Detox from Alcohol in Center Delirium Tremens and Alcoholism

Detox from Alcohol in Center Delirium Tremens and Alcoholism hi and welcome in this video we’re going
to be talking about alcohol detox detox from alcohol using a detox center I’m
going to be sharing with you effects what the literature says and my
experience with various detox centers around the United States
I’ll also be touching on alcohol withdrawal of delirium tremens getting
sober kind of stop drinking alcohol is and recovery most of these subjects I’ve
noticed that you guys are looking for on YouTube and I’m going to touch on them
to help you or a loved one through this but first let me introduce myself my
name is James I am a grateful recovering drug addict and alcoholic I drank in his
drugs for 20 years recklessly damn near dying and I’ve been recovering
successfully for 3 I post videos almost every week here on this channel to help
panik’s and alcoholics that are seeking strength experience and hope as well as
loved ones that are seeking help for others feel free to subscribe and click
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journey also scroll all the way down to the bottom if you’re on your phone to
comment and share with us your strength experience and hope for all of us to get
something from first of all you’re in the right place
alcohol detox big decision great decision and it’s also a scary decision
I’m here to help you make this choice in this fork in the road and help you along
your path or someone you love along their path first I’d like to open the
discussion with reading one of the comments that I found particularly
touching it was on my video alcoholism personal story and how to stop drinking
I’ll link it up in the card up here Anna are rights I’ve been drinking from age
35 and now 37 was once a year social drinker but would black out that should
have been my first clue of my addictive nature it’s been awful I tried to stop
cold turkey I’m on my third night and have the worst anxiety and pain in my
chest please pray I can get through this as your mom with – I can’t take this
anymore Anna thank you for your comment my heart
goes out to you I too used to have chest pains liver pains anxiety I couldn’t I
couldn’t think racing thoughts one of my recent videos delirium tremens I talked
about my alcohol withdrawal seizure and trust me it’s scary detox from alcohol
is scary this is why we’re gonna talk about how to find a center and get
yourself to a center you know I understand the anxiety you said you’re
on your third day alcohol withdrawal anywhere in three days to a week acute
withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and down and downright deadly people have
seizures people hallucinate shake they’re sweating loss of appetite I know
what you’re going through and it sucks but rest assured the
you wrote that comment a couple of days ago by this time if you’re staying
hydrated and getting something to eat I’m hoping I’m wishing the best for you
I’m sure we all are and I also writes no one knows at home
why I’m feeling this way but it’s definitely a withdrawal symptom I’ve
never felt thank you for your encouragement and I’ve been optimistic
every minute but scared at the same time it is scary and no one if you’re not
alcoholic you don’t understand these things that’s that’s the benefit of
contacting an alcoholic or listening to an alcoholic speak in videos like this
or detox centers a lot of times the employees in detox centers are
recovering addicts and alcoholics they’ve been through it they know
exactly what they’re doing they have medical experience now detox is going to
be a medical procedure they detox you medicinally through benzodiazepines
ativan mile benzo gabapentin right here in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous
in a very beginning there’s the doctor’s opinion this is one of my favorite
sections of the book this is where dr. Bob silkworth talks about his opinion he
is a medical doctor a physician William B silkworth MD he says we believe and so
suggested a few years ago that the action of alcohol on these chronic
alcoholics is a manifestation of analogy that the phenomenon of craving is
limited to this class and never occurs in the average temperature these
allergic types can never safely use alcohol in any form at all and once
having formed with a habit and found they cannot break it once having lost
their self-confidence their reliance upon things human
their problems pile up on them and become astonishingly difficult to solve
this of course happened to me because as we know there is no movement without
pain for the addict and that that is where the whole rock-bottom philosophy
comes in pain is the greatest motivator I hope you can relate to that because I
certainly did in short in my own words alcoholism isn’t a form of lack of
willpower or a moral deficiency or any kind of thing that suggests you’re a bad
person or a weak person it is a straight-up
disease and illness this has been proven to me through countless face-plants in
the gutter let’s start with my first detox center my first experience with
detox I had decided to go to detox because I had heard about the dangerous
withdrawal symptoms seizures and delirium tremens of alcohol I’d already
beginning to experience the the weird insane insanity of just craziness going
on in my head from withdrawal anxiety depression just straight-up craziness so
I went to be toxic and let me just tell you this and the reason I say this is
the best decision of your life is because once you make this decision once
you get under the care of professionals there is like a big pressure gets
released it’s like a lie that you have just let
out and you are just free and they tend to you and these are experienced
professionals in detox centers they will treat you
medically psychologically and spiritually and they’ll be gentle with
you my first experience with detox was in New York I
I’m a veteran so I sought services through the VA and found one on the
fourth floor of a VA hospital in my area and I proceeded to sincerely seek help
that time you as you may have known from watching my other videos I’ve been to
rehab three times and each one of those involved a detox first if you seek rehab
they’re going to make sure that you are detox they will give you a breathalyzer
a piss test they will test you to make sure that you’re sufficiently detox this
is because of liability reasons they can’t take you into rehab if you’re
about to have a seizure or start hallucinating and jumping out of windows
and this may be comical to some people and to others it may be their worst
nightmare because it is a reality with detox from drugs and alcohol especially
certain drugs and alcohol alcohol benzodiazepines opiates these are
particularly dangerous and barbiturates so you have to seek medical help my
first time VA hospital seven days usually this is your typical detox
center did they feed you with a pre to mild out-of-band benzodiazepine you get
to sleep you just clean up detox is not a fun time but we’ve tried to easier
softer ways of getting sober and we have failed so we are at this is the last
resort and the wise man the woman will take the last resort before
they meet it at the advice of others it was seven days I actually began to start
well by the second time I went to tea time this was offered so financially I
didn’t owe anything for this it was covered through my dua and now I ended
up at that detox center over the course of the next half a decade three times
three different times once because I was sincerely trying to get sober once
because I was straight up homeless or and I think twice because I was straight
up homeless in the cold New York winter fast forward I ended up going all the
way down to Florida in the end of my run and wound up drinking down there too and
I had to go to detox before rehab I have detoxed in emergency rooms I have detox
at home I have to be taxed and centers that are specifically for that purpose
in twice in Fort Lauderdale they decided to probably at the benefit of themselves
financially decided to combine detox centers and psych wards for Lauderdale
if you don’t know is among an area actually the state of Florida is
notorious for taking advantage of and exploiting addicts and alcoholics
through the means of just charging them housing them detoxing them at great
expense however I was at the end of a particularly devastating run of drinking
and using all kinds of things and I needed a shelter for one but I
definitely needed detox and rehab so I sought out rehab desperately when just
this time I was down there in school I was drinking in my dorm I’m right on the
verge I got kicked out but I was right on the verge you know and I knew I it
was coming so like I said that time I got a I got a stop I got to go to detox
I called the ambulance on myself I didn’t have a car down there in Fort
Lauderdale I called an ambulance on myself and I remember getting in the
ambulance with a with a houseplant in this pot actually it was a bum tied
tree a fig plant it was a fig tree the blunt side fig tree that my sister had
given me and it I don’t know cheered me up so I brought it with me
and I remember getting in the ambulance with it and a couple other things and I
was like yeah I’m crazy just so what okay I brought that to detox of course
they’re not gonna let me bring it in to detox because this particular detox the
first thing I noticed wrong was they wanted to take my shoelaces and I said
now I’ve been to detox this was my fourth detox so I found myself on a
psych ward in one hospital and another psych ward in another and how did I know
it was a psych ward well they took my shoelaces and there was a compulsive
masturbator and various other disorders of the mental category this is what I
found out you have to do whatever it takes because I didn’t like it that I
was on a psych ward was sick in my attic brain and I felt
entitled and better than everybody else and like we do I felt I was the center
of the universe and I wasn’t crazy I was just afflicted with addiction and I
needed to get over it but I wasn’t in the best state of mind down there either
in fact both of those times that I went to detox down there was for the purpose
of shelter and just I was at the end of my rope I was seeking rehab and I was
trying to get a freebie here there anywhere all of that runs out and in my
experience it did run out and I had to give up surrender is what happens after
the gift of desperation has been giving and I surrendered and came up to move in
with my dad and began my sober life however I relapsed a couple of times and
had detox a couple times there as well and one was at home with gabapentin
three years ago three and a half years ago when I found myself in the grips of
another hellbender of a drinking escapade I came out of a blackout two
beer cans and vodka bottles on my covering every inch of my kitchen
counter it was a mess as it usually was when I came out of a bender like that
this time this week I mean I had relapsed and within a week I was just
far beyond gone experiencing hallucinations at one point I came to
standing in the middle of a room I had no idea how I got there what I was doing
while I was standing there I had a vague recollection that I was talking to
someone somebody was in the room with me but I had I was home alone I was this
scared the bejesus out of me and I decided to call in the
the rescue squad they called my dad he happened to be in out of town at the
time and I was taking care of his dog and I said what do I do about the dog he
said don’t worry about the dog he called my sponsor at the time and a
couple of numb I have made friends in the rooms of a and in the rooms of
recovery and my dad has a couple of their numbers I did this on purpose
sometimes we have to provide a safety net by telling on ourselves you know
sabotaging our alcoholic brain with our healthy brain because if you’re watching
this video you have you have a momentum going you have made the decision you’ve
been given the gift of desperation it was the best gift that I’ve ever
received the desperation just sheer there is no
greater motivation than pain and if you’re watching this video I hope you’re
not in pain but if you if you’ve searched on the web detox from alcohol
delirium tremens and alcohol withdrawal you’re most likely in pain I feel for
you but I assure you you’re not alone this is a worldwide epidemic alcoholism
addiction and I have been there in this particular instance I called in the
squad he from Florida called one of my good friends and they said don’t worry
about the dog don’t worry about the house don’t worry about anything
fortunately I had people that came they cleaned up my mess
I had a friend take the dog i i literally ended up i believe i don’t
know how i got to the emergency room this particular time it was the ER and
they proceeded to treat me i knew the drill
folic acid mild benzodiazepines i was at the time smoking cigarettes so they gave
me a patch you know stay in bed get some of these fluids in you get some of these
vitamins folic acid so i’m so forth that was two days in the ER this is all
really vague meanwhile i got out of that i got out of
there got out of the hospital and came home and i believe I may have started
drinking again but that is the nature of the beast my dad came back came back to
the house and he as far as I can remember I had been prescribed
gabapentin at the hospital gabapentin to my understanding is an
anti-seizure medication and it made me very sleepy however my haddock brain not
treated with the spiritual solutions yet or any of the experience of recovery I
wanted to eat those like candy because they made me feel comfortable they took
the edge off of the withdrawal from alcohol they made me sleepy they made me
kind of relaxed I said if one makes me feel good five will make me feel great
if you’ve experienced this kind of craving you understand if you’re not an
addict or alcoholic you say why the hell would you take five
well it’s only something that we can understand but in this instance I made I
made a dash for safety and I said dad you got to hold this medication I’m
taking it like I mean me like candy I said I
I’m only prescribing one a day let’s just do one a day until I find out rehab
so in this instance I had gone to the emergency room gotten folic acid the two
day hump was over today prescribing gabapentin i detoxed at home I still
gave my dad permission I you know I still had supervision we as addicts
we’re gonna get ourselves in trouble especially in the early stages of
surprise we’re gonna we’re gonna drink we’re gonna eat drugs we’re gonna smoke
drugs shoot drugs in this instance I had a medical prescription and I released
the responsibility of taking the prescriptions to my dad if you’re
wondering about the technicalities of alcohol withdrawal take a look at my
delirium tremens video I’ll link it up at the end of this video or down in the
description I go through my personal experience with it as well as some would
be facts delirium tremens you don’t want to mess with they’ll talk to you about
it in detox and a small percentage of those afflicted with alcoholism actually
encounter delirium tremens did comes in the final stage of alcoholism and the
final stage also includes death and dementia and just jaundice and all kinds
of nightmarish things that you or I want to ever encounter shaking tremors
hallucinations delusions confusion and there’s also the possibility of seizure
check out that video and I will also link up information down in the
description on that if you have the gist of desperation right now if you’re
desperate enough to seek out these videos and read up and actually just are
desperate enough like I was and many people have been to seek out this stuff
keep that momentum going it is very easy to slip back into F this F that F at all
I’m gonna just drink and don’t do that keep this momentum going you’re in a
great deal of pain right now believe it or not that is the best thing that has
happened to me was all the pain that moved me to recovery recovery has been
the best thing in my life period that’s why I’ve decided to make this channel
and pass it on as best I can and detox detox centers whatever it takes to detox
and move forward into recovery is the first step congratulations this is an
awesome awesome move for you whatever it takes day or night if it’s the middle of
the night for you right now click one of the links I have down in the description
about detox centers near you or the AAA website can help you out the a hotline
is on the website na if that’s your thing you’re still gonna need detox
naaa you got to detox from your way of life right now and move on to your new
way of life which is recovery paradise normalcy and all of the promises that
sobriety and recovery have to offer and I am a living example and I am here
every week to demonstrate and I will continue to try to demonstrate how the
promises do come true so keep the momentum up and go to detox
and then go to rehab studies show research suggests and
demonstrates that a person that doesn’t go directly to
treatment AAA alcohol rehab centers right after detox will relapse time and
time again it’s happened to me so don’t mess around detox rehab life this is our
plan we’re gonna stick to it trust me it’s the best decision of your life
question of the day scroll down if you’re on your phone all the way to the
bottom to comment leave me a comment and for the benefit of others have you been
to detox what was your experience with detox are you on the fence about medical
detox what are your feelings what are you going to share with us what’s all
share and benefit from each other bring this together I call you friends because
we have a common enemy a very powerful common enemy of addiction we’re all
friends here let’s chat share with each other share down in the comments and
don’t forget to subscribe and check out the resources in the drop down
description well I hope that helped if you have any questions just leave them
in the comments and until next time just keep it clean keep it real and keep
doing the damn thing we’ll see you anxiety anxiety as long

18 thoughts on “Detox from Alcohol in Center Delirium Tremens and Alcoholism

  • Im on day zero. Went to the VA ER last week they gave me some Librium but said my vitals were not bad enough to admit me and transfer me to a treatment center. The Librium worked but as soon as I felt better I picked up again. Ill probably go back to the ER again today. I need to quit.

  • Relapsed about 6 days ago. Going through alcohol withdrawal right now home alone. Had 120+ days under my belt. I'm hoping to get through this.

  • Went on a bender last week, prior to that I was 2 years sober as that's when my teenage son came to live with me so I cut it right out, not sure why i started but I kept going for about 3 days until I snapped out of it, then the hangovers came, worst imaginable, sweating, dry heaving, insanely confused, pounding heart, I was terrified. I hid myself away from my son for about a week as he went to school and just told him I had a very bad cold. On Friday I got his school report and he excelled at basically everything, I was so proud. I can't afford to do this to him, in the past 2 years I've obviously done something right and I really am not going through this again.

  • worst part is the insomnia, and when you finally get a little sleep, you can have some of the most vivid nightmares. so you almost fear sleeping after experiencing those..

  • Just want to say congrats and sooooooo proud! WOW you are so strong and you can do anything! This is coming from a person who also is experiencing what you went through. Your story helps so much thank you! And of my gosh I have had chest pains and anxiety too. I didn’t even know I was going through withdraws. No doctors could find the cause. I figured I had to do it myself. I tried to quit cold turkey but the side effects were so bad I was so scared I did my research and now I know what I have to do. I’m going to seek help theough a detox center. I tried cold turkey and let me tell you even when I was withdrawing I STILL DID NOT WANT TO DRINK. I’ve had it with alcohol. It came to the point where it was alcohol or death, my life, my family, my husband. I CANT lose them! So now I know I have to go to a detox center for my safety and my health. I thought, I could do it alone but going through withdrawals, I’m scared of the after effects so I need help. I will say I STILL DO NOT WANT TO OR BE AN ALCOHOLIC ANYMORE. I’m done! No more! I have realized I don’t want to suddenly die or have an illness that leads to death where I feel regret about my life. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment and peace about how I lived my life. I am at the point where my withdrawals were so bad I was scared to even drink to calm it. But let me tell you, I had no desire to drink EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT AND STILL NOT WANT TO DRINK. I am so upset that I have to prolong (wean) the drinking until I get my detox. I feel disgusted in myself and just want it to be over. I’m glad even during my weaning stage I WAS STILL OVER IT AND MAD. Can’t wait to to detox 🙂 thanks for this. I’m so over being a loser and letting it take over my life and ruin what life I have left. Love your life because one day when it comes to an end, we look back, and having a fulfillment life will cause peace. Livening for nothing will have you scared of dying. Peace all ✌🏼

  • Congratulations! Alcohol is a "thief" of free life! I m not alcoholic but every time i drink i feel very bad and tired next day..i love it when i drink.. But i hate it next day. This is alcohol.. A danger Joker!

  • Thank you for this! I didn't know I could get DT from alcohol withdrawal but I receive a 4 day DT trip after week binge. No one knew wtf was wrong with me, they thought I was taking drugs. I also thought someone was tryna kill me, a powerful witch. A few times I was tryna kill myself and asking people to shoot me and having long conversations with people who weren't there. A very scary state of mind, there's a 37% death rate for those having delirium trip and I'm grateful I survived the 4 day trip without going into the hospital. I only found out I was having delirium trip after it went away and researched wtf just happened to me. I'm never drinking again….


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