Drink a Glass of Tomato Juice Every Day for 2 Months : The Result is Amazing

we all know and believe in the powerful
properties of tomatoes and there are many reasons why they are considered to
be super foods however to examine all their beneficial
effects experts from the University of Taiwan decided to conduct an experiment
they gathered together women of different ages weight and origin and
gave them one glass of tomato juice (250 ml) every day for two months. the
first evidence change was significant weight loss, which happened due to fat
deposit removal from the body not fluids as experts explain. scientists who
conducted the experiment revealed that the women who took part in this
experiment did not change their eating habits or workout routines but the
results were visible in only a few days moreover, these women had their blood
drawn at the beginning and the end of the experiment and according to
scientists claims the results were significantly reduced cholesterol levels
along with increased levels of lycopene and antioxidant in tomatoes, which offers
a number of health benefits the results of this experiment showed much more than
anyone expected namely, tomato offers numerous benefits
for our health a single glass of tomato juice every day strengthens your immune
system protects against heart disease but also reduces the risk of developing
cancer. in addition this refreshing beverage prevents bladder pancreas liver
and lung diseases helps with in digestion prevents fluid retention and
improves overall health. tomato juice significantly reduces the cough prevent
anemia relieves rheumatic symptoms and improves the blood count furthermore it is great for your skin
and a radiant complexion moreover tomato contains potassium
calcium vegetable proteins and carbohydrates as well as the essential
vitamin C it is also a great natural remedy for muscle spasms because it is
rich in magnesium 11mg per 100 grams so if you had a strenuous workout,
drink some tomato juice and your muscle pain will disappear. ingredients six
kilos of tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of salt 4 tablespoons of sugar, preparation.
remove the stems and first wash the tomatoes in cold water, and then cut and
grind them. add the salt and sugar, and let it cook, but stir frequently to
prevent burning after it boils cook, for 10 more minutes , and stir all the time.
the hot cooked tomato juice should be put into a sterilized glass bottle and
closed tightly. when cooled. store the bottles in a cool place. this homemade
tomato juice will undoubtedly change the way you look and feel nevertheless, if you opt for buying your
tomato juice, make sure it is organic as the effects won’t be full

58 thoughts on “Drink a Glass of Tomato Juice Every Day for 2 Months : The Result is Amazing

  • Ha ha ha SUGAR for improved health? Load of rubbish. Sugsr is the fasted way to get cancer.

    The tomato thing is great MINUS THE SUGAR. You don't have to juice it either. I eat a tomato everyday for a month (only because I was craving them) and I noticed I had improved energy and a clearer mind after 30 days. This video has reminded me to do it again.

  • Regular tomato juice from the grocery store has been boiled to death, killing all the enzymes and also contains high fructose corn syrup which contains mercury, and possibly the tomatoes are GMO, so organic or tomatoes fresh from your own garden would be the way to go.

  • do not do as he says…never put hot stuff in a sealed container…if you want to put in fridge when hot put plastic wrap with a hole in it on top of container until cool…otherwise bacteria will form with the heat in sealed container and your super health elixer will harm you…I also dont see why you cant have the tomato juice cold and even remover the sugar. that would probably be better than what they recommend….just trying to save your life! dont just follow these random health offerings..often times most of what they say is great and one little part of it will harm you greatly…this is a perfect example…I am not even claiming they knew what they were saying

  • add salt?? hang on, i thought salt was one of the biggest killers ever, plus what are the benefits for men?
    This vid is directed at women right?

  • I have been eating one large tomatoe every night before going to bed for the past two months now., I can tell you, it works!! My stomach is flat!! I don't suffer from water retention and my skin is clear. It is really true. I am not a health freak but this is so very true! In addition, I drink lemon water every morning before I eat anything at all. During the day and night I eat normal and what I like in moderation! The habit of eating a tomatoe before going to bed and drinking lemon at the start of my new day has however become a welcome habit! I can see results and I will continue. Great advice!! Thanks so much

  • salt pepper tobasco sauce or worcestershire.. I find tomatoe juice kinda addicitve i can easily drink like 3 pints of the stuff some times

  • My first question would be: why only women??? I have read that the lycopene found in the tomatoes could help reduce the possibility of getting prostate cancer. Then, sugar? Salt? I would add a dash of Worchestershire sauce instead.

  • Is there anywhere that Liberals don't have their psycho tentacles into? Not everyone can afford organic nor can they have a garden.If they are obese and they drink canned tomato juice and lose weight-that's a good thing! Jeez.

  • Lying scum robot! If he had really drunk a glass of tomato juice he would have shorted out before he had a chance to make this video.

  • sugar! bad advice …ignore that peple…some much wrong info online these days is scary. ..do your tomotato juice 100%…I can throw in some garlic or ginger if you can drink it….sugar is the worst discovery man ever made

  • I drank a gallon of tomato juice and the immediate result was a lot of very wet farts. Make sure you ware depends when attempting this.

  • I buy cans of Kroger NO SALT tomato sauce and just add water… perfect to make a low sodium juice or as a base for a bloody mary…. it's cheap too!

  • Blended tomato juice helped heal me. My Stomach turned into the bad lands in my early twenties. Writhing around in pain from gas. An over acidic stomach, and a doctor that can't see you for 3 to 4 weeks. You shape up and quickly and become good friends with fruits and veggies. Along with the general pain from poor diet killing my appetite, the few times I did eat it was only for benefiting my health and stomach environment. That pain that kept me up til 4am was probably the best thing to happen, because it taught me how to eat to live. Dropped fatty foods, sugars, and needless grease immediately and saw fast results in about 4 days. Lemon water, Yogurt with fruits, Oatmeal, Natural Nuts, Bananas, High Percentage dark chocolates once a week, Cooked broccoli, sweet potatos, and blended greens like spinach. The blender was probably one of the biggest blessings during this because I was a salad dodger for the longest and still hadn't taken to the crunch of most greens so I eased myself in a step at a time through blending them with a bit of water or berries that I started taking a liking to, along with trying more cooked greens. Tomato juice ended up being a long standing favorite, and has given me a a strong gut and a clean bill of health every yearly visit to the doctor now. I wouldn't say you need to down a glass of tomato juice every day, but incorporate it as a beneficial element to diversify your diet. And keep sugar away from it, don't take away from the natural benefits and nutrients it fills your body up with.

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