Easy Macaron Recipe without Mixer

Eugenie Kitchen Hi, I am Eugenie. Today I am going to make macarons. Some people pronounce it macaroon. And there are so many recipes and demonstrations
out there. So today I will not invent my own recipe, I will use the recipe of Cordon Bleu, the cooking school in Paris. And Aeri, thank you so much! Aeri’s Kitchen is a Korean cooking channel. She recommended my channel, so there were many views and subscribers yesterday. Everybody, Thank you so much and welcome to my channel. I will do my best! For this recipe, you will need: 60 g egg white, 30 g caster sugar, 50 g ground almonds, 90 g confectioners’ sugar, a pinch of salt, 40 g strawberry jam, and red food coloring. First, in a mixing bowl, add in the egg whites. And beat it rigorously until foamy. Then slowly add in sugar while whipping. Keep incorporating the air into the egg whites until soft peaks form. This is called, “French meringue”. Add in a drop of red coloring. And whisk until combined. In another bowl, sift ground almonds, confectioners’ sugar, and salt. And whisk together. Pour the confectioners’ sugar mixture into
the meringue And fold with a spatula. Stop folding when the surface of the batter
starts to be shiny. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a pastry tip
with the batter. Then fix the parchment paper on the baking
sheet. And pipe on a parchment paper. After finishing piping, let stand at room-temperture until the surface is dried. Today it took one hour. Bake for 13 minutes at 150 degrees C or 300
F. Once cooled, remove macarons carefully off
the parchment paper. On the bottom side of a macaron, put a teaspoonful of strawberry jam and make a sandwich with another macaron. Macarons… I think the beauty of the macaron is the feet. I mean the frilled ruffles on the edges. And the surface looks like egg-shell, and now it also feels like egg-shell. And the texture is soft and chewy. (If you like this, give me thumbs up!) Voila, characteristics of French macarons. Subscribe for more videos. Thank you for watching. Bye for now!

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