Elite: Dangerous Live ! Guardian Site Grinding season 3

Yet let’s go for a little bit though
Nick’s doing more look could do a bit of Guardian grinding and get some
blueprints get some conduits get all that sort of stuff and updates just come
down on this instance of elite dangerous that I’ve got and I go around you’re
gonna shoot up some Guardian sentries they’re gonna match all the monoliths up
get some items get some data and then start all over again that’s what the
Guardian grind is all about isn’t it so I’m just sort of the Guardian weapons
and for that I need the blueprints not only the weapons the modules the engines
whatever else there is and looking around on the material section trying to
do some serious mining so Guardian Power Cells were doing all right on that power
conduits could with some more Sentinel weapon parts wreckage components
technology all this stuff I’m gonna need from the data side all the way down the
bottom where is it Guardian vessel blueprint segments
Guardian vessel a muscle I about and then blueprints and the like okay so
let’s get on with it let’s get into the scarab come on computer come on computer is anything happening baby guys so I
need to refuel before things get really really embarrassing I ran out so got to
refuel Ella got plenty refuels actually a treat you like SRV – are we doing on
munitions but we’ll find out in a minute so let’s get out the headlights on we got at this best we’re not uh not to
bother Matt’s death so I’m gonna get over to the center and
the power core oh there he is it didn’t doesn’t take long from the
Turner that’s it you know my face come on poke your head up names right don’t tempt me over that
cliff but no Akash to get all that swag I
coulda got myself down here not Jesus here we go right yes the hand brakes on swinging around that power cell will
have that as well I’m not entirely sure when I get to The Guardian technology trainer humming is gonna cost haven’t looked it
up so I’ll do a bit of grinding and then perhaps I’ll do another stream exactly what I’m gonna need now there is got up yeah we’ll have you anything Guardian power conduit I could have been neglecting this
instance ever late because kinda so single we
get that casket because hey why not rocks out the way makes things easier
than it look at that casket boost ourselves yeah I’m stuck on
something you rather and straightaway I’ve got a relic and relic and I can’t get a symbol I think
it’s a casket symbol lot to check my notes
but I’m not interested in I’m interested in picking up technology and material
and eventually approved there’s a shit there’s one of the
pillars that I have to switch on ancient earth some reason I just moved
and dropped into play so let’s take a look up and get our
bearings that lovely orange scarab so that’s where I’ve gotta go activate that
and then start activating everything else and they can go around and shoot
things up at my leisure then so I’m there where am I
there straight down that corridor so to speak shoot the two pylons and then kind
of get on with it right let’s go these pillars held four items
technology components Power Cells and the like just needs slightly different
angles now to get round there and pick them up but this afford you shooting thing up
now okay right because we’re around
I wasn’t really gonna bother with the Guardian weapons but everyone’s giving
you all the Guardian weapons they’re fantastic and I’m a little bit dubious
about things like that because they will are they really going
to be that good the shoelace charged up scout ourselves down here there’s two pylons down there to charge
the main the main section up to eight minutes to find factions charged as well here now it’s been a
couple of weeks since I’ve played this and I’d be doing the reboot and restart
series and as a result of that this one’s kind of gone by the wayside this
isn’t much actually happening you know I mean beyond sort of like hit and
it was a case of all right who’s turned out there something’s are renting ancient tablets
this thing Internet’s we need this but not immediately like but
it makes sense capacity I sent them away pema’s better erupted in turn it over
there shoot the central if he’s gonna poke his head out you
never know he might not use how you’ve done you the side of the mountain again
isn’t he aspirated so this will probably draw him out now I start shooting
something in his manner right yeah there is a little orb I’ve
got a shoot daddy and several she’s gonna cut Pope
you set up something’s happening I’m gonna go over there and shoot you then I’m gonna pick up all your stuff stop shooting me
to separate ourselves from like the old bag weed bag weed skimmers yeah good night well we’re here you’re
gonna pick up all the wreckage from him since we’re in the business of wreckage
I really wish frontier would give us the option of an upgraded SRB keep your
ships not really interested in them anymore no ships the ships well I’m
interested in there’s only one item Guardian power conduit that time
yes I haven’t seen a place in available it’s been off in a different direction
Power Cell and back up this hill all news items around you but I’ve got
to find the other two pillars and those pillars although I
find him in eight minutes 32 seconds so it’s a bit like challenge Anneka the
time the clock is ticking now I remember they’re not precisely
where you think they should have a look let’s go up now I kinda remember there’s one all the
way over there and here’s one around there if I remember though it
could be wrong I can’t member it’s been a couple of weeks like I said so join round driving around still driving around that’s not real there is something right
in the middle I think I’ve got that of course you can follow their marking and generally when will erupted when you
go near it so it’s definitely tablets surround around by here ah I’m gonna wear right hissing shields charged aren’t too
happy about the fact taking too much damage Guardian technology components
will have five minutes to go there is one of the
pillars I’ve got shoes let’s get through yet
back to the turret they still give us another camera unit right so let’s have
a look so there’s one two three four five and that sort of Alex might be sometimes
you can see is that it that’s a gadget because technology so
it’s going to take a little bit of flying around or
traipsing around to find it Oh let’s go I got feelings over there by the
shipyard about five minutes to go cow movie is full so I cannot picture
that up is there something over here I can’t
remember that’s outside nosov settlement minutes done that one what’s that which is very interesting but I don’t
need that now I could go onto the cannon site and
have a look on the cannon site for it but
nothing else to do today just aimlessly wander around this section hoping that I’ll come across it I’ve
been quite successful so far the shipment there’s the aspect this section year looks bright
I think for that one to be in you I wouldn’t be a bit surprised yes there it
is look I was right when you go left course
no angle behold all energy pylons are challenged let’s
get ourselves round to the central core the central central core Manor drop that
relic right no rush to get round there though
there’s plenty of Guardian sentinels that are gonna get in my way and you
know what I’m in the mood I’m in the mood to shoot them today it’s been one
of those days darling I’m gonna Park myself right in the middle by here go to
the turret there he is right no I am at visit me with his blasters resynthesize some ammo now your wheel of
a standard we are let’s take these things out my where’s
he gone there he is hiding hiding like The Sentinel sneaky sod daddy good night
target has been destroyed I like that sound target has been destroyed let’s
pick up the items he is and why not eh why not we can collect any other before I have to go around there
the only schools so I spiked myself on that for Chris SRV
cargo ancient relic Jackson here we go go to this great-looking set piece there it is and I’m fantastic it does kind of spanger it should be
something else going on here you know and yes it’s a bit grind deeper but then
this is several times now probably not as much as some throughout all the tech
but this really is something sumail not
I’m not over nothing much right okay that’s enough messing about
with all huh you know what I think it’s time to get
in there I’m Danny what am I gonna get a guardian weapon bleep it now I knew a few others milling around as one hand this ones minced off the other way Rattata be good yes you can only knock me over even
though I’m upside down I’m gonna shoot you
I’m gonna shoot you but I’m upside down to myself the right way up high now I
come after you I’m gonna shoot you you can’t hide from me yeah good night being destroyed you’ve gone down there
pick that up right edge but where’s the rest of it go so huge you think too
isn’t it so he’s gone all the way down profit where’s our logo he’s round yourself goodbye so far so good the only spearing forward wouldn’t find
a one-piece attack nowaday an ancient totem because the ship there
yeah but he’s sparkling regarding the attack we snuck up there don’t know here
it comes our conduits but what’s the good thing is we log out
your log back in again all these things respawn and then you’re back in business
but what’s in your cargo hold remains the same so and that’s like ranaut materials by
which to recharge my ass RV
I can always get more I’m golden shoots enormous a relic down there nothing much
there’s probably some more conduits and the like you know by that one hiding
around you know it’s the blueprints are so got
a weapon so I am going to go just something there yes there is we’re
gonna shoot you clear right here okay let’s go to the ship bond ship let’s go
over there drop some of our stuff off and recycle recycle the game so that process I get one blueprint good
eh Here I am back where I started so I’ve been Ricardo a spear with an ad-hoc
guardian stream put this putting all you lot all the way through this is as
boring as bloody hell so I’ll be doing this by myself and not doing doing a
film so reboot em restart restart and reboot is out at six o’clock today only
a few more hours to go I’d be looking at the ASP Scout with a shift review
there’s always been a ship review out as well for the fer-de-lance but I’ve done
today so times for a bit time now in the main game that I call of elite dangerous
this game where I’ve progressed so far and I’m exploring the guardian aspects
we start in reboot I’m just about getting getting to grips with Felicity
Farseer and the new engineering modules they’ve got going on there so thanks for
watching see you soon Harry done so like and subscribe catch you later

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  • I've had so many materials get stuck so ya can't get um, so annoying. This is a good site though, so thanks for the walkthrough mate!!!

  • When you stream, can you not see chat??? It's just that I turned the archived chat on, and you didn't answer the guy. Don't know if somethings not working or if 'that's how you roll' haha!!!

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