Dr Strange in Real Life? (SPELLS, PORTALS & MORE)

Hey guys! I’m the Hacksmith and this is
Make it Real. We’ve done tons of Marvel projects from spider-man’s wall climbers
to a real Iron Man helmet Thor’s Hammer’s that are impossible to lift
ridiculously heavy and even capable of catching lightning to Thor’s new weapons
Stormbreaker Captain America’s shields both the original and wakandan but you
know what? We’ve never tackled the mystic Artes before which is why I’m super
excited to announce Dollar Shave Club has sponsored this video to help turn me
into Dr. Stephen Strange. We’ve got an awesome movie replica costume we’re
gonna make the time stone we’re gonna make portals and we’re gonna do magic.
And I’m gonna shave with these Dollar Shave Club products let’s get started!
All right to make Dr. Strange spells we’re gonna
be hacking something called a persistence of vision display also known
as a holographic fan unlike a normal display that has millions of pixels like
a computer monitor or TV a POV display only has 224 individual RGB LEDs but it
spins them in a circle and changes them faster than the human eye can see
resulting in a holographic image effect for more information on how persistence
of vision works, Destin from smarter every day has an awesome video linked
below. What we’re doing here is taking it apart and making it as small as possible.
The funny thing is this footage is almost a year and a half old,
we made it back then but didn’t think it was enough for make it real video so we
posted on Instagram anyways and people loved it. Now,
we’re combining it with other projects to make Doctor Strange real. All right so we’ve got this awesome
Doctor Strange cape for the costume but it’s got these kind of disappointing
cape clasps. I’m basically taking this design, I’ve translated it to CAD and now
we’re gonna use our new Wazer water jet cutter to actually make one of these out
of the combination of brass and copper so let’s go take a look at that. All
right so this is our new Wazer it’s the world’s first portable desktop size
water jet cutter and it’s basically capable of cutting through any material
quarter-inch thick which is really cool the plasma cutter can only cut through
metals whereas this can cut through ceramic glass polycarbonate, which is
really awesome! So we’re gonna use this to cut out some brass and some copper
plate. Got the load in the file… We’re ready to cut! Close the lid… So, that’s the brass done. A little bit
better than the flimsy things that came with the costume. Now we’re going to do
the same thing, slightly different design out of copper. Is that not very cool? Time to actually
install them on the Cape and the way we’re gonna do that is actually with a
rivet to hold a magnet on the opposite side of this. So then when I’m wearing
the costume I can actually have hidden metal plates underneath mine so it just
magically holds to my shirt which I think will look pretty cool.
We just need to mark where we want to put that hole. And then it can just, come off! IT’S MAGIC! Alright so right now I just have some washers under my t-shirt holding the
magnets on and that works pretty good but can’t really control where they are
so I’m actually gonna make a quick little steel necklace piece that I’ll
be wearing underneath a few layers of my costume so then the cape can magically
attach like that so let’s go waterjet cut another piece. And we’re done! A perfect necklace. To my chest! Tadaaa! Perfection. Drax: Die blanket of death! Perfect! You know what? A lot of people
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projects. James J- Who are you? Who are you I’m Riley.
I’m Doctor Strange.
Oh we’re using our made up names well then I’m the hacksmiths
ward! Okay so we need to make the amulet now obviously we can’t control time but
we can use a 100 watt Cree LEDs to make this the world’s brightest time stone. Bogdan: Okay yep hey James this might work.
James: that’s just right yeah it’s pretty green. Bogdan: Add a nice little ball in there
just so it looks circular and that will work! James: You can blind people with your time stone! Dormammu! I’ve come to bargain. Jarvis: You’ve come to die! What is happening? Make this stop! Okay so James is inside we’re gonna go prank him. The hacksmith! I’ve come to bargain!
James: World’s brightest eye of agamotto. From my reality to yours. And it warms your chest! So for the led, we’re gonna need about 30
volts but for the persistence of vision Dr. Strange magic spell we’re going to
need and 12 volts so we’ve actually got a tee off right here by making a tee
connector. All right now the builds complete it’s
time to test. I think something’s missing That’s better.
Time to test! Riley: It went through both! So light collision there… The SD card
literally popped out and the cover came off let’s see if it still works… Yes, yes! It works! Riley: James, James you all right? What happened?
James: I was viewing alternate timelines fourteen million six hundred five of them.
Riley: And how many of them did we hit 10 million subscribers in?
James: Only one Let’s prank a train! All right now we’re gonna make a portal
and to do that we’ve got some steel wool that we’re gonna light on fire and spin
around real fast check it out! Oh we got sparklers light it up. AH! Closer and closer to my finger it gets! Owen: The cape is on fire, the cape is on fire! James: Goddamit Owen… Alright, we had a
ton of fun filming this video for Doctor Strange if you guys have any ideas of
other cool projects you want to see us complete from Marvel, video games, comics,
movies you name it leave us a comment below on what we should do for the next
episode of Make it Real. Thanks for watching! Oh and don’t forget to support
our channel by using dollarshaveclub.com/hacksmith to get a starter kit
for just $5

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