Easy Vegan BLENDER Recipes | NutriBullet Soup, Vegan Smoothie Bowl & More!

(lively music) – Hey Munchies, welcome to the channel if you’re new or if you’re not new, I’m Alyssia and I am so happy
you are here either way. I have got a variety of recipes
to share with you today. They all use the blender,
they’re completely vegan, and they’re great for the
fall or winter seasons. The blender I’ll be using is the new NutriBullet Blender Combo and I am so excited to thank NutriBullet for sponsoring this video. I have had my old NutriBullet
for, like, 10 years. You have seen it in so
many videos I’ve made. It still works great and
it has lasted me forever. So, when I found out
about this new 2-in-1, 1200-watt blender, I could not resist. My original NutriBullet is one of my top kitchen
appliances to date, I swear, and they actually did
not ask me to say that. Oh my gosh, this new blender is so cool. It is slick and easy to use,
and it has new cup designs for those convenient single servings, but it also has a
64-ounce blender pitcher, which means more versatility. And, you guys, you can switch from the cup to the pitcher so effortlessly, which makes it easier
to leave on my counter and definitely makes for easier cleanup. Of course, these recipes
also work any time of year and they all use five
main ingredients or less. That’s main, so that’s not
including spices or water for those of you who love
to count the ingredients and put it in the comments. I have got five recipes for you today. Blenders are great for smoothies but smoothie bowls are more fun. I also have a comforting soup, a nut butter that makes
me seriously nostalgic, some mini muffins that
could not be easier, and a festive hummus. You can do so much with this machine. Let’s start with my
cardamom pear smoothie bowl. Perfect for this time of year. In my NutriBullet single-serve cup, I add rolled oats and pulsed into a flour. I then add one pear, which can really be in pretty large chunks because this blender can
handle the whole produce well. I like Bartlett but any kind
that you prefer works fine. Coconut cream, almond butter, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and salt. Blend it up. I use the Extract setting,
which is pretty cool and intended to help better
break down the chunks so it is silky smooth, and you
still get all the great fiber but it’s more easily digestible. Also, I did this one
for you, banana haters. You totally don’t need a
banana to thicken a smoothie, but I do want my smoothie bowl thicker than a regular smoothie so
that I can eat it with a spoon, and that coconut cream and
those rolled oats do the trick. I top it off with fresh
pear, shredded coconut, pumpkins seeds, and dried cranberries. It emphasizes the festiveness of the bowl but you can really use any toppings. They add texture, crunch, and variety. The pear, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg are a perfect match, a perfect pear, I should say, ahahaha, it really tastes like
breakfast for the holidays. It’s comforting and tasty cold, but it actually could be good
heated up like a porridge if you prefer a warmer
breakfast this time of year. Using the NutriBullet single-serve cup makes it easy to whip up
this breakfast for myself without any excessive cleanup. Okay, let’s get a little
more creative and fall-filled with this comforting
curried sweet potato soup. I start with a saucepan
over medium high heat and add oil and a bit of onion, cooking until tender for
four to five minutes. Then I add garlic and fresh ginger and saute for another minute. Add in sweet potato, curry powder, salt and pepper, and some vegetable broth. Bring the whole mixture to a boil and then reduce it to a
simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until the potatoes are tender. This is when we need our
NutriBullet blender pitcher. The whole mixture goes in and
gets blended until smooth. A lot of blenders can’t
handle blending hot foods because they will crack but the NutriBullet blender pitcher can. This pitcher is vented
and can handle heat. The blender also has
three precision speeds, a pulse function, and an extract program. I love a creamy soup,
and this is just that. Sweet potato is a great
ingredient year-round but I love it for fall. Pair it with a curry and ginger
and you’ve got a spiced soup that tastes seasonal and satisfying. You can add more or less ginger if you like a little bit more
or less spice, but either way, it tastes like the comfort
and joy of fall in a cup. Next, I am sharing a nostalgic nut butter. Any original Munchies out there remember my very first episode. I made a chai spiced peanut
butter over five years ago. Oh my gosh, watching that
video is rough for me now but I gotta love this journey
and where it’s taken me. If you were around then,
let me know in the comments. I thought it would be fun
to share that recipe now five years later but as
an almond butter instead. So I used a food processor then because my blender could
not handle whole nuts but the NutriBullet blender pitcher can, which is seriously amazing. If you’ve never made your own
nut butter, now is the time because it’s so easy and
it tastes way better. My chai spiced almond
butter is simply almonds, maple syrup or honey,
and a chai spice blend consisting of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and allspice, and
of course, a pinch of salt. Literally, all you do is blend. I pulsed it a couple of times
to get the pieces broken up. And then once it’s smooth, I blend on low. Once those pieces are
uniform, I blend on high. It will go through stages of pulverizing and once the natural oils
release from the nuts, it will start to form a ball and eventually become a buttery spread. You can totally use any nuts you want, cashew butter, peanut butter,
pistachio butter, anything. And raw or roasted nuts work too. It just depends on
which flavor you prefer. Holy moly, I am glad I
revisited this recipe because it is so dang good. That chai spice flavor makes
this like a fall dessert. Even if you don’t use the
maple syrup, it’s delicious. I love it on toast but it’s
also great on sweet potatoes, apples or bananas, and smoothies, or to use in festive recipes
calling for nut butters. Okay, we are getting
extra festive for fall now with these flourless pumpkin
blender mini muffins. Into the NutriBullet blender pitcher, I first add rolled oats and
pumpkin seeds or pepitas, and use the Pulse function to
blend it into finer pieces. It doesn’t need to be a flour necessarily but it will help the
other ingredients combine if the oats and pepitas
are broken up a bit first. Then I add apple juice, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, baking soda,
pumpkin pie spice, and salt. Blend it up. Just a couple of ingredients and it goes straight from the blender into the muffin tin
and then into the oven. I also add some pumpkin
seeds and oats on top for cuteness, of course. You can make these into
regular size muffins but I just love everything mini. Cool these completely before serving. They are not too sweet and they taste like a
pumpkin bread in muffin form. It’s a hearty muffin that feels satisfying for
fall and winter months with comforting spice flavors. Okay, last but definitely not least, a butternut squash hummus. It is so easy to have fun with dips that incorporate fall
and winter ingredients. You can use the blender
pitcher for a double batch but a single recipe will totally fit in the single-serving NutriBullet cup. Into a pitcher, I add
chickpeas, drained and rinsed; roasted butternut squash; tahini; some water or reserved liquid from the chickpea can for flavor; garlic; lemon juice; and salt and pepper. Blend it on up. (lively classical music) I top it all up with pomegranate seeds, rosemary, and some olive oil. And not only does that give
it a pop of color and texture, but it totally complements
the fall flavors in the dip. Now, this actually might
be my favorite of the day. I know it is so simple but it is so tasty. It is creamy like you’d
expect the hummus to be but that butternut squash adds
a subtle roasted sweetness and it tastes rich without being heavy. Great with crackers, pita, or your favorite dippable veggies. And those are your easy vegan
fall-flavored blender recipes. I am so happy with how these turned out and I am stoked about this
NutriBullet Blender Combo. You will be seeing it in future videos as much as you’ve seen that old NutriBullet I’ve had for years because it’s actually an awesome product. I was so excited when
they reached out to me about partnering on a video
because I love their appliances. They have served me so
well over the years. So, thank you again to NutriBullet for sponsoring this video. I appreciate all of you for
your support and kindness. I look forward to sharing
more fall and winter recipes in the coming weeks. I will see you next week. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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