DeWalt 4-1/2 In. 11 Amp Angle Grinder Model #DEWALT-DWE402

introducing the DW e-402 small angle
grinder by Dewalt one of the most durable small angle
grinders Dewalt has ever produced with features that maximize cut depth and easy to use in fact this grinder has over a hundred
and forty-two new parts a cooler temperature rise and is designed to
deliver more power with guaranteed tough construction and compact design that was
made to fit your hands the dust ejection system allows cooling air in while
ejecting harmful debris out the powerful next generation motor can tackle tough
jobs other Dewalt small angle grinders can’t the advanced airflow management
system channels cool air into the tool cooling the motor and internal
components this cooling motor lasts longer and delivers more reliable power
the integrated heat sink reduces gearbox temperatures the DW e-40 2 small angle
grinder is built to last and is always built guaranteed tough by the wall

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