Dynamic – Junior Hand Mixers

The Junior range of handheld mixers is Dynamic’s
answer for your five gallon mixing needs. Its powerful two hundred watt motor and extremely
light weight makes it one of the most efficient hand mixer series in the food service industry.
Available in four variations to cover your food preparation needs. With the Junior standard,
the detachable Junior plus, the Junior whisk and the Junior combi which is available as
a kit and includes the mixer tool and the whisk. All Junior mixers have an eighteen
ten, stainless steel nine inch mixer tool with a titanium plated cutter blade, and all
eight inch whisks are made of eighteen ten stainless steel. All Junior range mixers have
a safety switch, and with the exception of the Junior standard all mixers include variable
speed. Mixer tools and whisks are easily attachable and detachable for convenience and flexibility
and safety. The Junior range mixers are great for the preparation of soups, sauces and dressings.
The Junior range has a maximum preparation capacity of twenty five liters or six point
five gallons. Easy to clean, just take your mixer over to the sink. Detach and spray the
mixer tool or whisk, then wash with a mild detergent and rinse. For non-detachable mixers
follow the same procedure, being cautious not to submerge the motor block in water.
A wall storage bracket is included with each Junior mixer for safe and convenient storage.
The Junior range of hand mixers are exclusively brought to you by the inventor of the hand
held mixer, Dynamic International.

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