Day 1 of My 10 Day Juice Fast W/ Juicing Momma🍹🍹🍹

hey guys back with another video today
is a better day than yesterday as you guys all know I wasn’t feeling
good on New Year’s Day because of all the stuff that I was eating for the last
two weeks of my birthday week the 16th of December I just continued to eat and
eat and eat all these processed foods birthday cake sugar cookies lemon
squares and it kind of caught up with me yesterday so I was out of it I wasn’t
even able to do some videos that I wanted to do yesterday because of the
simple fact that I was out of it so I just made sure that I got up my New
Year’s videos wishing you guys a Happy New Year for 2019 so today is day one of
a 10-day juice cleanse that I will be doing with juicing mama for 10 days it
starts today and we will be doing it for 10 days so I’m going to put together a
video where I tell you starting weight and ending weight when the ten days is
over wit I’ll put together a video so you know the before and after and I’ll
probably also add in some pics before and after pics cuz I know you guys like
seeing stuff like that of how it went for me on my 10 day cleanse now for me I
will not be stopping at 10 days this is just an incentive something that’s
motivating to get me starting for the new year doing it with a few group of
people so this is why I’m doing it with juice and Mama and I’m very excited to
be doing it with her because I know not the only one out here trying to get
healthy so I just want to check in with you guys and let you know this is day
one of my 10 day juice cleanse and I will be going for the whole 10 days I
actually started yesterday so technically my first date was yesterday
but this is my first day juicing with the group so that’s what we’re at with
that so I don’t want to make this video too long just one check in and let you
know this is day one if you have any questions are concerned about juice
fasting or juice feasting please leave a comment underneath this video also leave
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also she had this video and make it a favorite so with all that being said
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