Drunk on SEO

Hi! I’m Conor Treacy with www.BigRedSEO.com and today’s topic is drunk on SEO. Not necessarily talking about getting drunk while doing SEO, as much fun as that would be, I’d be just wasting your money and wasting my time. I’ve tried working on a computer while drunk, it’s not fun! So anyway, what we’re going to talk about is just how SEO relates to the different types of drinks that you can do and what people actually do when they’re dealing with SEO. There’s a couple ways of doing SEO and the first one we’ll talk about is beer. Basically with with a beer, most people can do a couple of beers. It takes a while to get drunk. And when I say a couple beers, I’m talking about seven, eight, twelve, eighteen. It depends on your drinking ability. But that’s kind of like how we operate with our own SEO. Right now, everything is done fairly slowly. It’s going to take several months for the work that we do to actually have an impact on your website. It’s a slow process, but it gets the job done. That’s one way of doing SEO – drinking beer! So the next comparison we’re going to make is wine and the SEO process. Wine generally takes a little bit more money. You don’t have to drink as much as what you do when you drink a beer. You get a nice little buzz and, half the people then get drunk on wine. So this again, just like with SEO, you can spend more money and speed up the process a little bit. You can’t just go crazy and do everything all at the same time. You don’t uncork a bottle of wine and drink the whole thing in one shot. Well you do if you drink Mad Dog 2020, but then you’ve got to do it with Mad Dog! So wine is just another way of doing the SEO. It’s a it’s a faster process than with the beer, but it is going to be more expensive. The next method and it’s usually the method that most people do, and it’s the mixed drinks. So here we’re talking about the Manhattans, you’re talking your Margaritas and things like that. Wwhat I’m talking about when we say a mixed drink for SEO We’re dealing with not just your normal on-page content, your link building thats out there, but you’re putting in other things. You’re putting in Social Media ,you’re putting in Adwords. You’re doing some other branding, some other networking that’s out there. That’s how most people do their SEO right now. If you’re doing it on your own, you’re doing a mixed drin,k or a mixed set up of SEO. Maybe you’ll hire an SEO person to do just a single thing, which would be the beer stuff, or you’ll spend more money maybe get some more features by doing the wine. So that’s your beer, your wine, and your mix drinks! The last item to the table usually comes in the form of tequila, and it’s shots! And this is how impatient people get drunk! So its a handful of shots, and they’re passed out on the floor within an hour! When it comes to SEO it’s the same thing! You go out. You buy a bunch of links, which is bad — don’t ever buy links — But they’ll go out they’ll buy links, and that’ll give them a little boost and move them up the rankings. Or they’ll spam some stuff out there and that’ll give them a boost to get more rankings. It’s really the person that doesn’t have an idea of a long night of drinking, and they just want to get it over and done with. That’s how we deal with, or what we look like when we’re dealing with shots and SEO. Usually what happens is that people start things correctly. At the start of the night they’ll do their mixed drinks and everything is wonderful. And then somebody says shots!!! And next thing you know, everybody’s doing shots. And that’s a problem! The same thing in SEO. If you’ve got a plan, stick with your plan. Don’t go mixing things around. Don’t start with a mixed drink, and then switch up and do a handful of shots, and then all of a sudden decide you’re going to do wine. It doesn’t work. And it’s the same thing with SEO! You can’t go from all these short-term processes and then think, “oh well, I’ll just play the long game now and everything will be fine.” You’ve got to clean up your mess from all the other crap that you did, and now deal with the future of things. So there you go! Drunk on SEO! SEO compared to your your four different types of drinks. Your beer. Your wine. Your shots and your mix drinks. If you have any questions about alcohol, I’m probably not the guy to talk to you. I will talk to you about scotch and whiskey, I’m happy to do that, but if you have problems or questions with SEO, I’m your guy on that! So www.BigREdSEO.com! You can go on there, check out our blog, we’ve got lots of information there! If you have any questions give us a call and we’ll be happy to help! Thank you, and have a great day!

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