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Experience Fresh. There used to be a time where everyone had to cook for themselves. Nowadays, we do have supermarkets, the only issue is, the majority of the products to be found there are processed. So in order just to cook healthy, you have to do it for yourself. And over here, we have a variety of devices that will help you not only to produce and create healthy, but also delicious food. And to talk about the concept of Experience Fresh, that’s why I found some experts in the form of Ines and Boris. Hi. Boris is a raw food chef, and he is going to tell us like what’s the benefit of cooking healthy, and this entire Experience Fresh idea. Right, right. I’m a raw food chef, that means I work with raw, organic, 2 ingredients only. Right. So only from the based. And for me, Experience Fresh is really the concept of going back to the roots, going away from… we’ve lived in a world where our grandmothers they lived a healthy, really, really natural diet, picking stuff like veggies fresh from the garden, eating them, preparing them without all the processed foods. We went to a world where it’s all factory processed stuff, like convenience foods and so on. And I bring people back, we bring people back, Ines and I, with our concept of Experience Fresh to home cooking. Working with pure natural ingredients using modern technology to make it actually available for the busy person. Because we don’t have time anymore in today’s world. We do tend to eat convenience food, but we see a lot of illnesses happening, people get sick, they get cancer, they get al sorts of stuff, and we want to counteract that movement. We want to say okay, it’s easy to make healthy food at home using a good juicer, using high-speed blenders. This is all technology that we can use towards making healthy good food in a proper way, in a more sustainable, in a faster, quicker way. Apparently, this machine is like very slow. Is that the reason why it’s called the Slow Juicer? What’s the benefit, I mean, I want my food fast. What’s the benefit of being slow. So the benefit is, you get a fast juice, but you get it slowly juiced, right. There’s a fast juicer, the commercially available juicers. They spin so much air into my juice, by juicing them with a lot of like fast-spinning mechanism, so it oxidizes quickly, it loses a lot of the benefits, a lot of the nutrition that is inside my veggies. I buy incredibly expensive vegetables because I go for organic, and then I lose half of it because I juice it with the wrong juicer. This one has a slow turning mechanism inside. It just squeezes it as if I would squeeze it by hand, but then all the vitamins and minerals are actually in my juice. And I can cap it, and I can take it with me to the office. It keeps me good for a whole day, without losing a lot of the vitamins because it’s all kept inside. That makes sense. So pretty much I can sum it up. I can sum it up in terms of the Experience Fresh stands for the Japanese appreciation for food with European trends. Thank you so much for that insight and I can’t wait to just have a sip of that slow juice. Of course. You want to try it right now. Yes. Sure we have a cup for you. Green juice poured. One green juice for you. Thank you. You’re welcome. How is it? Experience Fresh. It’s great.

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