲜|Liziqi channel

let it go it doesn’t matter master, that’s why I like plants more if you water and fertilize them then they will grow fruits to pay you back right? this way, please dear Madam, please take care of your body sure only if you take care of your body, then you could have a healthy life please take care of yourselves and safe home help me send the guest off! coming! they send us a lot of crabs sink crabs to let them spit out the sand silk flowers let the flowers naturally dry Ziqi, hurry up! The crab is running away! Huh? Is it crazy? I’ll be there right away. Where is the crab? Hiding in that hole! Let me look! lemon green onion ginger crystal sugar, star anise, cinnamon, amomum cardamomum and bay leaves… skin the orange put ginger slice and green onion below stem the crab make sauce with orange skin dried sour plum lemon silk flower Chinese yellow wine light soy sauce Chinese baijiu (liquor) wait about 36 hours Grandma, hurry up! I got something delicious for you! Grandma, hurry up! It smells so good… Take this one No more crabs for today! Let’s leave them for tomorrow, I’ll help you get some rice. I’m not allowed to eat more crabs?? That’s not the case, but you shouldn’t eat too many crabs (for your health)!

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