Easy High-Protein Smoothie (without using protein powder)

Hey guys, I’m Nicole and today I’m going to be sharing a really simple smoothie recipe. This smoothies is appropriate for a meal replacement, say for breakfast or, if you make a smaller portion, an afternoon snack! On of the things that I love about this smoothie is that it uses NO PROTEIN powders at all and it still provides you with approximately 24 grams of protein! The ingredients that you will need are: some yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, I have a mix of berries here, and I also like to add in a banana, just for some flavour Hemp hearts, I use this for some extra protein some oats, and some milk, mine is one percent. Let’s get started! We’re going to start by adding approximately 3/4 of a cup of yogurt. Next up, we’re adding 1/2 a cup of fruit. Then we’re going to add in our banana. I’m just going to break it up as I add it in so it’s easier to blend. Next we’re going to be adding in 3 tablespoons of hemp heart. Then we’re going to add in our oats Then to finish, we’re just going to add a 1/4 cup of milk. (sound of blender) So this is our final product I just added a garnish of some hemp seeds and some oats on top So I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and that it was helpful! Please let me know down below your
favourite smoothie recipe and if you tried it out, if you like it or not! So please don’t forget to thumbs up this video and share it with your friends! It may be helpful to them, too! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSRIBE! And I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

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