Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Single Dosing Review

whenever we get a new espresso grinder
in our warehouse you can bet that within 24 hours we’ll have tried single dosing
with it generally when we’re looking for a good single dosing grinder
we wouldn’t pick something with massive 75 millimeter burrs let alone one
that’s designed to be quiet that of course didn’t stop us from putting the
Eureka Atom 75 through its paces on its first day the results were immediately
impressive a few co-workers even heard my involuntary audible reaction and came
to see what was going on it ground my 20 gram dose in a stunning 8 seconds
successive tests proved that this was no fluke let me show you what that feels
like in real time I’m gonna drop in a 20 gram dose and I’ll use an 8 second time
grind setting I’m gonna leave the hopper lid off just give you an idea of how
little popcorn there is that’s it and upon weighing again you can see that I
got my entire 20 gram dose the Atom 75 turns out grounds faster than most all
of our favorite single dosing grinders you might think well certainly it just
has a lot of retention it’s no shame for a large commercial espresso grinder
that’s what I thought too but we’re both wrong after a few dozen shots I opened
up the Atom 75 to find a nearly bare burr chamber after sweeping it and the
chute clean I found myself with a measly two point three grams of grounds upon
putting it back together running another 80 grams through and checking again I
was met with an almost identical result of 2.2 grams this is no small feat even
for Eureka grinders which have quite low grind retention on the whole with
blazing fast grind times whether you’re single dosing or using a full hopper a
negligible retention and nearly silent operation the Eureka Atom 75 is easily one of
our new favorite grinders by no coincidence you’ll find it front and
center next to the Linea mini on the bar in our showroom
we’ve been single dosing a wide variety of coffees for the past few weeks
if this video answered your questions about single dosing with the Eureka Atom
75 be sure to hit the like button if it didn’t I’d be glad to field your
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8 thoughts on “Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Single Dosing Review

  • Can you remove the black notch above the portafilter holder so that you can grind with a funnel on top?

  • Could you comment on single dose grind quality vs weighted hopper. I am referring to taste in the cup rather than 'when single dosing you will need to grind finer'… Thanks an advance 🙂

  • Does the Atom 65 share the same single dosing characteristics as it’s big brother the Atom 75? Or is there to much space in the 65mm chamber leaving more coffee in the grinding chamber.

  • Hi Charles, once again, excellent video and very informative! I have a question, maybe you can help me… I got the new Ceado E37S, I would like to start “Single dosing” with it because I am always experimenting with different type of beans and i waste so much coffee when trying to dial in due to purge etc…. my question is: when single dosing, let’s say, if I put 18g dose, the last 8-10 seconds the grinder is grinding with almost no beans anymore, would this damage the burst? I mean, in the long term would this be “unhealthy” for the grinder? (Grinding with no beans the last seconds of each cycle). Or is no problem whatsoever? Thank you and I look forward hearing your thoughts, Leo

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