Create A Low Poly Well | Beginners Tutorial | Blender 2.8 | PART3

65 thoughts on “Create A Low Poly Well | Beginners Tutorial | Blender 2.8 | PART3

  • Grant, how do you make that background blue in the animation, while having an HDRI? Is it like a 360 backdrop? Great tutorial!

  • I got to know 3ds max pretty well but fell out of it when I graduated. Switched to blender because my licenses ended and your tutorials make it so easy to get back in the swing of things, even in a different program. Thank you!

  • hi
    thank you for your tutorials. I uploaded the file in Sketch Fab but my model has a problem. what can i do?
    this is my Model:

  • When I make loop cuts using control-R, it just does one. I've tried pressing R multiple times while holding control, doesn't do anything. How do you make it do tons of evenly spaced loop cuts like that?

    Thanks so much for all your tutorials!

  • Great tutorials. I’ve been trying to grips with blender for a while and now I’ve found your channel it’s all starting to make sense! Keep up the good work

  • I have a problem when making the rope when I want to extrude it always does it I the z axis so like I dont know what's wrong

  • hey, great tutorial man, thanks a lot. I only have one question, and is that i added an extra white floor for the animation because the filter size was transparent and it looked black. The issue is that when i render the image or the animation i can't see the floor or any other object that i add either( if i add a cube, for example, it doesn't appear in the render). I checked the nodes and i think they're fine but i don't know how to fix that. Thanks anyways!

    PD:sorry for my english i'm spanish

  • Hi Grant! I am a complete beginner to Blender and I love how comprehensive your videos are! I was having some trouble while making the rope for the well, and I was wondering if you could give me a quick tip. At 3:25 when you scale the spaces between the rounds of the rope, when I try to scale it on my computer, all the faces get smaller but the ropes stay in place instead of moving to adjust to fill in the new empty spaces. I tried for half an hour to get it right, but I think that there must be a setting or something that I accidentally toggled. It would be great if you see this, thanks again for the great tutorials!~

  • I press L for selecting linked object but how we were supposed to know that shortcut if we hadn't you to tell us ?? :S …is there some document or something where I can learn that shortcuts or how did you figure that out ????

  • You are one great teacher!Am a begginner and am loving all your tutorials.Keep adding more tutorials in Blender 2.8

  • Hi. I am like your lessons. They are very interesting. I am from Ukraine, but i am understand all what you say. I am sure that not many teachers like you in the world

  • I can't get the shadows to show in my preview. Tried a lot of things, like turning off the background lighting and the other two suns. Anyone an idea what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi Grant, "well" done again with your latest fab tutorial series. I have a cool looking Wishing Well object in Unity! I have a weird question and maybe it's just my eyes. My camera view doesn't look as 3D as yours. It leans a little bit more towards an ortho view but isn't. It's definitely in perspective mode. Is there some fancy adjustment to be found somewhere please.

  • Grant, I have watched many tutorials since I first started using Blender in 2012. Some were OK, some were not. I think I can count on one hand the tutorials I haven't had to play the "pause – replay, pause – replay" cycle just to understand what was being said. Not with yours. Yours are by far easier to understand on the first go than most. They go down so easy. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • Another great tutorial complete! Here's my result, I call it "well well well":

  • Excuse me for my English: I'm not native. So I've got a question about rope creating. You said that we have to select faces, choose Individual Origins and then press E with shift+x. I tried to do it and I've get shit after all: all faces extrudes separatelly. I found another tutorial about Extrude methods, and did following: choose faces, press E, then ESC, then ALT+S. I now I've got resual as you in this video.

  • Awesome tutorial series! Thanks Grant.
    If only YouTube was around back when I was going to school for computer animation. I wouldn't have even needed school, and I would've learned way more 🙂

  • Hello again Grant! I have one more question. How can I keep lighting from hdri but put some kind of background. I don't want hdri for the background

  • hi grant really good tutorial. I have an issue. Whenever i open shader editor, i get disoriented and lost, i can not find my nodes. I zoom out so much and they became very small i guess and i cant see. it is like getting lost in the space.
    is there anything- shortcut that takes me to nodes ?


  • Really awesome stuff!
    Can you make more on creating game assets?
    Maybe realistic spaceships or cars!
    And maybe also saving them to 2D sprites.

  • How did you separate the stones? They are all one object for me. I went into Object mode and pressed "P" and NOTHING happened.

  • Well, I wasn't able to get my lighting quite like yours which was frustrating, but I went from never having done 3d modeling before, to making a man and a monster yesterday, and a 3d well in Blender today. I'm going to blast through your tutorials all week. They are international treasures. Thank you SO MUCH!. Just sent you $20 via Paypal 🙂

  • Hello Grant, thank you for this great tutorial. I'm having some difficulty in my lighting setup; my sun lights don't have a beam coming out of them like yours. There is just a yellow circle but there is no line. Also, I'm not able to get the well to cast a strong shadow on the ground like yours.

  • You have really comprehensible tutorials and prior to this one, i finished the one with the monster, real nice. The only observation i made is that the volume is different in different parts, for ex. part 2 of this tut it was much louder(which suited me), and this part is quieter. So without headphones, sometimes i am having trouble understanding when you are saying(specially because English isn't my native language).

  • you really do make some awesome tutorials. I am just starting out with blender and you just explain everything so well. Thank you for doing this!

  • I tried weight paint and use particles for the rocks … but i can't weight paint on cylinder top head …. how could i do it? Help!!!!

  • Finished the 3D water well today, took me a full day and I am impressed with the results.
    The explanations are really precise and Grant leaves nothing out.
    I made a mistake assigning a second colour to the roof tiles, but listening again, the problem was easily fixed.
    One of the best educators on Youtube for Blender 3D.
    Looking forward to following more of Grant's tutorials.

  • Anyone have any advice on the rope making portion? When I scale down the previously beveled bits on the X axis it doesn't actually make a curve, it just creates a new edge loop in its place.

  • Hi Grant, thanks for posting these tutorials! Everything has gone smoothly except for extruding the rope. For some reason it acts as if it's separating the faces from the main object. That's probably a bad description, but any idea what might be causing this? any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Great tutorial. Very easy to follow and you explained things very simply. Enjoyed modeling the well. Looking forward to your next tutorials

  • 9:30 I have everything pink. I tried to start a a new file with default cube, and go to shading and render, add environment texture and there si also everything pink. I reinstalled blender and the issue is still here. What to do?

  • Another great tutorial! Do you have any advice about a game developme softawer? Like for this kind of 3d models and stuff like that

  • Your tutorials are outstanding. Not only are you clear, concise and comprehensive but your voice has a soothing relaxing effect as well. Makes learning a pleasure. Will be saying thanks via PayPal.

  • I absolutely love how you discuss the theory behind the lighting and material decisions, but for some reason I can't get eevee to display shadows, they're working in cycles but not eevee

  • My well is almost done, I just made 2 different roofs, but can't get them look good enough… never mind! 😀

    How can you variate the vertices on a cylinder? I see I can do it when I add a new, but how to adjust it on an existing one?

  • This is worth a great compliment for your education skills Grant. I just started Blender 2.8 after years of doing no 3D at all and this course was a fantastic help! I had so much fun making it and it all worked out pretty well :P. Keep up the good work!

  • how do i increase the number of verticies in the cylinder after i put it down? Also is there a way too change backgrounds to the blue color evne with the hdri??

  • Thank you for these wonderful tutorials Grant. You are a natural teacher, having the ability to explain things clearly and simply. I've had a few attempts in the past with Blender but I found the interface a bit confusing. This new 2.8 version looks a lot user-friendly than before. If anyone asks me for advice on learning blender I will show them your website.

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