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  • If you are allergic to soy can you use cashew or something else… If so how would one do that… And how to do gluten free?

  • Made the cream cheese, and the taste and texture is a lot like Boursin cheese… very tasty but not very cream cheese like. Have you ever tried Ess-A-Bagel plain cream cheese in Manhattan? It tastes JUST like Philadelphia cream cheese and is also made from tofu.. I would pay a million bucks to have that recipe! Hoping you've tried it as well and would love to hear your guesses as to what it's made with.

  • Lauren has done it again !!! I have no words to explain how good this recipe is. You said put the cream cheese in the fridge and you will thank you later even after it was just made it was epic. Thanks Lauren for another wonderful recipe !!!!! πŸ’•

  • My boyfriend is not vegan but He's excited about the tofu-cream cheese because he hates cream! I will check back in with how he likes it

  • Lauren!! I made it but it came out a little crumbly and not cheesy =( I left it 24 hours in the fridge with herbs and it still tastes a bit like tofu?

  • I just made these and had to stop myself after eating two, and sent my brother with one to work so he can give it to the chef! a few weeks ago I made your coffee cake and everyone was obsessed so I cant wait for the reviews of more vegan foods I bring them!

  • I made Julia Child's recipe for bagels this weekend and it was such a lengthy process (though extremely delicious)! Will have to try these!

  • Ooohhhh no Lauren! Don't poke your holes in the bagels like the New Yorkers lol you gotta roll it and wrap it like the Montreal and Ottawa people do! Lol

  • Made these. Both were delicious separately, but together…fabulous and easy to do. Btw, I didn't have bread flour, but I added one teaspoon of vital wheat gluten to each cup of AP flour. Oh, I kneaded mine in my food processor with the regular 's' blade until a dough ball forms. I didn't need all the water. Thanks for testing so we don't have to!

  • Lauren you are a vegan QUEEN! This is the best (and only truly good) vegan cream cheese I've had. This is going to be a go-to for my breakfasts for a very long time 😊

  • ugh I didnt have any luck with these. my dough came out dry and crumbly..not sure if its because I mixed by hand, or because im using gluten free bread flour πŸ™

  • these bagels turned out soooo good!!! my entire family loved it. thank you so much! I cant wait to play around with different flavours now!!

  • I'm drooling watching this… Unfortunately I cannot find bread flour anywhere around here, so will have to give it a try with regular flour… Looking forward to it anyways!

  • I am not vegan but I have a strong aversion to cheese. Does it have a really "cheesy" taste or do you think someone who does not care for the taste of real cream cheese would enjoy it as well?

  • My almost 3 year old son and I are watching this and he just whispered in my ear, "Mama, I'm hungry… Can I eat the bread? Can I have the cheese?"

    I probably won't make the bagels (no stand mixer), but I'm definitely making the tofu cream cheese… Also toasting the bagel toppings and using them as seasoning on store bought vegan bagels. (I think Dave's Killer Bread is "accidentally vegan.") πŸ’–

  • If I want to make a flavorless or classic style cream cheese should I just use: tofu, lemon juice, acv, coconut oil and sea salt?

  • Just so you know: you can freeze the cream cheese: same texture, same color and same epic taste! I froze it for about two weeks and also for a month. Same amazing result ❀️

  • Omg bagel with cream cheese was my breakfast too! I miss them so much! Can’t wait to try these out! πŸ˜‹ can i try with dried herbs instead??

  • I love your sense of humor , this is the first video ever I watched of you . And I love bagels and cream cheese also ! I grew up with them , and was addicted to them . So I'm appreciative for this recipe . Keep being you , youre very different from other Youtubers . God bless !

  • Lauren, Lauren, Lauren these bagels and cream cheese are sooooooooo good!!!! I had not had a bagel in 2-1/2 years and because of your talent that changed TODAY! Thank you so much!!

  • Made these today! It was my first time making bagels. Best cream cheese I've ever had! Update: I had frozen the cream cheese and 2 bagels for 2 months and they tasted better than I remember. Freezes really well

  • to be honest using tofu as a base for the cream cheese did not look convincing at first, I don't know it sounded too simple to be true maybe? but I tried it and OH MY GOD what kind of sorcery is this??
    the texture was perfect, the the taste is on point, this cream cheese was totally undistinguishable from the dairy version. So far I used it as a spread on pumpernickel bread, and as a filling in kartoffeltaschen (bot no bagels) and it was delicious, I'm very impressed by this recipe

  • Ive been researching and studying recipes on going vegan and girl you are the one and only that convinced me that I can do it. You got me at EVERYTHING BAGEL thats it Im set for life

  • Hahahaha I LOVE how you just literally look like you're in heaven through this whole video, I am definitely making these tomorrow!!!

  • What's the secret to getting rid of that "tofu" taste? It tried making the cream cheese but it tasted so much like tofu 😫

  • Wow literally drooling 🀀.. I can’t believe you made your own bagels. Hot for food indeed!! Love you and your channel. πŸ”₯πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  • Omg well I’m sold!!! You have such a great sense of humor! Thank you for sharing. DEF making this βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  • Can i please ask a question I need to know how to use yeast in a vegan way but i dont understand whether im not supoosed to use it at all because dr axe says yeast feeds candida which is blocking my iron absorption which is screwing with my nails so bad whats your advice

  • Great recipe for bagels! Just moist enough, dense, flavourful. I couldn’t stop eating them and gave them to people I knew who also LOVED them.

  • OMG….. I need to make these right now! Or at least the cream cheese. It looks so good! Store bought vegan cream cheese has all these extra additives & empty calories. Can't say no to tofu! Yay!

  • so how you gonna share a recipe without measurements. id like to make the cream cheese but what are measurements?

  • (34 year old Aussie here) I had my first EVER bagel (with tofu cheese) in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and got crazy addicted to them – why are they not a thing here in Australia!? I found this video (jet lagged at 4am) after being more upset than I care to admit that nowhere within an hour's drive of me has them… You may have saved my life, here! SO excited to whip up a batch as soon as the shops open… Thank you so much Lauren!! xx

  • Nut free is great!!!! So many vegan creams and sauces have nuts but we have nut allergies in our home.

  • Hey Lauren!! I wanted to let you know that I finally made the bagels (100% whole wheat though) today and they were a full success (tbh, I still can't believe it, lol)! 😁
    I actually wanted to make them as soon as this video came out, but I'm always a little anxious and hesistant when it comes to baking, because I'm not really a fan of it (it's so easy to mess things up, because you have to be so exact and I hate that); anyways, I just wanted to thank you for motivating/inspiring me to finally trying this recipe out – you're such a good teacher 😊

  • Watching this in July (19) and Tim Horton’s has a vegan breakfast sandwich (or vegetarian?) !! Funny how you commented that in here months ago!

  • All of your everything bagels look way prettier than the everything bagels at grocery stores. Bravo!!! ❀️❀️

  • I made this recipe right now. I have to say they're very delicious. But the "cream cheese" is too garlicky and the onion and garlic on top of the bagel gets a bitter flavor.

  • I made the cream cheeze. Way to much. 'BUT" it is so good I thinned just a bit added a little plain coconut yogurt upped the dill and "HELLO" best ranch dip swangin!!! I use it on my sandwiches and vegan burgers. Sorry just mayo you gotta move one step over in the fridge ! Thanks lauren just fabulous.

  • Gosh I forgot how great this cream cheese recipe is! I revisited it this weekend and now I'm mad at myself for spending $7 on kite hill. This cost about $4 to make and you get triple the amount. This is really reallllly good on pasta too πŸ‘Œ

  • I really feel that my dreams came true!!!!🀀🀀🀀🀀πŸ₯―πŸ˜‹ amazing recipe πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • I made the cream cheese this morning and I don’t know if I did it wrong or something, but mine just tastes like blended up tofu with a (very pungent) garlic taste πŸ™

  • Currently cutting dairy out of my diet and in desperate need to find new things to eat haha! I will definitely try this recipe!

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