Dark-Fire™ Ceramic Grinding Discs

Some of the drawbacks of conventional
abrasive products include poor performance slow grinding speed in short
service life Kimball Midwest’s top-of-the-line Dark Fire Ceramic
Grinding Discs outperform every abrasive disc we’ve tested in both grinding speed
and disc life, in fact we found them to offer up to thirty three percent more
productivity than other advanced ceramic discs. In a classic comparison Dark Fire
easily outperforms the competing products when grinding a high quality
grade eight cap screw its advanced proprietary ceramic matrix abrasive
grain offers superior performance on tough alloys including stainless steel,
cobalt, inconel, titanium, alloys and super alloys this screen is self sharpening
during use and runs cool to avoid thermal damage on sensitive materials
these premium discs come with type r style mounts and are available in a wide
range of grits in a market filled with low-quality grinding discs Kimball
Midwest Dark Fire products are in a league of their own

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