hey guys today is day four of my juice
fast I am juicing a lot of watermelon juice which are mono juices and I’m
enjoying it so much yesterday I went to the supermarket and I had bought me like
a half of a half of a watermelon and I juiced it and I fell in love and all I
had didn’t mix it with anything was the watermelon itself then I had you know
drained it from any pulp that was in it so would be nice and smooth because
remember when you’re on a juice cleanse you want to give you a digestive set
excuse me a digestive tract a break so you know you know watermelon does have a
little bit of pulp in it so I strained it let it chill in the freezer for a
little while and I drank it and it was so so so so so so good that’s how good
it was so what I did was I said after I workout on Sunday I’m going to go back
to the supermarket I’m gonna buy a whole watermelon they had them on sale for
$5.99 for any size so I bought like a nice big one and cut it up and I juiced
32 ounces of it today I also made another 32 ounce of a savory juice my
savory juices are usually vegetables like tomatoes celery cucumber onion
garlic ginger and then I’ll put in to spice it up and make it even more savory
some pink layin salt and some apple cider vinegar you know so I don’t want
to just be drinking all that sweet juice every day so that watermelons gonna last
me for another three days so basically by the time I get finished juice in that
watermelon I would have juiced five thirty two ounces of watermelon
juice so it’s like when I go shopping food shopping for now on if watermelons
are in season I’m definitely getting them so I can
have them for juices for some reason they’re also satisfying I mean I’m not
hungry to begin with but the watermelon juice for some reason it can take me
into like five or six o’clock before I have another juice which I don’t your
arm juice like I don’t drink juices that late in the day because juices can keep
you up drinking juices that long but I wanted to play it safe and do for the
first I said three days at least 32 to 64 ounces and then as time went on
because I don’t really need that much juice as time goes on 32 ounces per day
but I’m just gonna listen to my body it’s day four and I’m still drinking 64
ounces and I have been drinking 64 ounces of juice since I started you know
four days ago and that’s fine I’m not gonna gain weight if I drink more than
32 ounces I’m just saying I don’t want to be drinking juices just to be
drinking them because that’s money and it’s expensive and if your body is
saying I’m not needing or wanting these juices then why drink it just to be
drinking it or just to be drinking it because you can you know drink it so
yeah everything’s going good I’m on day 4 of my juice fast no I’m joking you
know I’m the shit though but anyways but I’m just in better spirits today I’m
just in a glorious glorious mood and I’m just feeling good today yesterday when I
went to the supermarket I was kinda under the you know whether I felt good
when I woke up but then when I got inside at the grocery store I kinda
sorta was like yeah I gotta back in the house I’m feeling anxious
but I think that it could be the Candida die off symptoms that I am experiencing
because I’m not only doing a juice cleanse
but I’m also doing a candida cleanse I’m gonna step it up a notch I did start
doing double doses of candida cleanse so set it taken for 30 days the candida
cleanse one serving a day I’ve been taking double ups so it’s only gonna
last me for like two weeks the cleanse and then I’ll buy another bottle and
then I’ll take it as directed I just want to UM you know just you know soup
it up a notch make it a little bit more stronger to knock that Candida out of my
system and try to get that Candida out of my system within 30 days and I’m
really trying my heart is to heal the gut and juicing is just the perfect time
to do it when you’re juicing you healing the gut because you’re giving it a rest
because you’re not eating any solid foods is really not much for the body to
digest so it’s less stressed and it’s other things that the body can work on
like I said before juicing is like mimicking dry fats or water fast because
you’re not consuming and he saw the foods for your body to break down so I
don’t want to make this video too long just want to check in yes this is day
four of my juice fast and I’m going strong I think tomorrow it’ll definitely
be real that I definitely have made it through those those juice and gates
because I remember from the last fast that I did 104 days I had said to myself
once you get past five days you’re fine because once you get past five days you
know you I’m weighing myself every day but you know you want to see after that
fifth day why stop now you want to see how much weight you can lose within that
seven days so if you stopped at five days and you’ll always be thinking if I
stay to at least seven days how much would I
have lost that’s that’s just my mindset because yes this journey this time
around I said I want to detox while I’m losing the weight I want to do both so
this is the first time that I’ve done a weight loss journey and detox in lost
the weight so this is the best I’ve ever felt and I’m telling you men
Juicin came into my life January 11 2008 een and let me tell you something even
when I started eating solid foods after 104 day juice fast I still incorporated
a 32 ounce juice which was what my that 32 ounce juice was considered my first
meal of the day and I could not have anything solid to
eat until I had that 32 ounces of juice in my bloodstream
I am juicing for life and I mean it so with all that being said please
subscribe to my channel like and share my video and make it favorite and make
sure you follow along with this journey that I’m going on now on this juice
cleanse I don’t know how long I’m gonna go I’m hoping that I can go for 30 days
and you know what it’s all up to me it’s mine over matter it’s all up here so
with all that being said you guys have a great day

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