8 thoughts on “Ensafter HUROM HE-DBE04 (HU-500) Saftpresse

  • Does the HU-500 ejection port block when celery and leafy greens are juiced? Do they still need to be cut up into small pieces? The HU-300 mkII I had was useless when it came to leafy greens. I sold it and am now considering the Omega 8006 nutrition centre, as I am most interested in GREEN juices, not fruit juices. Would appreciate your opinion 🙂

  • Hi,

    I have bought HUROM HU-400 juicer. Is it possible to upgrade it with the new containter with juice flap from HU 500 and having the same motor? Are these two juicers and their containers compatible?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Dear Brad Miller, in reply to Your comment:
    we have been juicing greens and as of blocking we haven't seen any major issues if you cut the celery stalks as well as any other greens in 3-4 cm pieces. Please understand that the machine operates with 150W motor so you must come one step further and facilitate the job just a little. For full recommendations refer to the user manual attached.

    Kas attiecas uz zaļo sulu pagatavošanu un izmešu vārsta aizsērēšanu, mēs neesam redzējuši lielas problēmas, ja seleriju kātus un citus zaļumus sagriež 3-4 cm gabaliņos. Lūdzu saprotiet arī, ka sulu spiede Hurom darbojas ar 150 W motoru un jums jāpanāk solis pretim, lai mazliet atvieglotu darbu. Lasiet visus ieteikumus par sulu spiešanu pievienotajās instrukcijās.

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