Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC 200 Watt Hand Blender Review

hey what’s going on everyone welcome the 9malls review of the cuisinart smart stick and the number is CS bs5 bc it’s a 200-watt to speed hand blender brush chrome so you want to store my content go to / 9malls just search patreon for 9malls so right now this says four out of five stars it’s a best-seller two speeds for all your blending task powerful to walk motor handles more blending tasks stick design reaches into pots pitchers and bowls to extend blending options dishwasher-safe Blandings this water safe operates with one-touch control for easy one-handed blending the limited three-year warranty so you can get online for about thirty-five dollars and i’ve used this before I like him especially for British blending protein shakes actually use one at home here this one I picked up and I know it’s a popular products to the side of the review it but out so yeah it’s a great design normally I mean have one that’s a little bit older alright so let’s test it out and blended protein shakes I’m going to take it out of the box here alright so I’ve taken the cuisinart out-of-the-box and this is what it looks like a nice metal at the bottom plastic top it has a two-speed kind of rubberized buttons right here and that decide your speed you have the detach press to detach that in HS things great and let’s make a protein shake something that I do quite often so this is be great if it actually works and let’s make a mini protein shake see this thing works it gets good reviews so i don’t see why it wouldn’t work but who knows you never know with these tests all right so I’m gonna plug it in here start on low so just hit the glass all right maybe I went a little too much let me empty some of that out here alright let’s put it in here so as you can see it’s completely blended there’s a little bit of foam on top completely blended it up so yeah i did a great job mixing up my protein shake so I yeah I mean it does get good reviews it’s the best seller that’s not a 4537 reviews right now and does a pretty good job mixing up things like protein shakes yeah i mean it’s it’s not designed for kind of heavy-duty things you know it gives examples of sauces you know blending things like your fresh fruit or something like that so yeah I think up you’re white blending this will do a good job so I do recommend equation are smart stick and thanks for watching my videos

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