Den beste slow juicer Witt by Kuvings C9600

Hello, my name is Carina Hultin Dahlmann and I love juicing! It is the perfect way to get more fruits and veghetables into your body. Why not drink what you aren’t eating? To juice you need a juice machine. And I use a slow juicer my favorite is Witt by Kuvings C9600. I am going to show you how it works and alle the parts. It is easy to both assemble and disassemble. This is what I call the “pusher” which helps us feed the produce into the machine. But what makes this machine the best is that it has a large shute so thatmeans less cutting and preparing! This is the juice drum. Here comes the pulp and here comes the juice. This is the juice grinder or “presser” and this is what makes a slow juicer so much better than a centrifuge. because it rotates slow and presses the juice from the produce and doesn’t rip it apart. This means you get so much more nutrients and a lot more juice. Then we have the filter and then the black part which blends the juice. With the machine you get two cleaning options: The green one or the little brush. Then there is the juice container and the pulp container. So let’s assemble it again… It is easy, align the red dot with the other red dot and you will here a “click”. The the filter with the black blender part… The the juice grinder… put it in and twist until you hear a little click. Then the top and remember red dot against red dot. I am going to make a simple juice for you to show you the machine in action. Whole apples… and I just use the pusher to help out. 1/2 lemon with the rind and always an inch of fresh ginger and another apple. The 2 carrots which are loaded with antioxidants. Put in the carrots whole. You can here it chewing the produce. It smells so good! And you can see how dry the pulp is so you are getting all the juice out which is not typical for all juice machines. Looks like it is ready and it smells so good. Close the drip stop, and finally one that really works! A little ice in the glass makes all juices taste so much better. Enticing, healthy and tasty! Tastes so good and I feel healthier and full of energy already…

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