Diamond Grinding (2011)

Voiceover: Diamond Grinding is a new technology used by the RTA, to resurface concrete roads. The RTA now uses Diamond Grinding to maintain roads across New South Wales. As you will see, Diamond Grinding results in a road surface that is consistent and level. This means a smoother road and a more comfortable journey for us all. Peter: Diamond Grinding is a resurfacing or rehabilitation technology. It delivers marked improvement in ride and comfort over traditional methods. In it’s crudest form, the Diamond Grinder works like a long door plane. It removes surface irregularities caused during construction and through repeated traffic loading over time. Diamond Grinding involves removing a thin layer at the surface of the pavement. It does this by using closely spaced diamond saw blades. By running the blade assembly at a pre-determined level it produces consistent depth saw cut grooves. The uncut concrete between each saw cut breaks off at a more or less consistent level. This process leaves a consistent and level surface. The result is a pavement that is smooth, safe and quiet with an improved ride. Voiceover: In summary, Diamond Grinding used by the RTA removes Road surface irregularities caused by construction work, or lots of traffic, creating grooves. Produces a level road surface. Results in a road that is smooth, safer and quieter.

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