[Eng Sub]레몬 케이크 만들기(Lemon cake recipe)

[ Making Lemon Cake ] *Difficulty : ★★☆☆☆ Blanch the lemon on a boiling water a bit and wash with the baking soda. Melt the butter using a microwave for little bit and use it when it’s warm. Feel free to use plain yogurt which are sold at the super market. Measure the egg and plain yogurt using a measuring cup and use a whisk to mix them. The pan I used is a product from Chef Made and it’s called Lemon Cake Mold 12 cups. The size of lemon pan is 2.5cmx25.8cmx3.2cm (Width,Length,Height) / 1 Cup Size: 6cmx5.9cm. If you don’t have a lemon shaped cup, it’s find to bake it using a pound pan or muffin pan. Melt the butter (extra quantity) using a microwave to get ready. Brush the melted butter on the pan. Bread flour (extra quantity) should be sprinkled after filtering. You can brush off extra bread flour dropped to the cup and store inside the fridge for a bit. (In winter, it’s fine to store inside room temperature.) [ Making sweet lemon cake with lemon scent ] Measure sugar and salt on a 30cm diametere cup and grind the lemon on a zester. If you do not have a lemon zester, you can cut the lemon peels very thin and use it by crushing it. Make sure to mix well using a hand whisk so that the lemon scent stays. Add egg and plain yogurt then mix it. Add cake flour and baking powder which have been filtered 2 to 3 times using a sifter. Melt the butter inside a microwave for few seconds and add little bit of warm water then mix well. Cover plastic pastry bag to a measuring cup and pour the dough. I used a measuring cup which can take up to 1000ml. It’s convenient to pour inside the cup by filling the dough inside a pastry bag Squeeze 70% of dough inside the cup. Bake it for 13 to 15 minutes on 160 Celcius oven which has been preheated on 190 Celcius for 30 minutes. Detach the lemon cake from the cup and place it on a cooling net. I cooled it off by putting a parchment paper as the cooling rack mark may stay on the cake. It’s a lemon cake recipe which I made as a pound shape. I thought it would be fun to make using a lemon shaped cup so this time, I bought a lemon shaped chef made pan and baked the cake. It’s easy to detach it from the cup and I like the lemon shape. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [ Making glazed lemon ] While the lemon cake is completely cooling off at cooling net, I’m going to make glazed lemon. Roll the left over lemon on the ground and cut into half. When you squeeze the lemon, use a lemon squeezer like in the video or microwave lemon which has been cut into half for 10 to 20 seconds to manually squeeze the juice. I think squeezing lemon is the most difficult. (:O) Throw away the seeds and measure the lemon juice how much you will use. Leftover lemon juice should be frozen so it can be used again. Frozen lemon juice are used to make ricotta cheese. [ Glazed lemon : Sugar powder 500g, Lemon juice 100g ] Mix the sugar powder and lemon juice to make glazed lemon. If you don’t like sweet taste, you can skip this procedure. Put the cooling mat on top of stainless tray and place completely cooled off lemon cake. Pour glazed lemon. Leave it to make it try for a bit. Pour lemon glazed once more. When you pour glazed lemon for the first time, it is not coated well but if you pour once more the surface shines and looks smooth. Dry as it is to complete it. It contains lemon peel so it’s fresh as there is lemon scent. I coated glazed lemon to finish it with sweeter taste. If you don’t like sweet taste, you can skip making glazed lemon 🙂 Try making fresh lemon cake. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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