Dewalt angle grinder D28115

well I got a new member of the BC truck
rebuild repaired the purpose club yeah it’s a dewalt but I just wanted to show
you something let me start at the beginning which is cheap cheap cheap
cheap cheap cheap cheap this is broken burned out I cut the cord off of it and
I added since I always got to use this one with an extension cord I just cut it
and added more cord to it which came from here but I just wanted to show you
the life of these things it’s the grease now that that is just a brass sleeve
that’s not a bearing and how it’s made it this long is beyond me now I I bought
this at Fred’s it was a return I just took a chance it was five bucks you know
if nothing else I got a cord off of it and then put that off to the side that’s
that’s junk but you know the gears are good and the bearings good I may be able
to use it someday so and the junk bin it goes this is a serious craftsman that I
have had for golly probably 12 maybe 13 years maybe 14 and I’ve taken it apart
once about six years ago I took it apart and I completely blew all the dust off
of it because that that is what kills these things two things actually is all
your grinded dust getting sucked up in here and just destroying everything and
then the second thing is your pinion gear and what did they call out a ring
gear I’m not sure what that’s called that’s a pinion gear right there I
cleaned all the old grease out which there wasn’t a whole lot left and I read
reached everything I was about six years ago and I just
opened it up just to see what it was looking like now and now this thing it’s
my only working grinder and I’ve had it for like I said maybe maybe 13 years and
this one I opened it up because I was so shocked when I opened that up six years
ago at how little grease there was in it but this one is actually got a pretty
good amount of grease in so I’m gonna use it a little bit you know a year to
but I’m gonna keep an eye on this and make sure it stays greased and had this
together I’d flip it around and show you but it’s got easy access brushes
everything is replaceable the trigger is easily replaceable I’m probably going to
have this the rest of my life to I think I can make this replace the rest of my
life and I got online and they still sell parts for this so you know if it
breaks I can repair it I just thought I’d show you the difference in quality
on the insides this has a bearing and this has a bearing and that has just a
sleeve in it and anyway thanks for watching I’m gonna include a a
cruelities grit easy for you to say gratuitous shot of my grill cooking some
sausage alright let’s eat
uh-oh plumbing trucks at Walmart you know what that means we’re fixing to get
closed here at the fixing to close our Walmart

37 thoughts on “Dewalt angle grinder D28115

  • Like you, my Craftsman grinder has been a long time shop companion. I've also been given a Dewalt grinder and it's nice to have both ready to go. You just had to show me the cooker and it's before I had breakfast or coffee. Your just plain mean.  🙂

  • Those Dewalt's grinders are good tools , for the most part can't go wrong with those. You know I better check the grease in my grinders . Thanks

  • Thanks for the tip. I never thought of this kind of maintenance for my angle grinder. Do you have a recommendation on the type of grease you would use when performing that maintenance? Really enjoy your videos!!

  • BC I watched ur grill vid.Man that looks sweet.You got the gears turning in my head.All I need is time since I mostly work 84hr a week.And I'm not a young man lol.awesome vid Thanks

  • I guess I won't purches one them I think the only black and decker I have is a jig saw iv had for 27 yrs and is still going strong

  • I wouldn't joke about the plumbers closing your WalMart—those sort of jokes often come back to bite you on the rump. I was actually looking at an angle grinder, but for the size of most of my projects, a Dremel rotary tool is more the size I need. But yeah, a grinder is a must have!

  • Buying good quality tools is just like buying good quality furniture. They are, at least to me, an investment. Some people look at tools as just a necessity to get a particular job accomplished but if while trying to complete said job your tools keep breaking or malfunctioning you really haven't saved anything. Especially Time, aggravation and frustration and maybe even a trip to the hospital. I truly like how you keep up on your tool maintenance! My mechanic friend tells me I'm one of a kind because I go over board on PM LOL. I just hate breaking down LOL!

  • Hi Brad,
    I noticed that the gear housing had "Made in USA" cast into it. Could be part of the reason why its been around and working so long. Thanks for the video.

  • My old B&D professional has been around for about 30 years and I use it frequently and abusively.. Never a problem. To bad new B&D stuff is junk.

  • It used to be if it said Craftsman, it was made in the USA.  Since "free trade" was embraced and Sears sold out like so many other American companies, the name means nothing anymore.

  • Good advise on the gringers. On the sausages, open the whole package, cook the whole package, eat what you can and refergerate the rest. 🙂 All you have to do then is warm em up. 🙂

  • Hmm, makes me want to tear my el-cheapo Harbor Freight 4" angle grinder apart…no not really, it works HAHA if I took it apart and greased it, it probably would refuse to work afterwards LOL.

    Great video. I've never thought about pulling the head off an angle grinder and grease them.

  • sorry bc just got your reply..some reason I'm not getting my notifications but soon as I see that commercial I'll the name and number

  • I got the ol cheapie black and decker guess it would hurt if I checked the grease in it. Thanks and God bless brother and jade helm ….. Coming to a walmart near you lol

  • I thought I was the only one that regreased my angle grinders. I try to do it every year/2. I have Craftman(Dewalt relabel) that I keep a cutting disc on and a Dewalt that I keep a grinding disc on. I hate the feel of any other brand so I even have a brand new twin of my Dewalt sitting in a box(10years) waiting for her sister to die. All 3 are just 4.5" but I really need to upgrade one to a 7" because I will use those smaller ones to death while grinding!

  • I heard they're just re-doing the signs, 'Wall-mart'. If you think about it, sausage in of itself is an example of re-purposing.

  • I like Dewalt, have 2 of them…My Milwaukee grinder is a beast though, been dropped several times, had it for 15 years now…Takes a beaten..I like that new handle grip on that Dewalt you bought!

  • I was doing some over head grinding on a hardened lifting chain, and the sparks went right into the vents on my 7-1/2" dewalt. It started sparking, gave a loud "Brzzzap!" sound and died. I wasn't really pleased with the placement of their intake on the corded tool. I have never had that issue with my Dewalt 4 1/2" cordless, or my 4-1/2" corded Craftsman.
    I'll have to pull the craftsman apart and take a look at the gear box, we have abused that little thing to a point where it was physically hot enough where you had to wear gloves using it. What ever grease was in that must be boiled out by now…. 😉

  • I think this point had been missed…… is the sausages to replace your internal grease too? keep things running Smoothly!

  • i'd expect the cheaper one to last 5 years or so if it gets its grease changed each summer, i do it with all mine, my cheapest $10 go-to grinder is still going and its over 15 years old now. i also do my wrenches, saws, the lot, i get the tools, the grease, and spend a lazy afternoon sat in the sun doing them.

  • I actauly have that craftsman industrial grinder it's pretty good and has lasted extremely long

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