Dressing Grinder Wheels with the Lifetime Diamond Wheel Dresser

Let’s look at the Diamond Lifetime Wheel
Dresser. This is a dresser that’s going to dress our grinding wheels and
it’s going to use diamonds to do it what we’ve got is about a six-inch piece
of metal and on the end here what we have is a carbide matrix and what you’ve got is a carat’s worth of industrial diamonds in this
carbide matrix and you can see this one is the one that came out of our shop
that’s already been used and you can see all those little pieces in there now
this is that full carat of diamonds should last a lifetime for you as well
as the carbide matrix here As you know diamond is the hardest material
around it so it’s going to true any type of grinding wheel you have: aluminum
oxide or whatever you might have so it’s going to do a good job on that. And how
to use it is we’re just going to take it and we’re going to move it back and
forth across the wheel, as the wheel’s going. But let me tell you a
characteristic about using a diamond dresser – and that is that the particles
here, in this particular case there are 46 great particles, and that’s kind of a
little cluster there but since the diamond is so hard, and actually sharp, it
will take that 46 grit particle and actually cut it and so it’ll actually
make it run a little bit smoother than the actual true 46 grip will if you would have used an old-fashioned star dresser so just keep that in mind that a diamond
dresser does a really good job but it also make your wheel run just a little
bit finer than normal Let me show you how to use it and how we
use in our shop and keeps our wheels nice and clean and true and I’m sure
that as you as you’ll see that working you’ll want to have one of these in your

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