Delirium Tremens and Alcoholism explained by AA Speaker

good morning good afternoon good evening
if you’re looking for videos on delirium tremens and alcoholism as explained by AA
speakers you’re in the right place stay put hi I’m James I’m a grateful recovering
addict and alcoholic sobriety is my gift and sharing it is how I keep it in this
video I’m going to share footage of a man his name is Jean Dee Jean Duffey is
a man that has graciously shared his anonymity with us and his story and
founded a rehab about 50 years ago I posted the link down below in the
description where you can read about gene and his rehab his family now
maintains Napa Valley rehab he suffered from alcoholism and addiction and it
brought him to Skid Row in Chicago the bottom of the barrel of society and
recover not only recovered but went on to help tens of thousands of addicts and
alcoholics here he’s speaking about duties that delirium tremens and this
video is part of a playlist that I’ve made on DTS I’ll put it up here in this
cart along with my story and my patreon link explore the site if you’d like
you’d be like what I do here subscribe and hit the bell enjoy the video of Jean
and until next week keep it clean keep it real and just keep doing this damn
thing peace physical and emotional suffering worse than withdrawal from
heroin tested the truth to that statement
DPS begin with tremors sweating and nausea they progressed of insomnia
profound depression loosen Asian delusions confusions and sometimes
convulsed unless good medical treatment is given delirium tremors may be fatal
approximately 10% of the FATA people make jokes about the disease and that’s
at least it’s funny you know it sounds humorous you know when you when you talk
about after and out of that light sockets you know
it straw hats are basically three kinds of defeat is that audio that’s where you
hear things that can we got a radio army and then there’s the central which you
all have now is when you feel things crawl first sign of that is a lot of
scratch should we watching their life somebody’s French because you feel bugs
right things like that none of us is the most popular vision see things really
aren’t there I think it’s something about these things you’re not funny what
that guy sees or that person sees or hears or feels it’s as real as this day
he says he sees a snake coming out of this light fixture up here
Jesus no doubt him is mine you know he doesn’t hear anybody saying I was in
DC’s and that instead of seeing snakes I saw myself in a little league uniform
working with poor kids in fact anything like that it’s always so hard you can
get scared get scared I’m reminded of a girl here over serving time for murder
right now who went into it the deed jumped out at the second-story window that scared the hell out and she landed
a cat light right on her feet under concrete pavement such a force though
that that impact their legs hit ins of concrete pavement pushed her hip bones
up into the ribcage we should see how she walks right many people just like on
LSD though about a windows jumped off of bridges because of the horrible thing
that you see easiest way in the world if you ever happen to be around somebody is
having problems let me out of here we have to sit with them there’s no big
pill that you give them or anything like that
and given a grant that’s only one chases scene away from easiest and the best
thing to do with somebody who’s seen things
everything is to change their flow thought fortunately the healing mind as
only it’s been allowed to occupy one thought at a time so obviously if a guy
thinks he’s seen like that each piece as long as his law
thought is on men things coming out but if you happen to know that he’s a 49er
fan so if you start talking about Joe Montana and playoff games and Super
Bowls have a theme that will change his song and his snap right out of it appear
to be in normal and as apple pie and my mom and other ladies because you’ve
changed that topic just as soon as you start or stop talking about it
it’s chain of thought go back to the little things count out of there again
these could last you had to last here nine days it’s a hell of an experience
for a lot of people it was a big man in radio communication and we had any kind
of a lesson house without any mess Scrat Adam so he was putting up a wiring
system communications on the move was telling everybody to put this thing here
and take that hair got the wires and wrong up here and fix this transformer
all these people were doing all these things we keep with Tom he’s finally
pulled out of it later on decided to drink again

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